Golden streams of sunlight
And a calm day outside
Her light blond hair so soft and full
her face gentle quiet
her cheeks soft and warm
Her full crimson lips like red hard candy glisten
her Scottish nose so soft and magical
The curve of her jaw as beautiful and magical as a unicorn
her eyes so soft and quiet as she sleeps
Long do I take in the vision of her
Long sweet eye lashes
a fine mix of white line and purple band
soft and warm, as I hold her
cuddled in warmth and love
her smile tells of fluffy pink clouds and dragons and castles
stories of princes and balls and fairies
such a dream I fear that Iíll wake up
Quietly her body tingles as she slowly starts moving in my embrace
her warm hips gently slide
as those beautiful purple eyes roll into a fountain of root beer
she looks like a lady in a fairie tale that just stole a chest of gold
and with this rich really feeling guilty expression
she says, ďGood morning my prince.Ē
The thoughts of a cat toying with yarn
My love aren't you just the cat in the fish bowl
She hummed saying, ďI dreamed of horse back ridding.Ē
slowly her hips slid faster, ďAnd you, And I think Iíll make it real.Ē

A Candle

A soft warm glow fills the room
Quiet warmth of a golden glow
Soft pen strokes across parchment
As I sit and scribe
I pause for a moment to gaze at itís quiet symmetry
the warmth of the flame as it dances
she is like this warmth
Peaceful, beauty with calm eyes
And softness
Softness like the fur of a mink
the touch of her cheek
her lips so soft like silk or a snapdragon stem
and wild like flame
Do I ever remember how she was last in this candle's glow
she sat across from me my poems scattered
she took the quill from my hand and held my hand
slowly did she become the flame of the candle
quietly slowly she kissed my finger with that sweet silk
days would have passed in the candle marks between each kiss
never staying just enticing
softness like nothing on earth
the feel of her lips like the edge of a rose
so wondrous her eyes
she could trance you with that gaze
like the candles flame

Fireshadow Moon Glow

Purple translucence filled the room
Quietly she walked within
Her long fine fire hair drawn in a tail
it flowed like a horse over her curves to the girth of her thigh
her waist was belted tight black leather
her crest carved from a petrified mushroom
the black thorned whip hung at her waist
she unhooked the chain mail and sat
slowly straightening the plush indigo velvet of her blouse
then she grabbed a quill and began to write
a cold chill fell over her
the feeling of death
she dropped the quill with a sudden intake of breath
uncoiled the whip and stood with a start
and their before her
in the shadows
loomed the cold Ice Blue eye
framed in silver like a spider in a web
and that chilling
Red half mask

A Night Conjoled

Quiet stillness
The moon high in the sky
Bathed the arrow in silver moonlight
Suddenly the quiet was shattered
as the door burst open
and laughter filled the room
laughing spilling on the warm sheepskins
we kicked the door closed
and were thus consumed
laughter fell away
as a kiss returned the room to silence
her golden hair spilling all over me
so lost within each other
to move or spin and make love
without even noticing
so lost in the kiss
the embrace so warm
only the moon truly witnessed their love
and thus would be
a night conjoled

A Soft Night

The quiet of the night
Broken only by the falling rain
soft glitters as moonlight reflected off wet trees
her quiet soft eyes of green gazed
as I held her softly
entranced by her profile
her soft cheeks and sharp jaw
not being able to contain it anymore
I gently start to kiss the nape of her neck
she just coos softly and gently pulls me in an embrace
and I look back into eyes of emerald green
My Love
You are more beautiful than the moon
more wondrous than the forest at night
quietly I kiss her
the soft touch of her lips like being held
quietly our tongues intertwine like ivy in the forest
As we lose ourselves in passion

Candle Bright

Soft music
as the wheel spun
the candles glowing softly in hand
hand to hand the candles held
softly we dance in the wheel
point to point nod and bow
slowly dancing in the reel
Then I glance and one seeís me.
Her velvet gown of vermilion flowed
her beauty beyond measure
her bodice exquisite as blond locks fell hide and catch at seam
her face so warm and sweet
more lovely than the candleís flame
her eyes a rich deep brown like the best cider
I long to hold those eyes
but point to point on goes the reel
so I pause and wait for the second pass
Then doth my heart wander
For now I am caught
Long locks of red fire
Eyeís of emerald green
and a voice sweeter than the music in a whisper
My Lord your eyeís shouldnít follow beyond the dance
Her bodice enchanting
Her velvet dress of Indigo to stun the living
in a whisper Ah my lord you recognize the dress for we are sisters
My heart doth betray me
and surrounded by indigo and vermilion the dance continued

Red and Silver Spandex and Black Lace

Quietly the moon came from behind the clouds
The soft night a dark blue with purple clouds
The gold of the moon bathing the night
Her blond hair full and wild held with a band of black lace
Her bodice held in red with silver trim and black dots
A light black lace covered her gently
as she stood with a red and silver legging
Black stiletto reached the name Princess
Quietly she stood watching gold and the purple sky
so beautiful as the night itself
her calm face smiling
her deep bronze gold eyes
I didnít want to say or do anything
She turned slightly looking back at me
as I just said, ďShh I donít want to miss a moment.Ē
quietly slowly my eyes traced her body
taking in the moment fully
to slowly embrace her in a hug and kiss
her lips so tender and warm
she tapped a finger on my chest saying, ďMy love I was feeling the chillĒ
Iím glad you are making me warm again
Quietly I took in the sweet smell of her light perfume
And as I kissed her neck softly
your here your really here
I donít want to miss a single moment
oh but I thought you meant the sky
As I held her tight and kissed her full
I donít either she whispered

So Sleeps The Trees

A genital frost lay on the ground
As the trees crystallized in November ice
All peaceful and white as pure crystal
The ice covered asphalt slick and shiny as polished glass
Beauty and tranquility in a world denied the human touch
Quietly we sat cuddled together on the sofa
Gazing out at a world of ice and beauty
There a bluejay landed in a tree by the window
And joined by a cardinal did they sing of morning glory
And as I gaze into thine eyes to walk and hold and kiss
In the world of crystal
And the wonderness of your eyes as you excited say look
A chickadee has joined them and now a sparrow
Their song filling our minds with wonder
There before our eyes in the clearing of the park
Did a ring of snow elves dance and play
Saying come and see and dance with us
Thus did you and I vanish from the couch and join
There circle of warmth and song and dance and music
The flute the lyre the harp playing in majestic harmony
To skip and sing and dance
Turn to turn to skip and spin
Long did we dance by the blue white flame of magic fire
So sleeps the trees
And so we in love
To wake up once again in a kiss in each others arms
Warm and close
In our sleepy tree called a house that is like the frozen forest
At peace and full of love away from human touch

A Morning With My Cat

Thin lines of gold penetrate the forest canopy
To strike the valley floor and rainbow in dew drops
The air rich and sweet and moist
With a heavy dew that clings to everything
Near by the mighty Amazon crashes over a cleft
In a thunderous waterfall
The jungle so alive seems peaceful
Then as I sit on a branch a single drop of dew reflects everything
The world so peaceful and tranquil in that reflection
A ray of sunlight strikes it
And rainbow hues of light reflect over everything
Then the drop grows and falls tumbling through time and space
striking the valley floor lightly
As a beautiful black and golden paw comes from the underbrush
With a low purr the Jaguar silently pads forth into the sunlight
As I stare with awe into emerald eyes
Then slowly Iím filled with the strength and courage of my spirit cat

Julie in Magic Shell

Quietly she lay on the soft blanket
her hair red hair removed from the clip
her hands held above her head
her legs drawn up
and slowly she arched her back
As I slowly poured dark rich milk chocolate all over her body
her green eyes flashed as chocolate covered her full upturned breasts
flowing over her chest and down her abbes
pooling on her soft red velvet cleft
hot like nothing she ever felt
so hot that it warmed her to a froth
oh God how do I cool down
Now I will show you
Slowly I started on one side
My Blond lady on the other side
we each take a chocolate covered nipple
teasing pulling sucking tickling
until in the fullness of her scream
cool white milk flowed out of both nipples
cooling her body and Harding the chocolate
then we slip between magic shell legs
and work slowly on the pool
her body rock hard and held like a sculpture with magic shell
her mind swoons her voice screaming her passion unable to move
as we both tease her clit until cool white sugar seeps from her
then slowly we start up each leg eating to the flesh and licking it clean
slowly to the abbes and neck leaving breasts and velvet to last
then working slowly drawing every ounce of milk and sugar cream
we slowly free her from chocolate
drained beyond the means of her mind
she falls asleep

Maple Syrup

The sun slowly climbed
As the hot summer day reached midday
Warm and dry like a June should be
There amid the day where shade no longer covered
We lie under a maple tree
Thine eyes of honey so loving
Thy long graceful hair of sun rays
slowly we made love
You were warmer around me than the sun
As I looked at you I said slowly My lady
But I want to ride thee again like a thunder storm
Slowly my lady and do not move
For this is my treat
And she stopped for a moment and said what
As I held her I reached behind
And slammed a tap into a tree
Pinning her back to the tree
As slowly gallon upon gallon of fresh golden
Maple syrup poured down upon her
over her shoulder it ran upon her neck
Down over her tight supple upturned breasts
Down her cleavage all over her body
She laughed as it poured
Sticky ever flowing pulling and teasing her skin
As I drank and licked her body
Saying now if you can ride me like summer lightning
She laughed even harder saying My Lord my body
Makes love to you with every pulse
My orgasms will not stop and neither yours
For that I feel
But we are so glued together I could never
Quicken the pace
Then be in heaven I said as I kissed her pouring syrup down her thought

Vortex Within A Crystal Shell

Quietly the wind blue
Softly the wind drops fell from the mushroom grove
Quietly light blue poured from stalk to stalk
As she lay upon a green moss
purple light filled the cavern
she glanced at the soft pool before her
Quiet soft her silver hair flowed
Her eyes sparkled electric tilted and like ever spinning green spinal
The silver lines on her jet face caught the light
slowly she moved, pulling leather thong and armor chain
Quietly she slipped within the cool water
She pulled her silver hair lightly as drops ran down her soft form
tight and supple
Beautiful beyond the light
small droplets stream over full large cupped upturned breasts
as water glided over her
her body sleek and shapely fine soft curves
tight toned, water glided over hip and leg
softly so soft was the silver of her cleft
her hands moving over her cleft her body totally shivering
her mind lost within memory
ďHaving fun!Ē
startled she collapsed within the water spinning
but her weapons were not on the bank
The voice continued, ďMy, my, my lovely sister
you are a real catch aren't you.Ē
ďTaívar Iíll...Ē She growled but was cut off
ďYouíll what Jules satisfy my sexual hunger?Ē
ďI never realized just how plump those breasts were.Ē
ďNor the silver treasure I tell thee Iíll mine for silver this year.Ē

A Princess In A Milkshake

Blond hair pulled back
Eye lashes blinking with purple mascara
Eyes of deep rich root beer
and then the soft curvaceous tight toned body
slowly we draw a pint of hot sticky slimy gooey white cum
as it spreads across her neck across her full bosom
slowly her breasts excite as white sticky goo smears
her body tingles as we work in pint after pint
slowly working down her abbs
to her legs smearing gallon upon gallon of hot goo
it slimes smears and globs thick
like Vaseline in a jar her entire front a thick coat of white
more and more and her cleavage and breasts meet the level
My Lady you now look like your in a sweater
it is so full and covered in slime
and then comes the plastic coating
so that it sucks and pulls her skin
and we roll her over
covering her back her arms and legs
leaving her shapely ass for last
as we prop her legs and fill every curve
hot sticky gooey cum her body in plastic and goo
then back on her front like fully covered in white paint
then as the goo slides and sucks and fills every inch
we place a vibrator between her legs and then
lower her into a full body plaster cast
as the top is fitted we place suction cups on her nipples and cleft
and close the cast
as we left the room and the lights went off
deep within the cast of cum
The vibrator and suction turned on

The RED Head

It was a Thursday
No different than any other
slowly she walked down the hall
Red hair pulled back in a bun
purple blouse with a tight black leather mini
she walked to her locker
opened it and her emerald eyes saw him
reflected in the mirror
she smiled and very carefully bent down in the locker
the book fell out of his hands
as he saw exactly what she wanted him to see
for she wasnít wearing anything under the mini
ďWell ,Ē She said, ďAre you just going to stand there?Ē
ďMy red tabby needs company.Ē
quickly he walked over she glanced at her watch
and shoved him fully within the locker
his head at the PURRFECT Level
As he slowly slid under the front of her mini to the red velvet
The bell rang as doors opened
and the hallway filled with emptying classes
they walked by some even opened near by lockers
But none saw
the thrill the excitement the adrenaline
the fear of being caught as teachers passed
the full ecstasy of her throbbing clit
she didnít care even if she was caught
her clit ached as hot white cum flowed out
the hallway emptied
and she finally stopped gushing
stepped away from the locker
and said, ďThanks your #345. ď as he said ďWhat?Ē
She closed him in the locker and spun the combination lock
Walking away with a whistle tune.

