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Shopping Bag #1 Looks plain & simple, but this is a snazzy bag!

Many of you would be familiar with these bags which you make with the aid of lego bricks. The technique has been around for years.

1. Print on paper (high resolution if you can). Cut. Fold one long edge about 1 cm over to the wrong side - this will be the top of the bag.

2. Using 5 lego blocks wrap up as you would a parcel - glue the sides first overlapping them and then the bottom like a present. of one of the lego blocks should be sticking out at the top so you can pull the blocks out easily.

3. Decorate with the labels or whatever. Make handles with string, braid or paper. Fold in the sides just like they are in big life. I'm making more - should I post them here? (The striped sheet measures about 10 cm X 6 cm.)

shopping bag

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