Short Story *Truble At Grid Epsilon*

A Mech Warriors Tail

* Trouble At Grid Epsilon *

The Hissing sound of steam from hydrologic pumps, the churning of gears and the grinding sound of metal crushing metal split the dawn air like thunder, as the right foot of the 85 ton Mech rose and fell again as it walked across the uneven terrain that once was an Achilles Mech. She stood two hundred feet in height, light and agile and painted jet black. The head angled forward in the center of the chest, and her 20 gun ports fixed forward in her shoulders still smoldered from the pre dawn fight. The Achilles never knowing just what hit her.
Shin cut the power to the Las Sabers in the hands and adjusted the heat capacity to bring the jet ports on line, as he gazed out of the cockpit at a crimson dawn lighting an otherwise overcast sky.
Shin was very proud of his design. They said that he be shot out of the sky before he’d gotten within 90 clicks. But he proved them wrong tonight. And as he made note of the kill in his log book he realized that the name of his mech was even true to legend for she was called “Dragon”.
Deet. “pressure systems nominal, heat transference complete. Weapon stations, charged jump engines on line, Navigation computer on line. Request input.”
Um lets see what’s over that rise up a head. Navigation computer, “On line” , North by Northwest 80 degrees inclination 0 degrees Zenith 300 feet.
Outside the roar of the jet engines 90000 pounds of thrust was defining as the Dragon Mech launched 300ft up and flew NW towards the distant hills.
Kerst. “Taki, are you still alive? Is anyone out there, this is Togasa, can anyone here me over.” Squawked across the radio. That’s strange, Shin thought, the major said not to break radio silence.
Kerst. “Taki, are...”
“Yes Togasa I’m still here. What is wrong with you, we’re not supposed to break radio silence!”
“Shin! Thank God! I’m at Grid Epslon Alpha Theta, coordinates 38* 40’ x 10* 15’. I’m out of ammo! My left leg was blown off and my Plasma Gun is Damaged! My lines are in the Red and Oh my God here they come...”
“Togasa...Come in...”
Shit Nav Computer range to target. Will reach specified coordinates in 20 seconds.
“Computer Z minus 285 feet now!”
The hill came up fast but the thrusters reversed and the Dragon Mech hovered 15 feet off the valley floor as Shin entered Grid Epslon Alpha Theta.
The Explosion of the 100 ton Mech’s turbine fusion engine rocked the valley as Togasa tried to eject only to get incinerated in the ensuing fireball, and the Plasma Cannon of the 150 ton Iron Cross ceased firing.
The Iron Cross was the pride of the Southern Hemisphere 150 tons of pure destruction, armed with 6 Plasma Cannons three on an arm and two shoulder mounted Long Range missile racks of 20 each. The Mech stood an ominous 500 ft tall and looked humanoid except that it’s arms were tri barreled Plasma Cannons.
“Major Barron, this is Lt. Ferral, Sector clear.”
“Very well Lt. , return to station.”
Shin’s scan line code breaker was working perfectly, so it seems was his chameleon refracting radar.
Though a hill and an explosion stood between them the Dragon was just under a mile and a half away from the Iron Cross.
The Iron Cross turned N and started Walking away, as Shin started saying to himself Ok. it’s now or never, he’ll pay for killing Togasa.
Shin hit full throttle on the jet engines and shot straight up and over the hill, and before he even entered the radar screens of the Iron Cross he opened up with a full barrage of 20 heavy flamers and fire engulfed the Iron Cross.
“What the Hell!”
Warning warning
Temperature critical. Condition Red
Weapon systems overheating
Tracking off line
Jump engines off line
Scanners off line
Visual off line
Forward tracking inoperative
Main systems red lining
External temperature 2000* Kelvin
Internal temperature 400* Kelvin
Cabin temperature 213* Kelvin
“Fuck! What just happened?”
Communications off line
CPU Scramming
Warning warning ambient Missile Warhead temperature critical
Explosion imminent
“Shit!” “Eject missile bays”
Fail safe active
Missiles ejected
“Thank God! What still works?”
The Iron Cross stopped dead in its tracks as the tremendous heat of the Heavy Flamers rained down upon it. It’s missile bays ejected their payload high into the air and then exploded at an altitude of 6,000 ft. The Dragon closing fast at the altitude of 700 ft, having come down from 1000ft mark of the hill top.
As Shin activated the Las Sabers in the hands. Deet. “Full burn complete.”
“Yes that’s got him.” Shin cried out as the flamers ceased firing and the Dragon landed 35 feet behind the Iron Cross.
“Computer...What’s with this thing...Computer!”
Warning main systems off line
Engine temperature critical
Complete Shut Down
“Shit what is...”
As the Iron Cross powered down Shin’s Las Sabers cut into the back of the Iron Cross
The Lt. frantically trying to restart his Mech as more and more armor was ripped off and the sound of searing metal and the smell of molten lead filled his senses.
On Line...
“About Fucking Time!”
Warning warning
Flight pack disabled
Gyro Stabilizer non function
System Red Line
“Yea yea I know I know give me a target!”
As the Lt. fumbled at the controls the Iron Cross spun 180* and crashed sideways.
Shin Stood and watched this pathetic display, as the green recharged light came on.
Warning Plasma Gun three damaged
“I Don’t Care!”
Primary heat exchange damaged system Red Line
“Fire Plasma Gun 6!”
danger danger fail safe inoperative heat critical
Weapon misfire
Weapon misfire
Weapon enabled....
Heat 6000* Kelvin
External meltdown
Internal Meltdown
As the Iron Cross landed on one of it’s arms crushing the barrels of 2 of three Plasma Cannons Shin saw the exposed top arm move 10* and he fired the vertical jump engines as the Plasma gun pod tracked him
“Enough child's play.”
Shin cried as he fired a second volley of Heavy Flamers, as the Plasma Gun Pod of the Iron Cross fired a blast of white hot Plasma into the left arm of his Mech
The Iron Cross’s Plasma Gun Pod exploded as the combined heat melted the right side of the Iron Cross and the Central Torso melted into a pool of liquid metal as the Fusion engine went into complete meltdown and the Dragon shot up to 1000 ft, as the Iron Cross exploded with no ejection.
“Damage report.”
Deet. “Left Las Saber damaged recommend repair. External arm casing damaged. Warning left hand pressurizer loosing fluid do not exceed carrying capacity of 30 tons.
Heat exchanger maximized
coolant levels low
System lines blue
Weapon stations charged
altitude 2,000 ft.
Air temperature 600* Kelvin
Ground temperature 10,000* Kelvin
“I Love This Mech!”
“Sweetheart Nav computer.”
On line...
Decelerate vertical thrust coordinates entered 78* 50’ X 160* 10’ Grid Alpha Z minus 1500 ft.