A Quiet Stream

Softly the river trickled
As the gentle roll of the stream
Soft sunlight poured through the thicket
As cobbles washed clean sparkled in the light
To simply make love by the bank of a stream
Your eyes of honey sweeter than the stream
Your lips like the soft bluebells
Soft and sweet
Thine hair tingling in sunbeams
Thine bodice sweeter than a fresh orange
As softly I make love to thee
Quietly we listen to the song of a red wing
As it sings of our love

A Morning Kiss

The sun slowly rised above the mountain peak
The soft wind blew through the trees
As quiet doves cooed in the early morning light
Gently softly I pulled you in my arms
warm and soft
sweetly I kiss your full lips
As I gently caress your supple form
Quietly we embrace
like the morning dew on a blade of grass
To feel the warmth of your body
In the early morning dawn
softly to touch
to feel the moist warmth of your lips
you are warmer than the sun
So sweet and gentle
So soft and loving
As warm rays bath your beautiful eyes.

A Blue Missile

A warm summer day, the sweet smell of sage and thyme fills the air
A soft cool breeze sways the high grass
As we made love under a bridge
The small stream trickled by softly
As to small swifts darted by
Chasing each other over the water of the stream
your skin so soft and tender So warm in the hot summer breeze
Your hair wild and flowing as the wind tassels it
Your eyes electric and as wild as your passion
I slowly draw a small blue missile and let the pins
slowly caress your cheek As slowly I draw it along your jaw down your neck
The pins slowly softly breaking as it slides down your Cleavage
as I gently kiss your neck
A soft frond of wheat soft as a caterpillar
I pluck and draw around your breasts
Your body heaving slightly as it brushes your undercarriage
Your supple breasts lifting as I slowly kiss down your neck
Slowly ever slowly
Down your body to your cleft
You grab my long hair hard and pin me as
Your body heaves in delight
The sweet succulent nectar like honey from a comb
flows down my throat
While swifts dance and sing
Your voice lifts to join their song
As you sing of love in elven


A soft trail of water slides slowly
A light trickle that falls from thy tender lips
I gently kiss thy sweet sugar coated lips
Your tongue in mine intertwined
As I kiss and hold and caress every part of your mouth
Pausing only slightly as your breath heaves and pulsates
Your passion so rich so succulent sweet and juicy
I could drink you forever sustained solely by thy love and passion
Slowly water melts across your cheek
Thy passion so intense you don't move
As I slid a thin sliver of ice down your beautiful neck
Pausing to gently kiss the trail of water
My tongue gently caressing thy skin in circles
The Ice slowly slides down your neck reaching thy tender bodice.
So full, so beautiful
A feeling of joy and love and peace fills me
As I gaze upon thy beauty like watching a waterfall at twilight
Thus is the beauty of thy bodice
Slowly the ice slides over one then the other
A gentle caress
Slowly thy breasts lift, thy skin taunt
Thy full breasts excited in the cold
As I slowly kiss the trail of water
The Ice making small circles around thy nipples
Harder still they lift as my tongue entwines round them
The ice slides gently down thy cleavage
Round the base of thy undercarriage as I follow with my lips
Kissing so gently around thy undercarriage
All the looseness in thy breasts now gone
As thy bodice tightens rock hard
Thy passion full
As I kiss from your undercarriage to thy nipple
Thy skin singing,
Thy body shaking, quivering,
Ripples across tight skin
Warm milk flows slowly into my lips as you swoon
Slowly the ice draws down thy tight rippled abbs
Thy back arches as it reaches thy shapely hips
Tenderly I kiss down thy beautiful form
Ice slowly melting down thy legs
First one then the other
Thy shapely legs like the beauty of a summer storm
My lips follow slowly the line of thy tender thigh
Slowly the ice melts around thy V
My tongue following every drop
I savor every inch and part of thy passion
Slowly my lips kiss
My tongue a light caress
Thy body heaving, pulsating like music it rises and falls
In beauty and poetry
Slowly my lips close as hot nectar flows into my mouth
Melting the ice completely away
Rich, thick sugar cream like the center of a cad berry egg
Flowing down my throat
I remain in heaven drinking the fullness of thy ambrosia
For as long as thy glass is full
I hold thee as thy rapture takes thee
I pull you tight and close keeping you warm and snug
Kissing you until you wake
Filling the emptiness of your body
As it recovers and loosens
Warmth returning
Strength returning
Forever in love with thee
Thy beautiful eyes open stealing my heart with a glance
Like seeing a sunrise for the first time
You awake again ask
"How long will you do enrapture me thusly?"
"As long as love and song, and poetry,
Yet only as long as thou wishes."
"Then my lord, take me again to see the stars of heaven
For I would never want this to end."
"As you wish my lady"

A Tranquil Morning

A soft cool breeze blows through the valley
As the golden rays of the morning sun sweep across
The clouds drift by lush crimson
As the light of dawn bathes the walls of the castle
The pale granite sparkles in the sun
My lady sits quietly her legs dangle over the drawbridge
Her toes make small circles in the moat
So beautiful, dressed all in white
Her golden hair mixes with the sun's rays
Her indigo eyes so beautiful
One glance would take my breath
As I look out upon the dawn
The sun glints on my pauldron
I didn't think my armor would ever shine again
I've never in all my life felt so alone
I thought I was fighting for something, someone,
I toss the rose in my hand over her shoulder
It lands softly in the moat
Startling a frog that hops off the lily pad
My lady I've been home from the crusades For over a fortnight
And the mice in my fathers castle make more noise than you
Why wont you look on me as you used too
Has so much changed?
Do you still love me?

A Summer Day

A soft cool breeze gently rustled the leaves
As morning dew clung to everything in a lovers embrace
A gentle sky loomed over head
As the rays of the morning sun danced across your face
You looked so beautiful in that moment
Golden rays cascading over you mixing with your hair
Your eyes of cobalt blue sapphire electric
Like summer lightning
Your grace and poise beyond dreams
Your hair like the morning sky
Your lips glistening like morning dew
Your smile like none other
Beautiful, entrancing, enticing,
Your bodice full and poetic
The gown clinging to every curve
Thee are truly beautiful beyond dreams my lady
Thy voice like a song on the wind
I'd give my life for one moment in your arms
To hold thee a dream beyond dreams
To feel the touch of thy lips
I would do anything to be worthy of the honor of a kiss
So quietly and yielding
I gaze into thine eyes what shame the sea
And gently kiss thy hand
Perhaps one day I shall be worthy of more

Lotus Blossom

The soft light of the candle flame flickers gently
The sweet smell of orange blossom's outside permeates the room
Slowly, quietly I sit
The white rice paper walls calming
My eyes open as the air changes
Rose blossom perfume mixes with the orange blossoms
As a shadow forms by the door
Quietly Kneeling the shadow moves the rice paper door
Open steps within and kneels closing the door
Good evening my lord
Good evening my sweet lady
I have something for thee
Slowly you turn thine eyes more beautiful than a sparrows song
Quietly I pour hot water before thee
Did I ever tell thee how much I love thee
Thy grace and poise are like the beauty of art itself
Thy tenderness like a feather's caress
The warmth of thy smile like the rays of the sun
The sweetness of thy voice like music on the wind
How long have I known the, a moment perhaps?
Does it matter.
My blood stained sword now sheathed
My mind calm and peaceful at the mere sight of thee
You have calmed my soul with but a gentle touch
Given me love when I thought the world devoid of such
The blackness of night clings to a warrior
The pain of a life
But now with thee my life of old is gone
A new dawn
Another life begins


Rain, dreary thick rain
Like nothing on earth
Cold, wet chilling you to the bone
A cold like the touch of death
It pulls at your spine
Makes you numb
The sky as dismal as gray slate
Thick mud of black pitch
Clings to everything
Sucking your feet to the ankle
Barely able to move
Then a mace splinters my shield
My sword caught buy a pole arm
The tip breaks
And time stands still
The morning soft crimson dawn
Golden rays bathe the world
Golden locks of hair spill forward
Eyes that captivate golden honey amber
Spiraling little silver rosettes
Deep Indigo Blue like the sea after a storm
Vermilion roses that spiral
A touch so soft that it tingles
A kiss so tender and loving as if heaven itself were there
Love and sweet passion that makes you desperately hungry
A hunger like nothing on earth
A laugh, a song, music and poetry love like the notes on a staff
those soft beautiful curves
those eyeís
the mace rings my breast plate
As I spun the broken sword upward
Punching it through his jaw
the bodies fall away in black pitch tar
cold rain, dreary rain
does she still love me?
Is she still true?

The Heron

Quietly by the lake
The soft rays of the sun glided
The gentle clouds all full of fluff
Drifted gently by
Their in the tall fronds we sat
Your eyes of amber so soft
Your gentle cheeks so smooth as you giggle
I slowly draw a wheat frond caterpillar across
Your sweet supple breasts
As we make love in the warm autumn day
Off in the lake a small white heron watches
As I caress and gently kiss your supple form
You giggle softly as the fronds of wheat tickle
Your soft body glistening and trembling
As I slowly kiss your hard nipples
All to the song of a heron

Princess Diana

The golden waves of wheat
Gently bent in the morning breeze
Rustling silently to greet the dawn
As golden rays shone forth in a dim lit sky
The sun churning the clouds crimson scarlet and pink
As the first rays of morning struck the field
There my eyes glanced upon the most beautiful vision of the new morning
She was standing poised
A white flowing gown fluttering in the breeze
Her long silken tresses of blond hair like the rays of the sun
So beautiful, so graceful
As the morning rays graced her cheek
Her crimson lips glistening like a rose
Her light blue eyes sparkle like twin sapphires
My heart in my throat skipped a beat
At her grace and beauty
Princess you truly are more beautiful than the dawn
Your Knight At arms.


Dawn touches the sky in wonderful splendor
Crimson and gold and vermilion
As purple light rays stream upon your skin
The dawn in all itís splendor in all itís color
In all itís beauty, the clouds so close you could touch them
Is no where near as beautiful as thee
Your long beautiful hair mixing with crimson and purple sun rays
Your eyes electrified mirrors of the sky
More beautiful than the sky itself
As I look I can see clouds move across them
Slowly I kiss your tender lips following down your cheek
Gently I caress your neck
As slowly you pour honey over your bodice
Slick, sweet golden lines stream over your breasts
Your bodice slowly lifting, rising, stiffening perky
warm hard firm your muscles tightening
Your nipples slowly rise as the pool of honey sticking to you
Slowly sucks as it pools
The honey lifting, pulling, sucking your nipples harder
Slowly I kiss down your cleavage to where the honey lines
stream around the base of your undercarriage
As my tongue catches small droplets
The golden stream pulling you your body aching
Yet tingling with pleasure
Slowly I kiss up the base
As my lips meet golden hard candy
I slowly drink
Your eyes flying wide with passion
Your body quivering with every moment
As my tongue moves small circles
constant pressure
The honey pulling your skin taught
My lips pulling harder your breath caught your body
heaving, tingling, quivering, your skin singing
As hot warm milk flows into honey down my throat

Dawnís Light On The Rampart

The quarter moon shined brightly as it made itís way
out of the clouds
The clouds drifted by slowly
Their tops silvered by the moon
The bottom a lush soft violet
Colored by dawnís early light
Slowly the violet got darker and redder as the sky lighted
Crimson dawn took the land in a brilliant display of fire
As the maiden stood quietly on the rampart of her bed chamber
A top the tower of the small keep
slowly the crimson and golden rays graced her cheek
As she gazed out upon the morning
Bathed in sunlight
She was dressed in a two-piece violet camisole of silk lace
Her bleach blond hair clung to her thigh entwining her leg
And tasseled by sunlight
Quietly the knight had slipped in
My Lady, forgive me for disturbing you but,
He began his words trailing away
His purpose forgotten
His mind spun
His heart hammered
At the beauty of her.

A Lonely Sailor

Dawn rises slowly on the water
As the pitch of night gives way to a new dawn
Crimson lines of tiered clouds
As the last rays of silver moonlight become gold
Timber creeks in the morning wind
As the galley slowly sails towards the castle
I lie upon a beam the full blaze of dawn before me
I have seen brilliance in the sky before
Yet the silver mist and low fog
crimson skies rimmed in gold
and two rainbows danced before the bow
The sea so soothing
It almost rocks me to sleep
And still nothing can compare to your eyes
More beautiful than any color of dawn
more calming than the sea after a storm
More loving than the mist above the sea
The sweetness of your lips
The warmth of your smile
The smell of your perfume
I would die a trillion deaths for a moment in your arms
Why are you so far away?
I have sailed the seas to find thee
And found only water and wind
When will you return to me my Love?

