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Dollhouse Homepages and Websites

Mo Mo's Dollhouse Page
Dollhouse World by Seiko
Victoriana - Resources for Victorian Living
Imagination Mall
Miniatures at the Mining Co
Think Small Dollshouses
Everything You Wanted to Know About Dollhouses But Didn't Know Who To Ask
The General Store/Dollhouse Guild Listserv
Mr Frog's Pad
Carol and Dear Dollies
Robbie's Wild Imagination!
Carrie's Miniature Extravaganza!
Suite 101
Thanks Bill for the wonderful mention in your article, Minis Fit to Print!

Wonderful Email Lists

The General Store/Dollhouse Guild Listserv
Another great list, featuring "Talking Trash" - and the web site has so much stuff to look at and enjoy.
You don't have to have a Buttercup to join, but if you have one this is a list to be on.
Mini Scenes and Things
The focus here is on creating mini scenes and room boxes and you can trade for the things you need.

Dollhouse Home