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Story Of A Real Ninja:

It was Okaido 1944 and Glow Worm sat on the beach his fishing net full he slowly dragged them ashore. Suddenly he saw the landing barges glimmer in the moon light like fish silver twinkeling in the light of the moon. Quickly Glow Worm lit the torch and started to run back to his trench. Then Glow Worm fell his foot tripped a land mine. Slowly Glow Worm half choked with pain crawled. Then Glow Worm raised his lantern three times to warn the bunker and the watch fires were set. Dizzy he passed out at the sight of the watch fire set alight. Glow Worm was rescued His wound tended to. A true hero in the Japanese history books even though never a word was said. Years Later I came upon Glow Worm doing what Glow Worm has always done, fishing. He said, “You there, I have enough fish in my hatchery, work in the field this day.” And I went to sue rice in the field. As I was done he looked at me and said, “You have done good hard work this day. Good Hard work is very important. It heals the body. The body is an amising thing work it as hard as you like and it will only grow stronger and healthier.” And as sure as I have learned from him it does in deed, He has one leg and walks with out a cane. I have a broken tail bone and yet I kick. no matter the injury you can always work in the fields of rice. I have a broken tail bone have had open heart surgery, and been shot over five times, yet it only hurts it doesn’t really impare me. As surly as I am the very same marine that he once stood opposed to we both are veterens of wars. would that the simple pesent farms and fish were all we knew. War is a terrable thing.
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