Shower Time

Soft blond hair slicked back as water sheened over her
Her beautiful dove face catching drops that slid
Over her beautiful eyes closed
Peacefully as water fell slowly
Her smile so sweet her face so beautiful
As she dreamed of me taking a bath in soap bubbles and soap
Her neck so beautiful as thin lines of water
Streamed across her soft features a wonder to behold
Lips of deep vermilion as moist catching a spray of water and glistening
Her back had rain drops sliding all over in a sweet cascade
As rain drops fell sliding over curves and softness
Her ass chiseled and curvy and sultry
as tight as a dream had small thin lines of water
streaming across it to flow down
Her back and meet a bend and then water fall
Over the curve of hill to follow the shape
To drizzle down thighs and twist around calf
And to watch water stream over her neck
As her face angled up
Small streams of lines follow the angle of her neck
To drizzle and stream over breasts
Pouring down cleavage like a river
Her Full breasts slowly tighten as the warm stream runs
Up lifting angling outward
Like a sculptor molding clay into a cone peak
Nipples as small red circles slowly lead the way
shaping turning
like a bean sprout rising out of the soil
to bend toward the light
Water streamed over abbs to ripple
Toward legs and join the lines
From behind and spiral
As Her hands held her golden moist hair
Moving slowly back and forth and tugging her rose clit
She arcs her back as streams of water cascade
Over her clit as her fingers slips with in her
slowly she moves her hand around her clit
Tugging in every direction
As her finger moves in and out in a rhythm
Her beautiful eyes and smile soften
Her lips turn inward as she nips them
And they straighten out
Her face quiet and beautiful
As her lips part and close lightly
Beauty doesnít even describe the shape of her mouth
not a smile
just a constant hungry form
like someone expecting a kiss her lips part
As the top lip upturns and the bottom lip turns down slightly
Then they quietly close and draw within a nip
As some sound of a hum draws out
All this time water poured over her clit
And hands like a river and turned white
And flowed outward and drizzle down her legs
As I stood in the doorway not quite sure if
I wanted to enter her fantasy
Not sure what would be better to just kiss her lips
And hold her
Or make love to her
Or Drink her and tease her and pull her into a wilder fantasy
Or to let her know I was there and let her ravage me
Or all the dreams of our marriage
So I stood leaning against the door admiring her
Beautiful body and fall in love a thousand times over
As she with her eyes closed her mouth parting
Again enjoys her body and dreams quietly

A morning Surf

The clouds drifted by slowly
The gentle roll of the sea beneath us
Rocked so peacefully we almost fell asleep
Your body so warm on top of me
As we rock the sea on a surfboard
Your hair blows lightly as I caress your cheek
You fall against me and lightly fall asleep
Your body still making love to me
We sleep in love and soar amongst the clouds
To dreams undreamed
Slowly we wake as a seagull cries
above us


I looked deeply within eyes of green
slowly the world vanished
Stone cobble floors like Brooklyn Heights
The dank walls of stone closed around
Deep green moss glowed like her eyes
As I walked slowly toward it
A clack the ring of steal on stone
And I spin quickly
Whilst 50 Lizard-men
Poured within the ten foot enclosure
and rained on top of me
Laughter filled my mind
As I saw green eyes again.

The HighSchooler

The brick room was quiet
My eyes diverted by a textbook by the mirror
I started to remember my class
Slowly did I pick up my textbook
Quietly slowly behind me did it begin
A blue comforter slowly started to rise
Quietly in its stalk
Itís wild blond hair
and glowing deep brown eyes
Slowly it slithered
in a quiet chant
Heís mine
heís mine
Heís all mine
Then with a mighty leap
The helpless collage student
Was savagely eaten alive
By the HighSchooler comforter
I married a movie star
And Iíll never let him go
Her final words as the
Poor defenseless collage student
Was dragged beneath the sheets
and slowly
savagely devoured
Hour after hour were the sounds of
His vicious death
As slowly a red head
Handed a Purple bib to the blond
Gee said the red head spotted HighSchooler
Now what am I going to eat?
I the collage student do hereby attest
To the savage viciousness of the greatest monster of all time
The HighSchooler!

The Valley Of Falls

The night air was crisp
As the thick clouds passed over head
The valley floor was moist with the thundering waterfall
as slowly our horses drank from the river
Above us the sky turned purple and crimson
The huge dragon returned
It winged through the clouds
And swooped down to its low rocky perch
300 feet below the rim of the waterfall
still 500 feet above us
As the water fall thundered
The growing twilight rain bowed through the falls
As the great dragon its purple and green scales iridescent
Its crimson wings and belly glistened
As the rainbow showered us
In our quiet clearing
We stepped through the dance of morning
As we sang of the quiet morning
The dragon breathed a fireball into the sky
As Song birds flew from the forest to great the day
In a wheeling dance of sky

A Soft Rain

Soft rain on a gentle November day
As quietly we sit softly
Drops ran and fell across glass
As we trace lines of water
You feel so warm in my arms
As we hold each other and softly tickle
And laugh and sit
Your eyes so soft
Your lips so warm on my neck
As softly the rain trickles on the tin roof
We sit and listen to the music of the rain
As I hold you
Warm and soft and tender

Castle Ravensguard

Crackle and snap
A pine log on the fire place
As the fire slowly erupts around the log
My eyes skim the flames
The stone cobbles of the floor of the antechamber glow
To look around the antechamber
The bulwark of truss fills the ceiling
This years stag and a coat of arms
Dangle between polished plate and shields
My brother did well for himself I always thought
Some days I thought myself useless after the crusades
But there beside me fast asleep in sheep skins
A treasure greater than all the riches of England
Blond hair with such a quiet face
Fast asleep warm and love
Her soft beauty a wonder to behold
Never in my dreams did I think his sister
Would be my wife
Long had we fought the Saracens
Long had we sieged castles
Killing was all I knew
But she took my hand and taught me love
And here I lay
Watching embers turn crimson and white
As I slowly fall fast asleep

A Moment In A Pause

A quiet stream trickles slowly by
As violet hues of twilight stream through clouds
I sit quietly upon a rock in a moonbeam
My purple tunic bathed in twilight
The twin swords at my sides catch and spin the rays
As I play a crystal flute
Its melody echoes upon the wind
And forms around a shadow
Slowly coming from the shadow
An elegant form
Her emerald eyes sparkle brilliant
Like spinals catching light
Her fiery long hair mixing with twilight
Her form curvaceous and sultry
Her black leather clinging to every curve
Soft supple perky luscious bodice
Drawn full and sleek
Her legs sultry black curves
Move slowly toward me
Her pace steady graceful
Determined like a cat
She pauses at the stream
As my eyes slowly meet her gaze
And my flute slowly lowers
Crystal blue sapphire to gem emerald
A moment in a pause

A Calm Spring Day

The warm rays of the sun cover my face
As I sit quietly on a rock in the middle of a stream
The rush of the waterfall behind me fills my ears
The white foam churning and curling by my feet
Down stream the water turns and crashes a few times
My eyes stop at a sun glint
And I watch as slowly the rays of the sun strike and trace a spiderís web
A feeling of joy and peace fills my heart
As my mind clears the stream so tranquil
I wish I could share this with you.

My Lady Princess Silveria Spellbinder

I saw you sitting on a rock by the shore of an emerald sea
The sunís rays danced across your golden hair
Your amber eyes twinkled in the reflected light like citrines
Your smile could fill me with love and joy
You were dressed all in white lace

Under a violet and indigo sky where whales like to Play

Under a violet and indigo sky
With stars reeling over head
And a comet trailing by
We stood together holding each other in a lovers embrace
The foam spray of the sea caressing our cheeks
It would land on your hair and catch the silver of the moon.
The humpback whales would dance and play
Diving , breaching spinning and diving again
Their song and the crash of the waves filled the air
As I held you close my heart truly soared
Never in my life had I seen such beauty,
For we seemed to be in a land of dreams
I watched you turn slowly in my arms
And as I looked into your amber eyes
I saw all the beauty of creation reflected in a flash of gold and silver.
The light of the moon turned your eyes the most exquisite colors
I could live forever in your embrace
And never want for anything
If only I could keep this moment forever
Under a violet and indigo sky

A Moment Frozen In Time By Amber

Have you ever looked into a gem?
Seen every facet ?
Let the light play with every angle ?
Once I gazed upon two of the prettiest I have ever seen
Golden brown like fresh honey,
As the light played across them,
Occasionally a rich deep brown, but always clear like root beer
Or the darkest citrine,
Fiery, like agates
Clear as amber
And every now and again a spark of silver
like a fire opal, or a star inclusion
Every pore catching the light in a different way
Color, like a prism reflecting and spinning ever inward
In a golden well of beauty
Such is the beauty of your eyes
But so much more
For beyond the beauty lies your caring
As your eyes move and change flirtatiously
I slowly lose my heart
For nothing has ever looked so warm and calm and tender
So peaceful, and entrancing
So alluring, and tantalizing
As your amber eyes
For I can see heaven in your eyes

A Morning Desire

The world lies still
Only the sound of the wind permeates the air
I look up to see a flock of morning doves
They move so gracefully and so silently
Diving, turning, climbing
And all in perfect symmetry
Till they climb into the soft clouds and disappear
And Iím reminded of all the years Iíve watched you
You would dance and spin with all the grace of a dove
Then a turn and a flirtatious glance
Every curve of your tender body
Moving with perfect symmetry
The flash of your throat and the lock of your hair
The grace of your legs, so curvaceous and tantalizing
My Lady you dance with more grace than anyone
And your tight tender succulent body
So perfect in every way
For you are every manís desire

My Lady In Moonlight

As the stars reel over head in the night sky
I drift along on an endless sea.
A pod of humpbacks swim along side me
Their song filling my soul
Then I turn and see you bathed in moonlight
Never have I seen such beauty
My heart skips a beat, my breath stops as I see thee
Your golden hair silver in the light of the moon
Your eyes a wonder to behold
Silver and gold intermixed and so alluring
The look in your eyes tantalizing, intoxicating, and seductive
Your sweet soft smile, so loving and provocative
Small droplets of sea spray caress every inch of your tender body
Your tight, supple, curvaceous body silver and blue hues
As I watch small droplets coalesce and stream
They pour over supple perky breasts and down your cleavage
Your hips so shapely shift seductively
As the water droplets stream down between your succulent legs
And as I see just how beautiful you really are
My pulse quickening with every micro second
I draw you close
And kiss the tenderest lips in the world
And in that moment all is lost to me
I know only you
And the touch of your lips
I canít even hear the whales song anymore
For in that moment
All I could see
Was you

The Hall of Dreams

Outside the waning crimson and purple light of twilight
Slowly fading as it strikes the stained glass windows of the castle
As I walk down an alabaster hall bathed in multicolored light
The stained glass windows around me display scenes of valor
And fables of old
I pass an embossed set of platemail
With the standard of a rampant Pegasus
And I pause at a statue of two bejeweled intertwining dragons
Above a running black unicorn with silver horn, main, and tail
As I wonder how someone could capture the likeness
Of my spirit animals so well,
For the more I look the more I see
And I slowly make out a dark elf, and a black jaguar in the back ground
And one of the dragons is carved from pure emerald and indigo sapphire
The beauty of what lies before me captures my breath
And the quiet and peace of the hallway is so tranquil
And a soft quiet voice asks Do you like what you see?
I spin quickly, startled, and my eyes fall on the most beautiful woman in the world
She was dressed all in white, in a long flowing dress with silk lace
And a lace vale was held away from her face by a golden crown
The color play of twilight and stained glass made her look as if
The golden light of heaven poured on her
Her face was shining with the sweetest smile
Her eyes of amber studying every inch of my face
And so beautiful that I couldnít see anything else
A dark brown amber clear in every way
With gold interlaced in a rose pattern trailing inward
Her form was the most curvaceous Iíd ever seen
And she was filled with such grace, beauty, and love
That I couldnít speak
After an eternity she asked again
All I could say
My Lady Princess
You are beautiful beyond dreams
Would that I could make you a queen

Dawnís Light Graces My Heart

A crimson and golden light peaks the horizon
The lush full clouds drift serenely by as dawn takes the land
The last stars of night, the constellation Draco slowly fade
In the growing light of dawn
As I stand on the stone balcony of a castle battlement
Gazing out upon the dawn
I feel a warm gentle hand slip around my waist
As a soft sweet voice callís my name
As I turn slowly, Iím pulled into a lovers embrace
The sweetest touch of lips
The gentlest caress Iíve ever known
And the warmth of her body and smell of her perfume
So intoxicating
So tender and so loving
That I wish I could stay this way forever
But she pulls away slightly and she says I love thee
As I look deep into my true loves amber and gold eyes
And Iím forced to ask myself
Am I really good enough for a goddess like this
But those eyes
Those tender eyes that say everything Iíve ever wanted to hear
With but a single glance
How could I have ever left them behind?
And thank God I was allowed to come back to them

In The Field Of Dreams

A soft cool breeze blew across a field of daises
As the warmth of the summer sun beat down upon us,
The heat of your body as you lay on top of me was so snug
Your passion so intense
Your eyes electrified with desire
So seductive, and tantalizing
Your amber eyes now clear light gold with tiny brown rosettes
As your breath came heavy in a passion that mingled with my own
The taste of you sweeter than honey
You are so beautiful my beloved Princess
Every curve so tight and tender
So succulent and sweet when I caress you with my tongue
every creamy succulent inch of you is pure ambrosia to taste and touch
Your hands caressing me with the touch of silk
arousing every part of my body and mind
Your voice coos a soft sweet melody
And the look in your eyes is so seductive, so playful, and so loving
Entwined in your embrace my love
Is truly heaven
For the love and passion we share is greater than the stars
And of all there is in life and death
Nothing is as beautiful as you
I love thee My Lady Princess Rowena
With all my heart

