Welcome To The Armory

I make custom Plate Armor and Chain Mail at afforadible prices.
Please note I only make Plate in the summer months when it is possible to work out side.
Plate Armor
Armor depends upon metal and cutting avilibility at least till I can afford a band saw.
I can do Rivited Helms but I lack the tools to weld.
Suit of Plate $100.00 Blacksmithing fee plus the cost of materials
Helms $75.00 Blacksmithing fee plus the cost of matierals
Chain mail
I weave two types 4 in one and 6 in one
4 in one shirt $100.00
6 in one shirt $150.00
Plate and Chain combined $150.00 Blacksmithing fee puls the cost of materials.
Panels of chain mail $75.00
Chain mail key chains "Dimond Diag" $10.00
Coif Chain mail $75.00
Please note all armor takes between one and two months to make.
I accept Checks and money orders
Christopher Stewart Hoins
803 south 2nd apt#2
Laramie WY 82070

Thank You for visiting the Armory