Poetry Page 2


Shh...she said
her black lace held to her lips
Soft and tranquil was the night
Beyond the rampart of the castle tower
The silver clouds pulled away from the moon
Brilliance of silver and gold moonlight streamed within the arrow
Her crimson lips glistened like wet crystal
As she sat the incandescent glow bathed her
Her golden hair brightened like warm sunshine
Her porcelain cheek so soft and beautiful made my portrait shab
As I rose from my easel
The softness and love of her eyes drew me closer
As she sat like a cat in a moonbeam
My hand traced her soft cheek
As I kissed her softly, gently, her passion arose
As her black lace traced my chest I pulled from her
taking her gloved hand to my lips
Her eyes were so beautiful
The moonlight made sparks of silver rosettes
Her eyes looked Vermillion at that moment
My lady you are too beautiful to paint
and so intoxicating I long only to ravish thee
And in this moonlight So Beautiful that I would never wish it day
as I gently traced her arm with the soft bristles of my paint brush
I kiss her fully
I Love Thee My Lady Fair of moonlight grace


The winter night was quiet
As we stood under a street light
The snow slowly falling around us
As we kissed and caressed one another
Our passion filled us
Her breath so warm
Her body so soft
As we made love
In the quiet of the night
Watched through the dark eyes
Of a white polar bear

Autumn Step

The sun slowly started to rise
the sky ignited in crimson and gold
as the mighty falls churned
rainbows cascaded by us
in the early morning dawn
her soft deep indigo eyes filled with wonder and joy as she watched
the sun spinning through her hair
as she took in the beauty of the dawn
slowly I took her hand
my lady
her eyes turned toward me
Chris, your eyes...
I smile and say now lets see if you remember
I bow and kiss her hand step back and fro
to kiss her hand and spin lightly forward slowly back
around her dress of roses pure
to take her hand and pull her fro
as she slowly follows through
her eyes never leaving mine
good morning autumn good day squirrel
tis a joy to dance to the glory of you
time to skip and time to dance
and let the lord who made this day romance
good morning autumn good day sun
the rays bath us warmly
to thee we greet and thank
our love a gift to thee
slowly I pull her hand to my lips
as the last of the rainbows fade
now you see the season has changed
soon there will be snow

The Dryad

Do you hear it?
listen, the song is sweet
it’s spring time
the woods are alive
do you know what that song is?
it’s the lure of fresh tree sap and maple sugar
I am Quinalith I have stepped from my tree
long do you gaze at me
I would share my space with thee
pull you within my tree
where it is warm and snug
where the honeycomb nectar is sweet to drink
and there woulds’t I make love to thee
for all eternity
so stay with me and I’ll fulfill thee
my sweet love of chivalry
Stay with thee?
My sweet lady you’d tire of me
For I already love thee for all eternity
as I kiss thy lips of honey dew

A Paris Night

Soft street lights
and cool soft warm rain
As the Tower glowed in the night
She clung to the iron in the soft night
Slowly I kiss her soft skin
As the rain trickled down her body
My lips following rain drop
As I start from her ear
Slowly kissing down her neck
Her back arches as I lightly kiss down her cleavage
To her soft warm cleft
Her skin tingles
Silver rain drops cascade all around her
Her sweet body richer than a cherry mead
her beauty so incredible
I would not close my eyes for an instant
As her soft blue eyes close
Her lips part slowly
Her thin mascara so beautiful
Her soft light hair slowly getting damp
As I kiss her softly
Watching her hair get soaked
She whispers there is much to do and see tonight
I silence her with a kiss
I want to only see and touch and kiss and study
every beautiful curve of you
No whine is sweeter than you
no food more enticing
As slowly I kiss her ear
she sleeps quietly in my arms

Le Doux Matin

Le doux douceur frais
En la cheveux legerement effleurev la jone
La douceur bleu yeux racounter de le onduleux mer
Ou blanc ‘ecume vague le long de le plage la aube
Que paisible see be la regard
Que affectuex et beau
La sucre’ baiser
See be que doux et chaud
Pareil le chaleur et bien ajuste’ de le tartre couverture
Par le chemine’e
La yeux fermer en elle d’etendre dedans ma ‘etreinte
Le douceur de la paupie’re
Et le lissede la jone
Pareille beaute’ de le cerise fleur
Tomber dedans le rivie’re
Je amour vous plus de que vous kud savoir

A Quiet Morning

A soft gentle breeze
As her hair lightly brushed her cheek
Her gentle blue eyes tells of a rolling sea
Or white foam waves along the sand at dawn
So peaceful is her gaze
So Loving and beautiful
Her sweet kiss
Is so soft and warm
Like the warmth and snugness of a fur blanket by a fireplace
Her eyes close as she relaxes in my embrace
The softness of her eye lids
And the smoothness of her cheek
Like the beauty of a cherry blossom
Falling into a river
I love you
More than you could know

A Rainy Deck

It was a quiet day
The breeze was soft as it blew her hair
Gentle rain washed the deck as paint sparkled
She looked out upon the sea
Her deep indigo eyes soft and beautiful
Her hand thumbed a daisy as she smiled
Her mind remembering a touch of softness
Lightly I kissed her neck
As I held her
So sweet are thee my lady
So soft and warm
She turned toward me
Do you know what I was thinking about?
As she slid the daisy into my hair

The Pink Flamingo

The light was soft
Her eyes electric in the quiet night
Deep indigo blue like the sea after a storm
She smiled playfully
Slowly she pulled her arms within her white sweater
Slowly she rolled it up stopping at her bosom
First one side then the other she peeked her bosom
Then with a wink she pulled her sweater over her head
She smiled as her hips swayed
Slowly she unclipped her bra
Sliding it free one side then the other
Then she giggled
And pounced me
First I’ll lick you up
Then I’ll lick you down
Then I’ll roll you round and round
Then with a kiss she pulled away
and slid off her panties leaving her black skirt on
She pulled and flashed as she danced
Then once on top of me
She unhooked her skirt
And kissed me sweetly.

Blue Bonnet

Quietly the sun rose among the tall pine
Its rays glimmering across the valley
Twas yule tide
And all was covered in new fallen snow
She sat quietly upon her mare as it grazed
Dressed all in light blue with white ruff
Her new bonnet catching the rays of the sun
My lady so beautiful are thee
So entrancing, so warm as to melt the snow
You are more beautiful than the sparrows song
And sweeter than the magnolia blossom
Your cheek softer than a rose petal
Your lips more succulent than a tangerine
I love thee dearly
And I’ll keep thee warm all winter long

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