The Moon At Dawn

A beautiful blue and purple sky
Is framed by soft crimson clouds
I look up at the dawn and wish you were here
The moon still visible in the twilight
Is framed by the branches of a tree
Not a dawn goes by
Not a sun set
Not a day or night
When I donít think of you and wish you were here
My beautiful lady Princess
Iíd give my life to be in your arms and feel the touch of your tender lips

The Morning That Never Was

The darkness of night slowly peals away
As silver clouds slowly churn crimson in the chill night air
Dawn strikes the land slowly and the pitch gives way
The sky turns a pale purple and crimson
But as the sun peaks the mountain it reveals a patch of midnight
The night almost conquered by the light of day
Leaves behind itís most deadly ally
A lone warrior clad in black pitch from head to toe
Lethal beyond measure and colder than the steel it wealds
A trained killer with no pity or remorse
And so skilled and gifted with the power of shadow
That you would never see him
The ninja surveys the compound of his target
And strikes with the dawn like lightning in a summer storm
His mission done and the fields crimson he slips back into the blanket of night
The only trace a line of crimson meeting a daffodil
And a symbol of a rising moon etched in blood

A Morning Rainbow

A warm glow of morning light started to fill my home
As I step through Kata to greet the dawn
I pause for a moment and walk outside
A beautiful golden soft warm sky greets me
And as I watch a small tree bathed in sunlight
My gaze takes in all of the beauty of the morning
As a full arch rainbow arcís over my head
And I think to myself God what a beautiful morning youíve made
Thank you for letting me see such splendor

The Dark Rider

For thousands of years Iíve walked the twisting sand dunes
Of an endless sea
Sat on mist filled mountains gazing at falls crashing into low hung clouds
Watched as a night sky turns lavender
And crimson and gold
Walked miles of asphalt under a star lit sky
Sat in a river gazing at bluebells under a water fall
Watched a falcon ride thermals
gazed at the city that never sleeps in a rain shower
And for all Iíve seen and felt and known
Nothing on earth or in space or on another planet
Can ever match the beauty and peace and love
Of the human eye

A Calm Warm Day
I sit on a hunk of granite looking out upon the ridge
The Rockies are tranquil and pleasant
As my gaze traces the pine trees
A golden eagle soars over head
I sit in meditation and finally the voices in my head die down
For the first time in a long time my mind clears
And I no longer see the past
Or all of the possible futures
The hardest part of my life has been seeing in dreams and meditation
A life with the woman I have always loved and would never see again
Only to wake up alone
Now it all flows away
And for at least this moment I am filled with peace
The cry of the eagle fills the valley and my mind
And as in all parts of my life
I wish I could share this with someone

Farewell Starlight

The music played a delightful melody
The court was lively and dancers a plenty
A sumptuous feast the dance of a May pole
And My Lady in black velvet and crimson silk
Her laughter filled the hall
as Duke, and Barron, and Princes all
Took her hand to dance and sing
In the shadow by the distance
A knight leaned against the wall
His visor down to hide his tears
How will I ?
How could I ?
Where do I turn ?
The Queen her fun lost to sorrow
Left the ball looking seeking searching
For the one she invited to Yule tide
Then in the distance by the shadow
A rusted blood stained suite of black plate
Removed itís helm
His hair spilling his eyes crying in silent fall
She turned toward him by candle light
How will I ?
How could I ?
Where do I turn ?
A pace a glance a turn of the head
The knight fell to his knee
You are the Queen I am but a humble knight
I am not worthy of the toss of hay
The rose still in his hand
The stars do not shine this night
But the memory of love does


The gentle trickle of a stream fills my ears
as I sit on the grass knoll
The sweet smell of orange blossoms is everywhere
And I can only think of how beautiful you are
As I look out along the stream the sun peaks from behind clouds
Itís rays skim over my face
As I wish you were here
My love your caring and love is like the sun

My Beautiful Maiden Of An Inlet Cove

The stars of the Southern Cross shine brightly in the night sky
My garden peaceful
Colored in blue and silver hues by the light of the moon
A silver heron waits patiently in the still pond
As my love gently puts her arms round me
Her eyes like an inlet cove in spring
Her touch as gentle as a summer breeze
Her voice a song on the wind
The warmth of her embrace like the summer sun
You are like a dream on the edge of reality

Good Morning Starlight

The mountain stream trickled near by
As a light rain gently fell across the land
Sitting in a tree
A dark warrior remembers a quieter time
The land green and lush
He watches a walking stick crawl through the rain drenched branch
Somewhere in the distance
A hawk cries
Once I knew a maiden
With skin as soft as silk
And white gold hair as fine as starlight
Eyes of golden roses in amber
And a laugh like a morning sunrise
The dew on the branch rainbowed
As I gazed into the peace of the morning
Soft silk on a cool table
A gentle kiss
The music of a guitar
The spell of song and melody
A calm rain started as the Walking stick hide under a leaf
Small crystalline spider web

A Curry Comb

Why do we curry?
What is beauty?
Beauty is a horse running through the sand on a beach
But the sand gets in the main and irritates the beauty
So we must curry out the sand
And restore the beauty
That is why we curry.


The silver moon shines brightly in the night sky
The air sweet and moist
Sage and honeysuckle fill the air
As a white ring of clouds circles us
In a deep purple sky
A stream slowly churns near by
As I slip a blue bell in your hair
My lady you are more beautiful than the night sky
Your blond hair electric as silver streams of moonlight cover your body
Your azure eyes so beautiful
So loving
I can see worlds moving like planets
And as your breath pitches faster
Your passion increasing
Azure sapphire churns with vermilion sprilling rosesets
I lose my heart and my wits in but a single glance
Thy tender lips like morning dew and honeysuckle
Thy face so entrancing
Thy skin so soft
As I kiss slowly down your neck
Your shapely curvaceous body tingles
Your perky breasts so succulent in the night air
So alluring so tender I donít want to kiss anything else
As I move down your cleavage
Down your tight toned form
Every curve like the pedals of a rose
You voice is like a song on the wind
Please let me make this wonderful dream real

A Morning Sky

A gentle soft rain falls in the early morning dawn
As midnight sky churns crimson violet
The clouds thick but not encompassing turn scarlet and gold
The rain drops cascade down
Little rainbows as drop meets sunray
The violet sky soft and warm
As I sit on a rock ledge overhang above a waterfall
Gazing into the most beautiful wonder of Godís creation
Vermilion lines that move and shift
As the sky turns Indigo
Soft and warm and peaceful
Violet softness like velvet
As my hand brushes away the drops of morning rain
That linger upon your cheek
Softly you whisper kiss me
Softly I say to thee
Iím afraid to close my eyes
For what I see in yours
Is more than I deserve.

A Stair Case

A quiet moment nothing more
Like the wind on your cheek on a hot summer day
Sitting in darkness
Somewhere in time
Sitting on a stair case
Part way up not the middle
never the top
His back pressed against the stair
Long blond hair spilling upon his shirt
Calm blue eyes like deep blue sapphire
Slowly stirring becoming electric
Passion moving like lightning
Purple roses spinning on a trail he followed
lips of roses hung over him
The warmth of her body pressing against him
Her hands clutching his holding fast and hard
Her voice soft, her breath full
Her lips hotter than a summer day closed over his
Her passion taking him as his back arched
Her love so strong he gave up his will
Aching to hold her as she held him fast
With only a cat purring in their ears

A Morning Shower

A gentle rain falls through the trees
The forest quiet in the predawn light
As the golden crimson light of twilight
Penetrates the forest canopy
Bathing all in rainbow hues of color
I sit quietly watching
As rain drops accumulate upon a leaf
They sit still for a moment
Then they slowly coalesce
In tiny rivulets streaming over the leaf
They move toward the center
And drip slowly off the tip
The leaf below collecting it
As this beautiful play of nature and light begins again
As I watch I try to remember a quiet time
Golden hair spilling like the morning light
Eyes of blue so calm and peaceful
As the rain from a sponge
Slowly fell across skin of silk

A Massage

Golden lines of sunlight
Strike the surface of a calm lake
Like the morning dew on a rose
Your hair spilling across your back
A waterfall in pale blue light
The silver echo of the moon
Spirals of roses alternate in color
Your eyes more beautiful than nature
The kiss of a rose petal on a clear lake
The soft silky down
That I wish to caress
The shine of skin
As oil slowly caresses and massages your supple form
your succulent curvaceous perky breasts erect in passion
Your tight legs like silk entwine
As oil slides slowly down your form
Your body loose tingles with anticipation
I hear your breath shallow
Feel your pulse quicken with each caress
More beautiful than anything on earth
Your lips full as a rose
Soft warm more succulent than chocolate
Your eyes beckon with each second
Your breath a whisper that pleads
Your body quivering with every moment
Ecstasy filling you
Aroused beyond belief
Orgasms tingle across your skin as it sings your passion
But if I have to kiss you first

Liquid White

Sliding slowly over your body
Glistening lines of silver and white
Your eyes electric with passion
Intertwining roses spiral within them
Slowly little pools coalesce within your cleavage
As silver lines flow over your supple breasts
A moment a shiver a quickening of pulse
as slowly your undercarriage lifts
Your succulent breasts rising on their own
ripe and up turned
Your undercarriage stiffening
Your bodice becoming perky
As slowly your ripe rose nipples erect
Becoming hard at the flow of warm liquid
As slowly it pours down over your rock hard abbs
over your hips
Down the cleft of your V Where my lips await
Slowly I breath on your clit
My tongue a light caress that barely touches
As I kiss the folds of your lips by tender locks
Slowly tasting the rivulets that pour over your cleft
then I pull your clit within my lips as your body shivers
Slowly sucking a rock hard cherry
My tongue making small circles around it
With constant pressure
Until finally your body heaving
Your breath harsh a silent scream
as I drink the new hot flow of sticky sweet white sugar
That pours from your clit down my throat
Until you pass out within my arms
And wake up again in another orgasm

The Escalator

Long red hair and a black top
Rose above me on steel spiked stairs with yellow lines
Glass walls rose to black hand rails
As large white walls road up a hill toward glass
Stiletto heals and black nylon
as black nylon rides up beautiful legs
A small white skirt with black dots
And I in black spandex get so hard she would have died
Her legs so sexy that skirt so short
Her body so curvy I would jerk off right there
Then the wind blew and her skirt furled up her ass
To revile a white silk transparent panty
I couldnít take it anymore
And started to lick and kiss her legs
She didnít move as my tongue ran along her legs
To slowly reach skin and white silk
As I slowly licked white silk her legs shifted slightly
As her hand left the rail to pull the fabric aside
And pull my head between
As her hand tugged white silk my lips found a red cleft
And slowly did I suck as warm sweet strawberry juicy trickled
My cock so hard it couldnít be restrained
As I slipped within her she cooed softly
The stairs stopped moving as we made love
Her warm hot sweetness dripping all over me

The Morning Dove

All is quiet as the dawn rises on the meadow
A soft cool breeze ripples across the grass
As the gentle chirps of the crickets slowly build
The sweet smell of Honeysuckle is in the air
Which tastes as moist as the summer dew
It was there that I first met you
Singing in perfect harmony
And perfect symmetry to all that was around you


Twisting and turning in the air
Smoke, fire, and flair
The mighty wings beet,
An endless feat
And swirl high
To master the sky
As the momentous body heaves into sight
Everyone runs from the fright
Mortal man seeís death eternal
For the fire engulfs all nocturnal
Claws gouge, teeth bite
No one can endure the night
Raid and pillage
To all the village
And nothing can stop the immense destruction
For all the world is under abduction
The creature is perfection
For nothing can withstand its insurrection
It is the fear of all mankind
To succumb to that master mind
The immortal creature of flight and flame
Shall get the greatest of mythological fame
Honored above all the others
Including your closest brothers
I hold you in awe
For you are the greatest of them all

The Romantic Dreamer

The starís shine brightly in the night sky
Like little diamonds on a piece of black velvet
The moon so round, and full, and white
It lusters like a pearl
He gazed up at the night sky for hours
He was drawn to it somehow
It was as if it gave him peace
For he knew that his love was also watching the sky
And he knew that, someday, he would meet her.

