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Christmas Lanterns

In case you haven't made these before - print on paper (high res. if possible) & cut out. Fold in half, wrong sides together, along central grey line. Cut along black vertical lines from the folded edge towards the top (they don't go all the way to the top). Open out & make the lantern shape by gluing one long edge around to the other one. A very skinny pencil to wrap it around will help here. Put top & bottom between fingers and gently squash to make the lantern fatter. I then cut out tiny discs of cardboard to fit each bottom and in the centre of each glued a piece of those skinny taper candles you can get in the supermarket (the wick end cut to look right). I then used tacky glue to stick the disc inside the bottom edge of the lantern. Then I attached them to a length of gold thread - and they're ready to hang across the room come Christmas time. PS I had fun making these.


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