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    News and stuff, yo. There's sometimes more stuff in my Journal

    renamed all the mini galleries to reflect their new status. Added a pic to Colored Pencil (it's at the top) but none of the other pictures have been shuffled as yet.
    Attempted to implement favorites icon. Followed instructions to the letter, got no results. I would wonder if it shows up for anybody else but mine is an empty street. XD I get Angelfire's in Netscape. Whee.

    D'oh! Celtic Web Art apparently no longer exists or moved without telling me. :\ Also, I have decided not to move the references section here. I have a bit of a problem with affiliate control and content--namely my responsibility for it. At the moment I'm running damage control on navigation links. The Copyright and misc page is up... and I'm completely exhausted from playing musical backgrounds. I *think* I got all the CWA links, all the references navigation links, and all the pages approximately put together like they should be. All I know is a bunch of stuff has been dumped, almost everything tweaked and I'm ready for ...I don't know what. I think we're out of candybars.

    Deleted stuff, moved stuff around. New look for this page. Just a tiny tweakage for the moment. Moved my Banners page on over.

    Photos page is now live. Thus far there aren't any new ones from the old site but I have about 200 different piccies to go through so there may be something between now and August. Finally added navigation to this page. I don't know what's next. =D I'm *still* frantically searching for a place to move. I don't know what's my hurry. It's not like there's $ for it. Oh...and now that I've remembered here in about 2 minutes there will be an updated entry for Kyan/K.A.T. 2b. It's deviantart but we still love her. *nod*

    The Guest Archives are fully loaded. One tiny thing down, a bajillion undecided things left to go.

    Added more to Guest Archive (two old pages worth of art left to go, then I'm done on that front) and got Artist links up and running. Whee. 100megsfree apparently isn't too concerned about broadening its customer base. beplaced is...but how is that surprising? Their fees come out higher than just about anybody else in the popular market. Cookies and love to the angelfire support staff for being on the ball though. =D I'd move in here except it's out of my bracket (unless I become very famous and highly sought after in the next 10 mins) and I can't stand the webshell.

    Background by Celtic Web Art (no updated link)

    Sign by DanaSoft.
    A cookie or maybe a pic to anybody who can name the sources to all my quotes. =D

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