The Aurora Borealis

Quite and peaceful is she
As silent as the rolling majestic clouds
Quick and graceful is she
As fast and as sleek as the mighty Niagara
Pretty and beautiful is she
As lovely as the blossoming rose
It is thee that holds me and comforts me tonight
For she has made me love her beauty in the night
I will never forget her
Because I love her

My Lady

As I looked out upon a beautiful field in the fall
I saw you calmly sitting their
The sun had just peaked the horizon
And the sunís rays bathed you in golden splendor
You looked like an angle sitting there
The sun danced across your cheeks like rose petals
It caressed your hair with the greatest ease
And set it alight
You were bathed in a golden halo of love
Your eyes twinkled
And were the truest blue
Reflecting only love and happiness
I could live forever in your loving gaze
One look from those tender eyes
And I was lost forever

A Wish Upon A Star

As I gaze upon the evening sky
I see the pale blue sky and white fluffy clouds
Turn a spectacular shade of peach and lavender
Then the sky alights like wild fire
The clouds became crimson the sky deep purple
Till the firestorm melts into one
And the sky quiets into a thin red line
And all turns dark
The stars slowly come out
And I am reminded of the last time we gazed the stars together
We stood together and watched a comet pass by
And I remember the way the moon light touched your face
The sheen of your hair lined with silver light
And the sparkle in your eyes
For all the beauty of the evening sky
nothing can match the beauty of twilight
Reflected in your eyes
When I look in your eyes I see only love
And peace
And happiness
And wonder

The Maiden On The Beach

Dawn rises slowly as a thin yellow line
In a clear sky
The stars slowly vanish in the growing light
And every thing is kissed by a golden light
The waves curl and slosh and foam
As the ocean laps at the sand
I watch as a wave curls, turns and splashes
Foam rises to my toes
Slowly I turn to gaze at the shore
And there you are
You looked up at me smiling
With the sun on your back your blond hair was rimed in gold
You were dressed in white flowing dress
And the look in your eyes took my breath away
You said what silly itís only me
You are the most beautiful woman I have ever known
Your smile is so tender
Your eyes so loving
I donít dare say anything less this dream end

The Eyes Of My Love

I hold my ring up to the light
And I watch the light play across the Facets
And I remember the beauty of your eyes
Your eyes are so incredible
And Iíve seen the light play with them
And lost my heart
Iíve seen the color change in them
And lost my breath
For your eyes are like mine
Deep to light blue when we sit and talk
Emerald green when you play the trickster
Silver in moonlight
Purple in shadow
Gem like crisp in sunlight
Quiet and loving when I look at you
You are so beautiful my love
I could spend eternity just

A Forest

I walked slowly through the forest
The wind was warm on my face
With a soft sweet touch
A sparrows song lifted to the heavens
And my heart soared with it.

The Lily Pond

I sit on a small rock
Over looking a lily pond
I watch the sunís rays
Strike the surface
The long lines of light
Reminding me of your hair
The Sparkle and sheen of the water
Like the beauty of your eyes
I slowly sprinkle rose petals
Across the pond
Some caressing the water
Sending small ripples across the water
I wish that you were here
I could set you down on a satin bed
rest your head on a satin pillow
And sprinkle rose petals across your body
Watch as the petals send ripples of pleasure across your body
Watch the golden splendor of your hair
And the sparkle of your eyes
I wish that I could feel the warmth of your breath
And the tenderness of your lips

The Dream Of The Mermaid

The moonlight struck the surface of the water
Like a lovers embrace
Tiny silver streams erupting on black
The waves lapped slowly and gently
Then you appeared
Bathed in a ring of silver
My heart and breath lost in an instant
Your hair flowing and spilling all over you
Your hair the color of emeralds
Your eyes the deepest green Iíd ever seen
Deep green on a field of light blue
The amber seaweed clung to your body
Your beautiful body glistens in the silver light
Light blue from head to tip of tail
With dark blue triangle strips across your breasts
Cheeks, back, and tail
The wide fin of your tail as green as your eyes
Your spirit wilder than the roughest ocean
Then you saw me
And beckoned me to you
And drew me into the warmest embrace Iíd ever known
The touch of your lips
The feel of your tail embracing me
Was more ecstasy than I had ever known
Then you winked
And dove from sight
And I was more alone than I could have thought possible
So I sit patiently on the shore
longing for you
Waiting for you
Wishing that I could see you again
For no embrace was ever so tender
No kiss more loving
No woman more desirable
I long for you more than anything
And I love you
More than anyone

The Body Guard

I walked through the night
Alert to any danger
Slowly I pause and look at the lady I escort
She is standing there still and full of grace
\Covered in moon light
Her long hair drawn in a braid
Her tight form pulled in a corset
Her long lines a beauty to behold
Her grace and poise so incredible
Her eyes silver in the light of the moon
Her hair shimmering
Her face glistening and full of life
Her lips enticing
Her bodice full and enchanting
Her waist sleek and narrow
Her hips shapely and luscious
Her legs long and graceful
She made my heart skip a beat
I didnít think my heart was still there
especially after what I had been through
But she looked so ravishing
Her voice entrancing
Her laughter music
But as I forced my self to look away
She drew closer to me
Gazing into my eyes she could see straight through me
And I felt lost and confused
For I knew that she belonged to another
What can I do
My heart skips a beat
Whenever sheís near

My Lady In The Emerald Dress

The sun shines down upon you
The light caresses your cheeks and hair
Your lips glisten crimson
Like a drop of water on a rose
Your eyes sparkle like a diamond
I watch as you look into a pond
You gaze at your own reflection
The emerald satin dress you wear
Curls around your feet
The bodice drawn tight around your breasts
Your hair falls over your cleavage
And my heart is in my throat
I want to be whatever you most want
But I know that if I make a sound
Youíll disappear in a flash

A Reason To Soar

I ride the thermals
And split the clouds
The wind fills my wings
I climb
And dive
And spin and turn
Twisting, turning, diving, soaring
Clouds tickle my nose
Fire erupts from my throat
And the wind whips it around to caress my face
I glance back over my shoulder and there you are
Back lit by the sun
Your hair golden and sparkly and richer than a pile of gold coins
Your eyes twinkle like two Aquamarines in the sun
Your smile tender and loving
The white dress you wear flows with the wind
A beautiful dress, which draws your gracious figure in the finest way
As the sun light moves across your lushes figure
Your dress turns transparent
Your succulent form caressed in lace and silk
Every curve enticing
You are so desirable that I almost fall out of the sky
I almost wish to be human
Just so I could truly ravish every succulent inch of your tender body
Your so succulent
So tender
So delectable
And so beautiful
Every curve, every inch, every glance, every dazzle of light
And I almost smack straight into the side of a mountain
Suddenly, being shocked back into the reality of life
I am a dragon after all
And not a human
So I glance skyward again
And soar, and twist and turn, and dive, and climb
All to the love and memory of you

The Black Unicorn

Running across the plains
With thunder in my hooves
And courage in my heart
The wind tassels my main
And love fills my soul
The love of life
The joy of running
The grace of the wind and the color of the trees
The feel of the ground
The songs of the birds
Storm clouds brim overhead
And rearing up on my hind legs
I reach the cliff face
Lightning strikes my horn filling me with love and peace
The lightning filling all of my senses and caressing my entire body
As I fall back to earth out of the ecstasy
I see the valley below in the gorge
I turn and dart and race to the valley floor
Heading for the water fall
My silver main and tail twitching with excitement
As I slowly walk through the water fall
The lake sits calmly in front of me
The cool calm lake
My final destination today and the cool drink I look forward to
But something is wrong
A maiden in green sits by my lake
She holds a rose and looks up at me with wonder in her eyes
She reaches out towards me
And I frightenly dart backwards
I must run some more
No mortal has ever touched me
And none ever shall
I was so looking forward to a peaceful drink

Silveria Ravensguard Spell Binder

The waves lapped the sand below
The clouds stream out across the water in the silver light of the moon
The moon light strikes the surface of the water with a brilliant sheen
The waves crash into the rocks of the cliff face
And I am lost in love with nature
And all that I see before me
The thrill of the night air and the sound of the waves
And the rich smell of the sea
Fills my mind
But then I look out along the shore
To where the water meets the sand
And I hear a splash
Then I see you rise back out of the water
And my heart is lost forever
Your sweet tender body bathed in moon light
Your hair and eyes silver in the light of the moon
Small drops of water caress every inch of your supple body
Your tender supple breasts full and perky in the night air
Your grace and poise a wonder to behold
Every curve of your body firm tender and tight
Every curve a wonder to behold
your lips glisten
They are so tender and moist and full
You are so desirable that I could ravish you forever
I could spend a life time bringing pleasure
To every inch of your beautiful body
Then I gaze into your eyes
And Iím entranced by your beauty
The silver light of the moon reflected in your eyes is so spectacular
Every pore of your eye reflecting the light in a different way
And the tenderness of your gaze
The loving longing look in them
A look that says I love you more than any words ever could say
You are more beautiful than all of nature
And I love you more than life

Ode To A Twinkie

Beautiful and desirable you are
Soft and tender you are
As sweet as a rose
As lushes as a diamond
As wonderful as the facets of a crystal
Warmer than the sun on your face
Softer than the wind on your cheek
More beautiful than an emerald
More desirable than gold
More lushes than chocolate
Every curve so fine
So firm
So supple
Your curves are finer than the petals of a rose
Your body so ravishing that I could kiss every inch of you
follow every curve with my tongue
caress every line with my lips
Your beauty is beyond compare
And I desire you more than anything
You are so gorgeous
That I could lick every inch of you
until the cake was the only thing left
And then I could devour the rest
And savor every succulent inch of your body

A Dream Of You

The sky is dark
Clouds loom over head
As I sit under an old oak tree
I watch the stars real over head
Now the clouds are alight as they cover the moon
Slowly the moon peaks out from behind them
And you appear in front of me
The moon bathes you in light
Your flesh shines with excitement
Your curvaceous tender body
More beautiful than the folds of a rose
More graceful than the comet that passes by
As you kneel down beside me
I find that Iíve lost my breath
Your succulent Form So enticing
Your supple perky breasts more alluring than an emerald
Your silver eyes so enspelling
I draw my hand across your cheek
Framing your jaw in a caress Your eyes close
And I wonder if Iím dreaming
I pull my hand across your lushes lips
And you slowly kiss my hand
You let my hands wander caressing your supple body
And I draw you into an embrace
Kissing you passionately
My mind lost in your beauty

Moon Light Desire

There is nothing in all of creation
More beautiful than the sight of you in moon light
The way the light of the moon reflects in your eyes
Is beyond description
The glow in your eyes as they turn silver
The depths of your glance
The hidden passion and love
Drawn into splendor with your inner fire
Your eyes sparkle like a fire opal
Showing intensity, passion, love, and wonder
As you smile the silver light enriches the beauty of your face
Your cheeks twinkle
Your lips glisten with desire
Your eyes wide with anticipation
I wish that I could have pulled you into an embrace

My Love In Black

A Normal Boring day I thought
Sitting in a chair
Thinking of the future
When in you walked
My heart raced
My adrenalin soared
I couldnít speak
Or breath
And I almost shot out of my seat
At the sight of you
No ordinary day is this
You walk in wearing nothing but a black body suite
Every curve
Every line so enticing
Your long curvacious legs as succulent as a rose
Your tight firm curvy rear so alluring
Your hips enticing
Your waist as smooth as marble
Your shapely back more beautiful than a cat
Then you turned
Your bodice was so tender and firm
So delectable and enticing
Your neck so graceful
Your lips so inviting
Your entire body was so stunning
That I could hardly stop myself
From ravishing you right there
Then that look in your eyes
Oh god I couldnít believe that look
Such a daring glance
Such a sultry seductive look
That I had to look away
Or take you right there
You were so enticing so alluring so sultry
That I could hardly contain myself

The Artist With The Grace Of A Cat

As I looked up from the story Iím writing
I see you curled in a chair drawing
Your beauty is so captivating
That I Canít look away
Your curled in a chair like a cat
With all the feline grace and poise
You look so peaceful and content
Like a kitten when you pet her head
Your eyes seem so calm and happy
Then you stop and look at me
Your smile quietly as if guessing my thoughts
Then turn back to paper
Yet every move
every glance
every change in your posture
is done with such feline grace
such charm and beauty
That I almost think Iím watching a cat
If you only knew just how beautiful you really are
But alas All I can do
Is watch your beauty for awhile
my heart racing with every glance
wanting only to hold you and tell you that I love you
You mean the world to me
My beautiful artist
I can only hope
That one day
Youíll draw something
For me

My Love By A Stream

The sky is peaceful and calm
a gentle warm summer breeze sways the trees
The stream nearby trickles on
And I turn to see you
Your sitting on a rock
Over looking the stream
Dangling your fingers in the water
You look so happy and content
And so beautiful
Your green eyes twinkle
Like two perfect emeralds in the sun
Your smile so peaceful
You glance at me out of the corner of your eye
And throw water at me laughing
I just grab you and pull you into an embrace

My Love On A Field Of Daisies

A nice warm spring day
And we lie together gazing at the sky
You role on top of me and scatter daisies everywhere
As I gaze into your beautiful blue eyes
I see more beauty then all of the heavens
I caress your face
And brush your hair aside
Lost forever in the beauty of your eyes
You look at me puzzled and say What?
I silence you with a finger pressed to your full lips
Your tender lips
Sweeter than candy
Warmer than sunshine
Prettier than the sky
I pull a daisy and slide it into your hair
As you smile the sun dazzles your eyes
Like the facets of a crystal
Then I pull you into an embrace
You are so incredible
So enticing
Every line and curve delectable
The snugness of your hips
The curve of your breasts
The warmth of your lips
As you pull away I see a question in your eyes
And I say that I love you
Then I loose myself in your warmth
The smell of your hair
The curvature of your breasts
The warmth of your lips
And I really am in heaven


Welcome new day
Welcome to the new day
Thank you Lord for this new day
See the sun rising in the sky
I thank you Lord for this new day
Welcome Sunshine
Welcome good creatures see the sunshine
Good morning Blue bird sing a song
Good morning Sleepy squirrel time to wake
Thank the Lord for this new day
Welcome New day
Welcome to the new day

