My Lady DeMornay

Some brief memories of Fun times with a wonderful Lady and one of my best friends

Risky Bisness Cast Party five seconds before her first car. She got the gold Porshe

New York city Rebecca and Snowflake the bear outside NYU

New york city at NYU Charater "Parree'" French charater secth

And God Created Woman/Rage Of Honnor cast party shot one and two

On set of Inconvenient Woman

the Inconvenient Woman cast party Hind fly by,backdrop for the movie Shadow Warriors also the tactical assault Hind

Rebecca sometime after By Dawn's Early Light Reminding me that Special Forces means that I can get quite Dead and well why did I have a medal of honnor? and why did I have a silver star? and why did I have a Purple Heart with Cluster?

Check your salute