My Lady Rebecca

White flowers twinkle in the sun
Their large soft petals peal to deep red and purple
The sun shine sifting through the trees in light rays of gold
As I hold the petals of magnolia in my hands
Soft simple beauty
I sit quietly at the base of a tree
humming a sweet melody
My eyes follow the curves of the petals to the soft center of red
My voice pauses at the near by intake of breath
As my eyes lift slowly I see at first
A sparrow on my knee singing with me
My eyes lift beyond the little gray bird
To a dress of emerald green
A small figure framed in sunlight
Her golden hair long and full
Her eyes like the warmth of sunshine
Soft warm
like a story by the fire
A blue like the sea after a storm
My Lady?
Please my Lord donít move
Let me remember this How did the bird land?
Oh good morning sparrow, did you enjoy my song
Slowly the sparrow chirped then flew off
through the trees
My Lady it must have been jealous for the beauty of your eyes
Is sweeter than its song

My Lady Imogen

Darkness, Quiet still only the soft purr of a cat
And the quiet sweet song of a flute
Quietly I walk toward a room of light
The silver light of the moon Pours in past the white curtains
Bathing My love in quiet beauty
She sits quietly playing the flute
As I curl up with a cat on the floor nearby
The song like the beauty of a crystal sculpture
Her face more beautiful than a porcelain dove
Her long blond hair pale blue and silver in the moon light
The song of the flute enchanting
Her eyes of love like a rose on a lake
Soft beauty calm sweet blue
More beautiful than a glass dove of Indigo
So loving so warm I wonder how I could have let her fly away
Her spirit like the flute and the wind
Wild and free
To hold her more love than the sea
Yet I love her too much to interrupt the song
Her Indigo eyes focus on my eyes of crystal
And she lowers the flute
Did you like the song?
So much so My Lady I could not break it to embrace you
It was about us like the clouds and the moon love the sky
So too do we love each other
Imogen I love thee more than Poetry


Long have I sat gazing at the sea
A time so quite to rest by the bay
Softly the wind blows
The clouds drift by in gaily splendor
The gulls like angels drift softly
Riding thermals majestic
A world unfolds with the sail and line
A spider web of tackle and boom
A soft sweet sound of play
As we gaze out upon the bay
Laughing turning spinning
Crystal to blue
As we play among the net
Laughing at the foam on our feet
A sea otter chitters itís pleasure
As we kiss the song of a marigold
Donít let me be blown away by the wind
I wish to stay within the green folds
No wind donít blow so hard
Iíll hold you even if our feet leave the ground
And never shall we part as we sail
Upon the wind


A rain drop caught on a leaf
The rainbow hues of light from sunbeam
The reflection of all and the world it creates
And the love shared between two people
This is simplicity in an of itself

The Owls Still Coo At Night The Foxes Still Run

I walk alone at night
Through the trees where we used to walk
The owls still coo at night
And the foxes still run
The stream trickles softly by the grass is still there
The time when I thought of love
And we sang all through the night
The owls still coo at night
And the foxes still run
I remember the time we kissed
The owls cooed for us
Sitting softly by the stream at night
Do you remember the silver fox
That strolled into moonlight
The sparkle of silver the warmth of the fur
Now here I am alone at night
And the fox runs away
The owls still coo at night
The stream still runs
And as a leaf falls before my eyes
I ask what our forest asks
Where are you tonight?

To Market

To Market
To market
Whenever we hit a town
To Market to market
To see what can be found
Silk here silk there
Silk everywhere
Oh What lovely silk here
Spinning dancing silk here
But never on the ground
To Market to market
Whenever we hit a town
To market to Market
Come see what can be found
I have a piece of string here
Lovely little string here
Come and see the string here
Oh I know you need some thread
To market to market
Whenever we hit a town
To market to market
come see what can be found
I have a pretty ring here
Come and see the ring here
Sparkling glowing rings here
I think it will match her dress
To market to market
Whenever we hit a town
To market to market come see what can be found
Pearls from the sea here
Pearls to catch the light
Dancing singing pearls here
I know you donít want your neck bare
To Market to market
Come see what can be found
Velvet, silk, and lace here
Pearls that catch the light
Satin oh that looks nice dear
Gold and gems delight
Minstrels sing us songs here
Oh that wasnít quite right
A kitten on the porch dear
Oh look at that piece of fluff dear
Turning spinning dancing in the light
It all looks so nice dear
You truly are right
But Iíd give all of it for the look in your eye
Oh to market to market
When ever they hit the town
To market to market to see what can be found
To market to market we sell the whole day through
To Market to market They kiss amongst our zoo


Pink peach satin honey sliding down my throat
As class and elegance and pink satin curvy class
With pink and peach shining in a moment
Pink satin parted by my hands
To pull slightly back pinkness to unfold like a pink rose blooming
Slowly the fold of pink leaves parts as peach reveals
A line of pink hearts outlined in black ink
Pink hearts small ones large ones and medium size
As I slowly caress and partake of pink hearts
To fold back pinkness and enjoy the peach
Slowly does pink eye shadow blink
As I pull through pink class to enjoy itís elegance
And pink hearts and black ink and juicy peach
To enjoy pinkness is a classy drink
and what is most important to pinkness peach might ask
Only that you are committed to pinkness in classy elegance
So to commit to juicy pinkness I commit to pink hearts
To fully enjoy the pinkness of pretty pink hearts
To fondle and caress and partake
To classy elegance I partake
To commit to classy elegance and never stray
To partake of peachness for as long as peaches are pink
To commit and promise that life is taught about by pink peaches
In classy elegance
To simply enjoy the class and curves while pinkness teaches me
Lessons of class and elegance
To commit to never betray the pink hearts
And to love each and every one
While caressing the black ink of class and elegance

A Soft Night

A night sky
The silver moon crept from around the clouds
As slowly the black of night yielded to violet
Slowly in the soft twilight the sky alighted
Wondrous shades of crimson and purple
The boats rocked quietly on the harbor
As we made love on the pier
Your hair soft and full
Your eyes gleamed like gemstones
Fiery lines of red streaked purple sapphire
For dawn was mirrored in your eyes
My Love
You are truly beautiful beyond dreams
So warm and soft
And I love you
More than the dawn itself
Sun rises and sun sets they are always
But you
You are all the beauty of life and earth
More wondrous than each and every sunrise and set
I could caress your jaw forever
Treasure each curve each line
Savor every glance of your eyes
A sugar touch of your lips will hold me for eternity
To hear you sing a doves coo
Fills my heart forever
Thy laugh like the music of the wind
And slowly quietly within the warm water of the pier
My every wish to fulfill your warm tender moistness
For nothing on earth is more heaven than inside you
Please let me drift with you on the sleep of dreams
Forever intertwined within each other
I Love Thee Princess

A Quiet Tranquil Morning

A quiet tranquil morning
The sun rising slowly upon the water
The sky a blaze with crimson and gold majestic
As golden rays fell upon the lake
The music of the loon
Our only company
As we lie together in the tall grass
You are so beautiful my lady
Thine eyes filled with tree sap maple sugar
So wondrous I can not look away
As my hands trail along thy tender cheek
So soft so beautiful
I love thee more than anything

Jules Mirror Shadow

Quiet moist and dark
The cobble steps of a stair case
Slowly she descended
Long full fire red her hair
Her eyes more beautiful than star light
Gleaming brilliant emeralds
Her full plump bosom upturned and erect with the adrenalin
Held only by the soft black leather
So graceful her shapely legs encased in swade
As she walked with a gleaming sword of adamantine
A pace, her heart raced as a door opened
Spilling her with light
Skaven walked into the small hallway
Her heart pounding as they found her
Steal met steal as a chain uncoiled
A pause like a moment of amber
Her mind saw sweat dropped
Laughing she covered in rose petals kissed her Lord
Eyes of crystal blue and smiles
A ride through the country side her black mare his gray
A song play another my Lord the music of a lyre at cook fire
And slowly her eyes caught the gleam of his armor
The pause at an end her mind back
Like greece lightning her sword swung up through one throat
As she tripped the other to the ground
Pulling the sword free she spun the blade in an arc and Silenced the second
Vermin she spat itís because of you my Lord went to war
slowly she stood entered the light filled room and
Gazed at the coffers of gold and gems
All the wealth to feed a citadel
But not enough to bring him back

By The Fountain

The torch light flickered on stone walls
As iridescent green moss clung to cobble stone
Quiet filled the room
Broken only by the gentle trickle of water
In the center of the room an alabaster blue gray marble fountain
Four large triceratops heads angled around a column
Their eyes of emerald, sapphire, ruby, and diamond
Their mouths hung open as cold clear water ran to fill the basin
A top the column a gold Spanish war gallon was fixed to the alabaster
and there sitting on the rim of the basin the lady
stirred the water with a hand
her other hand gripped the alabaster foot thick rim
her swords lay on the side by one leather boot
Her beautiful long red hair sliding down her back
Her emerald eyes closed the dagger used to pry loose
the eyes lying on the nose of the triceratops
Her beautiful legs uncovered from her leather mini skirt
As she pulled her breasts free of the Stewart tartan blouse
Her delicious red velvet so soft and sweet held between my lips
As slowly she dripped water down her cleavage
As she was about to cum and wanted to prolong it
trying to get me to pause and drink for a moment
As the Iron bolted door splintered away and 35 green
lizard men swarmed into the room
I spun grabbing my swords as she stood
Her swords left aside
She screamed Ok Now Iím Pissed!
You just ruined a perfectly good orgasm!
Now your gonna die!
She clicked her fingers together and chanted
As a column of spinning blades encircled them and cut them to ribbons
A wall of flame shot down from the ceiling and incinerated them
She cocked her head
Sorry about that dear that was rude.
Now please start with my clit again.

A School Girl In A Quiet Dress

Softly the lights glowed in the theater
The stage was empty
She walked slowly across the wood floor
Eyes of emeralds with her red curls tied in a red bow
Her white blouse held in place with a black bow tie
Her fine long legs incased in black fishnet and a tight black leather mini
She paused mid-stage
Kicked off her shoes and started to dance
Her legs spinning through ballet
Her eyes closed
My Lady have you ever seen just how beautiful your cheeks are
She stopped her eyes flying wide
For he had in fact returned
Sitting on the stage in soft brown leather moccasins black spandex and black shirt
His long hair halfway down his back
She said oh my cheeks huh how about these
As she ripped her blouse off and pinned his lips to her chest
They fell together on the stage
My lady Jules thine eyes are like the beauty of the Amazon
Thy body more beautiful and sweet than mortality
To hold thee a dream come true
Making love to thee is greater than the world
I could spend a lifetime in thy embrace
How many stage plays could we act
How many dances to join
But to be with you
Iíd give my life
I Love thee

A Butter Scotch Princess

Golden eyes of amber root beer
Fall slowly with blond golden fine hair
Hair like silk so light almost the color of silver
Her lips so warm and sweet and full
Her breasts full and warm and soft
As I pour butter scotch over her
Hot sticky pulling every part of her breasts erect
Flowing over abbs and over golden treasure
Slowly to lick her curves of golden pleasure
To pull and suck twin pairs of softness like a plum
She screams as emerald and sapphire work slowly
Whiteness mixing with butter scotch
Until it stops seeping
Still we lick until we reach skin
Again and again and again whiteness streams like a waterfall
Up her rock hard body we trail
Her undercarriage soft
Her rock candy nipples instantly open milk pleading to escape
As her body quivers to such an extent we have to hold it still
Whiteness flows over golden candy from all of her at once
We finally done with candy see her unconsciousness
White droplets cover still shivering pale skin
Her lips drawn in a smile of love
Her eye lids closed peaceful purple mascara still
Her body quakes full as rose lips part
A silent scream eyes still closed
My lips on hers her eyes open
Her body trembling we curl into a ball
Her lips on mine her arms clutching me to her
Her body quakes again and again
Till she can stop
I brush tears from her eyes
As she holds me please tell me this is heaven

Play Thing

The soft touch of silk
Gently pulled across full breasts
As ribbon pulled across gold velvet
And silk lace brushed cheek
Soft light gold hair
Eyes covered in black velvet blindfold
slowly did we pass fur over skin
As nipples slowly rise in the silk
Tenderness and soft
She tries to roll away
But I pull her legs apart
Slowly sliding a string of pearls over gold velvet
They pluck and strum the knob of fluff
Slowly they move
Each pearl rubbing across knob
A light tickle of fur along either side of plush rim
As the pearls slide and fur tickles
a light feather touch of tongue and vibration awakens the knob
Stroking the knob
Kneading it, tickling it, vibrating it licking it strumming it
Pulse upon pulse upon pulse
That tender knob stiffens harder and harder
As a squeal of passion
The softness becomes nothing but liquid
being stirred by pearls
slowly the beads of pearls slip within liquid
One after another they slide within the moistness
until all but 3 are outside
then with a slow pull each one is stirred and pulled
back out side
One at a time


Her emerald eyes gleaming with excitement
her nipples hard with anticipation
What are they going to do next to my body I wonder?
Then a blind fold
Then silk cords on hands and feet
then the cool sticky suck on her skin
First the chocolate pudding was placed on her nipples and clit
And fully dolloped all over breasts and cleft
Her body didnít know what to expect
Then the chocolate pudding was used to fill all of her cleavage
Cool feeling tingling
Ok now what she said
now we wait
the statement confused her
It felt cool but
then the pudding started to settle
And go to work
As it clung and slid slowly along skin
Her nipples started to feel a sucking sensation
Her clit felt hard being pulled by a vacume
Slowly ever slowly her breasts were milked
Then it truly started her clit swollen spasmed
An uncontrolled full body orgasm
Milk drained from her breasts mixing with pudding
Cum filled the air pockets of pudding
And then she truly screamed
For the liquid and pudding mixture started milking harder faster
Sucking her like a machine
After she could stand no more
We gladly licked and ate the pudding away
As she fell in exhaustion

The Girls Locker Room

A light haze of steam
The air filled with sweat
There she stood against the locker
Her red hair pulled back
Sweat poured over her body
As she traced her jaw with a cold bottle
Her electric green eyes closed
Her hand slowly drawing the bottle down her neck and between her cleavage
Her tight upturned rock solid breasts held in a red bra of silk lace
Her left hand felt the sweat pooling as she traced her abbs
Slid to the sweat covered red silk between her thighs
She felt hot and steam covered
As she brought the Ice bottle down to rest on her cleft
So cool and good
She slid it back and forth
Her eyes closed
Her sweat covered body tingling
As I came around the locker quickly and silently
An Ice cube in one hand I kissed her pouting lips
As the bottle fell I melted an Ice cube where it had rested
The scream of her passion lost within the kiss
As hot sticky fluid oozed all over my hands
She shoved me on to the bench hard
As she slid me deep within her
Her passion wilder than a thoroughbred
Her warmth and sweat filled the room
I thought you wanted to cool down
I tricked you well
She said as her eyes opened for the first time
Lets see how hot this place can get

Study Hall

Really Board...
Like what do you do for an hour in study hall?
Study Hall? what a joke as if school was even anything
One stupid math problem for my homework
I mean get real what are my classes?
Chorus, Art, Theater, Dance, Gym,
Oh and of course Math
Then came a tap of a pen like chalk across slate
Fire red hair with glaring deep tourmaline eyes
And what was it about her lips?
They looked like a grape lollypop
Her neck so luscious
Her breasts so hard and God those nipples couldnít be real
like two red candy ring pops
Her body so hard so curvaceous
Her legs just didnít stop and my God
I only wish I could mold plaster to the shape of that ass
Then she said what are you looking at
And then it occurred to me that in fact she
really was in a flesh tone body suite swim suite
And at a loss of what to say she continued
Oh this little thing thumbing a shoulder strap
I bet you thought I was nude didnít you
And she snapped the straps and my God
She was so beautiful
As she said now that youíve seen me
You canít hide anymore and pulled my cock free
And where those grape Lollypop lips soft
And cum drained for hours from me
My mind lost she looked at me and laughed
Placing a full two litter bottle of white soda on my desk
Saying now sorry to tell you this but
you see
Itís actually Thursday
You just missed 2 weeks of school
Can you now deal with study hall?
As she straddled my soar cock
The heat of her so warm and intoxicating
As she made love to me she
Pulled my hungry lips to her ring pop
As I sucked and milk quenched my hunger
She drank the two litter bottle of white soda to say thatís one
Now the next one I want to pour down my body
And the one after that I will drink again

My Ultimate Fantasy

She kissed me
And the world vanished
color shifted to lush pink and gold grass
And there a large pink stone
Warm moist
I started to taste it
As I licked and caressed it
It glued me to it
thick rich juice
like a maple tree with out bark
Then slowly the sweet sticky glue
Pulled at me like quick sand
And I slid into a cave
The cave was warm and moist
And it shrank to engulf me
Warm and sticky
Like Pooh in a honey pot
I licked and ate
And the softness of the walls
So warm and soft
That I would just run my fingers across it
Until more honey came gushing in
Then did I fill my self
And slowly my body grew within
To where I couldnít move inside
And as my toes felt air
I was sucked back and forth within
Faster and faster
As I could not drink anymore honey showered over me
slowly in this fast rock
I fell asleep
Hmm.... anyone else want to play with my vibrator?

A Manage With A Twist

Soft and warm
The red velvet upon my lips
As eggnog sweet syrup flowed
Quietly brown eyes slowly warmed my body
Her golden warmth sucking me within
So tight and warm and snug
That her body could squeeze and make love to me
Even without moving
Soft and warm
That red velvet kept my hands cupped to her breasts
As brown eyes slipped something around me
Slowly did she suck me back and forth
Deep within her warmth
And a small buzz started
As the vibrator that rested at the base of my shaft rested upon her clit
She sat motionless
Rocking only slightly
As the vibrator teased her clit
And her body sucked me at a steady unmodified pace
Hot sticky fluid sucking
And oozing all over
She used her hands to rub it into my skin
As hot sticky fluid poured down my throat

Take 1

Sun and sand,
As black shades hold my eyes
Her white black poke a dot skirt sliding around her ankles
As we made love against an upright surf board
Slowly did I slide against her warmth
Moving back and forth against her clit
Not entering her just a tease
Her hands all over me she said I donít like being teased
As I said neither do I take off the glasses as her hands rolled the glasses down
To revel the most beautiful dove eyes of citrine
And quietly did we stop the tease
Looking within each other for all the beauty of the sea as we fell into a kiss
Soft and warm
And more love than I know
We rode upon the surf of the swelling sea

Take 2

Blond like a sunís rays almost white
Did her full hair flow
The wind spinning it round black shades
As she leaned against an upright surf board
Slowly did I kiss up her soft silk leg
To the white treasure under the white black poke a dot mini skirt
As I kissed the white nylon of swim suite
Softly It warmed under the sun
Then I slowly pulled the white strap while kissing down her leg
Till it reached her ankles
Slowly did I kiss back up the back of her calf to her knee
Pausing to kiss her knee
Then up the inside of her thigh
To the warm soft tender moist gold
As I slowly
Kissed her lips
To just kiss her lips
Full and passionately
Slowly her body trembled
As I kissed a small pearl out of itís shell
and drawing it within my lips
Like rock candy
to suck and melt it within
my tongue made small circles
And plucked and strummed
And caressed
As the hot sun reflected off her sunglasses

You Want Adrenalin You Got It

The torches flickered long the walls of cobble stone
Large was the room of the ancients
Scenes depicting valor carved within granite
For this was the ancient Dwarven Hall
Runes covered the stone arches
As we walked quietly within
A pile of gold and gems and weapons and armor
Lay before us
So huge it would take 40 men to carry
as I lightly kiss my sweet sister
Her emerald eyes so wonderful
As I lightly brush her crimson hair back
Slowly I kiss her neck as we sit on a pile of coins
I pull the chainmail free of her chest
As I slowly kiss her breasts
As she slides her leggings free
Softly we made love on a pile of gold
As I pour gold coins and gems down her cleavage
So hot and wet between our thighs
Likely to meld the gold
And as her passion increases
A single golden eye with a black diamond opens to glare at us
Slowly the scales of gold shimmer to become red
And the large fangs of the maw show them selves
She her eyes closed screaming
Her orgasm pushing me harder within her with each microsecond
My eyes fixed on what is changing
But my body trapped as she makes love to me harder and harder
The immense heat of the dragons breath warms us
As it closes its maw and breaths steam from its nose
Its eyes focused on us its wings opened
As again she screamed in anotother orgasum

A Morning At Sea

Softly the wind blows
As the schooner rocked against the dock
The first rays of morning stream in red and gold
As I gaze into eyes of sunshine
Soft and warm and peaceful
Her body so warm
Her love so full and sweet
As we made love on the deck of the schooner
Her bodice full and enchanting
Her body sucking me without moving
As quickly she says my love you look into my eyes too much
I think Iíll have to stop that for I want to close my eyes
And as hot soap and water splashed over my chest
My eyes were closed by a tight seal of plush red velvet
My lips drawing red velvet
As my love of amber eyes spreads soap over my chest
While her golden treasure sucks and pulls and squeezes
So warm and soft and wet
As red warmth and white sugar fill my thirst
My hands caress and lather her tight toned ass
So supple and tight and warm

The Sundered Throne

A once grand bronze plated wooden door leading into the area
is engulfed with the images of a ring of naked swords surrounding a crown
As we opened the door in front of us stretches a room
lined with a row of motionless close visored armored knights
down the walls or at least suites of plate armor there are
six on each side of the room all facing inwards silent and motionless
And holding spears upright in between the ranks a long
oak table where there ranks end for bronze steps rise to
a dais at the end of the room at the back of the dais is an
alcove and in it sits a grand high backed throne
as the three of us entered the room
all I heard was a snicker as my love of blond closed the door
saying Julie now is our chance
Slowly my love of red and my love of blond stripped my armor off
and placing me on the oak table lashed my arms and legs
As I lay naked and strapped they kissed one another and started to strip
as long blond hair unfurled with eyes of deep rich
brown like cider on a hot summer day
slowly did she remove chainmail to revel black and
white striped spandex
slowly she shed black leather pants to slide in spandex
as she lightly pealed spandex to revel her large full breasts in hot red lace
her tight curvy sultry rear in red lace
as she slipped out of red lace to revel upturned and beautiful full breasts
slowly sliding along sultry legs red lace to unmask a gold treasure
as long red hair unfurled with eyes of deep green like the emeralds we stole
slowly did she remove chainmail to revel red and black striped spandex
slowly she shed black leather pants to slide in spandex
as she lightly pealed spandex to revel her large full breasts in bright blue lace
her tight curvy sultry rear in bright blue lace
as she slipped out of blue lace to revel upturned and beautiful full breasts
slowly sliding along sultry legs blue lace to unmask a ruby treasure
then did emerald and ruby hop up on the table and start with my feet
slid and crawled all the way up my body to rest her ruby on my lips
saying ok beat that
my lady of deep rootbeer and gold coins said oh I
think I can and hoped on the table to slide gold coins
back and forth along me
slowly did she slide
grinding her clit against my cock
starting at the base and sliding to the top to slide back down
then did she take me within and sliding up and down she
slammed me to the base and hungrily danced forward and back
as ruby held my tongue and my screams
as the hours passed suddenly did they both see
the suits of armor move

The Danger Zone

The summer sun beat down on us
as she walked in front of me
long red hair and a pink one piece
long shapely curvaceous legs
and such a lushes tight toned ass that walked like art
as she stepped upon blue and walked
slowly she turned on the blue mat in the pool
her eyes so beautiful and warm and sweet
as green and sweet and peaceful as clover
her pink heart just above her swim suite
her delectable lushes sweet candy nipples hard as a rock
she looked at me tapped a finger on my chest
and said are you looking at my ass? I think you are
I think you want to fondle it and I think you want to kiss it
well I have other ideas as she shoved me to the blue mat
slowly she straddled me and slid against me
pulling her swim suite aside slightly she slid me deep within her
so hot and tight and moist I no longer even noticed the summer heat
her green eyes flashed as she rode me like a bucking bronco
as suddenly a pink heart and long lushes legs appeared above me
saying can I join in? she slid along side me
her pink and black stripped swimsuit straddling me as
I looked into rich chocolate eyes
her long blond hair and tight hard body
as I started to lick her black stripes
and she said gee a test of flexibility all of them my slave
front and back tell me the number of them
As I started to lick the stripes over her tighter than tight ass to her
underside as I worked up her front and back down six including this sweet still one
as the three of us brought each other to orgasm time and time again
until we all climaxed together their slick cum making
the blue mat slippery as we slid into the pool

A Morning By The Sea

golden lines of clouds
line an amber sky as black turns brown
in the wake of dawn
gold covers the land and the sky
the small cove angled away from the direct sunrise
as white foam laps a top deep gold waves
as I lay on the sand
soft and sweet her deep rich brown eyes
more beautiful than the dawn
as her shapely legs walk over to me she slides down into my arms
her white hair blowing free
as she quietly looks at me and says make love to me
softly we kiss as I slowly caress her soft cheek her body so warm
the sent of her hair like fresh roses
as she wraps me in white silk lace
so soft her smile
so beautiful her eyes
as we make love on the sand
waves crash and churn
her eyes so beautiful
like a doe at play in the forest
or the calm peace of the rolling sea
light gold and silver roses that shower over us like rain
gold dust that falls gently over us as we kiss quietly
to stand in a park in the fall in sunshine kissing softly
to make love on a surf board on a calm sea
as playful as a squirrel running along a tree
as quiet and full as a white unicorn drinking from a blue lake
as softly we enjoy the glory of the dawn

Pasly Park

Slowly she walked toward me
Now Iíll remove the blind fold my love on only one condition
she whispered Trace every line you see
Now what do you think of when you hear the name Pasly Park
as she slipped the blind fold free she stood in purple
fully encased in purple with a white ivy that ran everywhere
as I started with her right leg and traced the white scene
slowly along her calf to her thigh around her thigh to the
base of her rear along her shapely curves to her waist
back along her plate to her left leg and down and back up
to slowly join patterns at her cleft
she pulled me away saying not yet as I traced white
above her waist to her chest along her cleavage and down
her sultry form kissing her undercarriage softly
she slid me to her lips as she slipped me within her
now do you understand its just the Ivy gate
the hot softness you feel is the real park
quietly her dove eyes watched me
as I held her softly and kissed her neck saying your Ivy doesnít
go high enough as I gently licked her neck in the same pattern
I think it will rain in the park tonight
she smiled but the intensity of her passion held her
as I held her and gently kissed her
she clung to me softly as she kissed my neck
as we dreamed of purple plants and flowers of a purple forest
with a pink unicorn that ran between purple trees
and as we made love in vermilion sunlight
red rose petals lightly landed all over us

Orange Sherbert

As the sun beat down upon the sand
in the hot summer noon
did I truly long for Ice cream to cool the noon
and suddenly there did I see
the most shapely knee
rich and tan the line of leg
so shapely and sultry I would beg
as gently I kissed a leg of sweetness
she tasted as cool as Ice Cream sugarness
To slid my tongue along curves so fine
and reach a center truly divine
as orange met leg did I see the tan line
and slowly following each and every orange pattern line
to drink from coolness of shapely curves
to trace the undercarriage of soft sweet curves
to lick and kiss the pattern line
till over curve and softness the V line
then softly did the ice cream melt
to the rootbeer float
as pined in sand and softness meshed
hugged and kissed till warmth cached
and warm snugness that held and stroked
and cuddled orange lines that held and sucked
and slowly did the rootbeer float at last prove
that she did the devouring here
so attacked by orange Sherbert I did at least yield
to the melting sticky cool orange Sherbert that formed a weald
to the last of sand and summer heat I died
forever drowned in a float called rootbeer

The Fencer

The stone walls of the castle flickered with torch light
as softly I walked to the rack of steal
Her steps almost unheard as she approached
As I turned epťe in hand
to gaze upon beauty like a tapestry
long full blond hair held by red lace
her soft quiet smile and softly her cheeks flush
as I gaze upon golden eyes of rich brown
like chocolate truffles imported from France
or honey comb from a hive
her corset bound in black lace
her legs free in black with black lace flowing over her waist
her right arm in red silk her left in black lace
and the sweetness of her voice as she asked for her fencing lesson
quietly we drilled
her form of elegance and grace a wonder to behold
as her point struck my chest she smiled
My Lord I have won now do I get to choose my prize
as the epťe dropped from her hand and she pulled me into an embrace
her lips so soft and warm as her leg curled around mine
her hands caressing my body as she trapped me against a wall
her kisses so tender and rich
greater than any feast
her soft caress like silk itself
as quietly she made love to me
in her eyes so beautiful
I could see honey pour from a comb
her lips like chocolate candy rich and sweet with each kiss
slowly quietly I yielded to her embrace
as black silk lace fell to candy richness of sugar sweeter than Paris


Hot slick soap suds flowing over
large beautiful tender breasts
sliding down lushes cleavage
as nipples rise through soap bubbles
gleaming skin that tingles
as suds cling and drip from soft curvaceous legs
as matted velvet lathers
and hands stroke film and suds
softly I kiss her lips
and slide my hands over full soft breasts
sliding soap over curve and lather
as softly slowly I lather
Her body so warm
her kiss so hot
as my hands wander over lather
as she plunges below and rises slick and dripping
her soft eyes gaze at me
her hair slick back
as she holds my eyes
she softly says
fill me

A Night Sky

a calm sea
and soft peaceful clouds
the night sky shined peacefully
as the silver moon softly moved
as the waves lapped against the shore
we made love in the tall grass
so quiet your eyes
so tender your lips
your long hair flowing in the gentle moon light
the sweetness of your touch
and the love of your smile
your eyes telling me a storie of your heart
as softly you kiss me and show me the love of a forest
I hold thee and kiss thee
as the only love I have known
The fullness of your eyes
and the softness of your touch
I love thee truly
with all my heart
to walk through forests and sing with the birds
to slip within the sea
and sing with the hump backs
to love and touch and walk through dreams and life
and to embrace each other with the full passion of our hearts
I love thee more than I could write
And I love the warmth and sweetness of you
as we kiss and hold each other through the night the sky moves above us

Dinner Bell Tower

Dreary cobble stone
And windswept stairs
as torches flickered in the stairway of the tower
the night was warm and stars shined through arrows
quietly she slipped on to the stair well
her long red hair flowed about her
her quiet deep green eyes watched the stars through an arrow
I quietly came up the steps with her dinner
My lady you didnít hear the chime I began
my eyes raised above the platter to see her
she laughed as she spun taking the tray away from me
her beautiful tight body in nothing
but a red lace one piece negligee
she spun and placed the tray on the stairs
bending full to show off her perfect tight ass
as she spun back my heart in my throat
She said I heard it and Iíd like to thank my dinner for my dinner is you

A Morning By The Beach

A soft breeze quietly moved the clouds
as the morning light bathed the coast
soft and quite
your eyes so wonderful
so sweet and loving
so soft and warm
like the rays of the morning sun
softly we kiss on the sand
the waves foaming around us
as I slowly kiss your sweet neck
your supple breasts perk
as your back arches
as I gently kiss down your neck
slowly softly I kiss down your beautiful cleavage
to the base of your undercarriage
I love you so much
My beautiful Princess
More than the sun at dawn
You are my love and my life

A Pattern Of Hearts

Soft purple fabric
And blond hair tumble
As I softly kiss your neck
Oh and what is this
What? she asks
As my tongue traces the outline of a heart
This skin tight transparent nothing
with black hearts all over you
well I though...
as slowly I kiss the center of her heart
until her nipple rises to meet my tongue
well itís because I love you
Do you know just how much this outfit drives me wild?
Do you?
that hot flash of your cleavage
I donít think this fabric will last all that long
As I slowly slide my fingers along side her sides
Slowly kissing her pattern of hearts

A Wild Moment

Fire red hair flows gently
as her deep emerald eyes gaze softly at me
Her lips so soft like a flower petal
and so sweet like sugarcane
as I softly trace her jaw and kiss down her neck
her soft supple curvaceous body so beautiful
as the sheen of slick black vinyl catches the light
slowly my tongue strikes vinyl
as I start to kiss and lick her body
slowly vinyl turns and spins
slippery to hold my tongue traces the curves of her body
she turns to change the pattern
As I glide up and down and across sweet vinyl
softly she says Chris I have a treat for you
she lets a glass of sweet cum flow across the vinyl
As the trail of sugar flows I follow with my lips
so sweet and soft her body becomes
As I lick and drink sweet sugar cum
her breasts ach with swollen nipples
her soft sweetness making the velvet warm
as slowly more cum seeps between the stitches
as I follow the sweet streams of white sugar
all along her abbs down her slick legs in spirals
back up her legs over her back then down her breasts again
with each pass she coos
milk edging her nipples more and more
with each time I trace her undercarriage
slowly she spins in my arms to change the direction again
As I slowly drink a white drop on black vinyl
she cries dear God Chris thereís as much cum inside this vinyl
as outside it pouring another glass down her chest


Soft blond hair quietly slicks back
As soap suds flow her gentle rootbeer eyes
so soft and warm and beautiful
as soap slides over her body
streams of liquid soap sliding over breasts
upturned to fill her cleavage as liquid soap slides
think like syrup and gentle
golden lines slide
down rock hard abbs to golden cleft
as liquid soap slides down her body
I take another bottle and pour over her back
golden liquid soap gliding over shoulders back
and slowly tracing the small of her back
glide gently over her firm tight rock solid ass
gently gliding down both sides of her legs
as she slowly indulges her self
her hands free as Jules and I pour liquid soap
she lets her hands wander through
solid stream of liquid soap
her back and front glistening honey
she slowly indulges her tingling senses

Body Lotion

Body lotion
ever wonder what it is for?
As you lie in a crouch
I pour it over you
To massage the white cream into skin
then to just pour it
to let lotion stream and cover and caress your tender body
white soft lotion covering every delicious curve
As it slides and caresses
I fill a bath tub with white cream
As we slip inside a soft sucking caressing cream held part way in suspension
We make love with only our heads above the cream
As I kiss you and make love to you
Our hands caress each other deep within the cream suspension
as it helps us make love to each other

A Moment In A Shower Stall

Soft bubbles and water drops
As soap slides over beautiful breasts
full perky and upturned
Nipples as hard as can be
As I gently suck and kiss
Along breasts and cleavage
Lightly I kiss along thy tender undercarriage
Working slowly around the base of your breast
To kiss back to your nipple
And gently pull milk from your breast
As my hand caresses thy soft treasure
warm sticky fluid covering my hand
as you rock back in ecstasy
as water drips over your tight body

A Time Of Fun

slowly she slipped within the warmth of water
her deep brown eyes close with beauty
her beautiful full golden hair flowing around her shoulders
as her silken lushes legs slide within soap
her breasts full slowly she caresses them
her nipples rise among the soap
softly and slowly as she massages her cleft
her breasts upturn hard and big and full
her lips perse as she nips them
her nipples rising a full inch from gorged breasts
as slowly she slides in water
her back arches as she screams under her breath
warm milk gushing from her nipples
the hot gooey cum flowing between
her delicious curvaceous rock hard thighs
as I step within and quietly kiss her lips

A Quiet Evening

Her soft flowing red hair spilled down her back
As water gently ran over her tight full body
as she sat quietly in warmth and suds
her hands running over her tight toned body
her breasts full within the cup of her hands
her quiet green eyes closed in beauty
the softness of her cheek so wondrous
softly her hands ran over full upturned breasts
her nipples so hard she plays with them like extra fingers
as quietly she hums
as her lips part I kiss them closed
My hand fulfilling her every need
as she pulls and tugs and spins her nipples free Her lips so soft
Her passion so intense
As she screams within the kiss

Shifting Sands

The sand shifted in the warm summer sun
The clouds passed slowly by
As I stepped within the pyramid
Down the stone carved steps
Deep within the winding Hieroglyphics
To the treasure Vault
Golden diadems and gems twinkled in the torch light
you sat quietly upon plush velvet
My Love you are far more beautiful than this treasure
and more dear to me than any of it

A Soft Spring Day

Softly The wind blew upon the field
As the gentle rays of sunlight fell between clouds
The gentle trickle of the stream
As we sat softly near the tree
A small hum of the humming bird flying from flower to flower
As we watch itís green body twinkle
The softness of your hair as I gently pull it aside
And kiss your soft sweet cheek
We sit quietly holding each other
As we watch the bubbling stream
While foam sloshes over rocks
In the quiet of the morning

Train Track Snow Fall

Softly the snow fell
In the cold November night
The quiet of the land so peaceful
We quietly made love by the old train tracks
Cuddled up in fur
Your lips so sweet
Your body so warm around me
So soft and tender and moist
As a snow bunny hopped around the rails
Your eyes so warm and tender
so loving and quiet
As we kiss softly between snow flakes

A Quiet Night

A light rain fell softy in the calm spring night
As softly the dark figure moved through the garden
The Cherry Blossoms smelled sweetly
As I sat on the small foot bridge dressed in black
She parted the rice paper door and quietly walked
Soft was her sweet face
Her quiet beautiful eyes entrancing
As she walked quietly over to me
Her lips like the kiss of a rose petal on a lake
Graced my cheek
As I folded a flower in paper and slid it in her hair softly
gently I pulled her softness into a kiss
Her lips sweeter than fresh rain
The thought of a waterfall in a canyon

A Mayan Temple

A soft rain fell through the jungle
The white marble moss covered steps slick and sparkly
The air moist and sweet
As I walked along the Mayan runes
So beautiful she was standing in the rain
Her clothes soaked through
She pulled me in an embrace
Softly she whispered to me My Love make love to me
In the rain on the steps
her lips so soft
Her hunger so delicious
Her passion so intense

A Gental Breeze

A calm soft morning with the sunlight streaming
through clouds
softly your red hair blue in the breeze
Your emerald eyes So soft and beautiful
As I gently caressed you cheek
Coluds stream across the sky as the dawn reflects in your eyes
You lips so soft and warm
as my finger caresses thy tender cheak
your lips soft and tender in a kiss
the warmth of your body as you hold me warmer than the sun on my back
my eyes closed lost in the passion of your sweet tangerine lips
as our tongues entwint and play
in my mind I see you quietly teasing my sences in a strip tease
your passion so intence you kiss so hungry
that all i can do is keep up with you
lost in a whirl wind of love as the world spins around us unnoticed by us
softness tingles my skin like the feeling of a soft
fur being drawn across it
my body tingles with warmth
As we lose ourselves in love
in the warmth of the morning

A soft warm morning

quietly the wind blew the soft sails of the scooner
the clouds drifting by slowly as the dawn rose on the sea
Brillient rays of gold and crimson met the lavender Sky as quietly the scooner rocked
Your hair soft as I held you your beautiful eyes wacthing the dawn
as you lay softly in my arms
Your white bikini making tan lines
softly the boat rocks
She sits behind me softly her red hair mixing with the
dawn as she kisses my neack and wispers are you awake

all poetry is origanal and under copyright warning adult content