Greetings and salutations My Lords and Ladies, I’d be a little more formal but my experience in the film industry has taught me that for the most part everyone likes to keep on a friendly level.

My Name is Christopher Stewart Hoins, or Christopher Stewart as I like to use for screen I’m 36 about 5’9” about 175 lbs a waist of 34 inseame 32 brown hair Crystal lt blue eyes and a slender light weight build.

and I’m Looking top get back in the film industry. I’m a Grandmaster of Ninjitsu and a medieval weapons expert I’d done stunt work as well as acting and could do fight choreography for stunts.

FILM Experience:

Two things up front I was nominated for two cable ACE awards when I was 16 in 1986 for Jodi in Santee Best Western Cable Original lost to Lonesome Dove and Pink in the Patriot Most Dramatic Death lost to Vasquez in Aliens.

known stage names Christopher Stewart Michael Burns Glenn Withrow Eddie Tse Jutter Caine Steven Cooper Dick Warlock not to be confused with Dick Warlock he is the stunt I am the ninja

Film Experience:

STARING ROLE: Pentangle produced by Artimic/Toshiba EMI Japan HBO USA

Coe-staring Role: Black Pearls with Jalal Merhi American Re-Title “South American Tiger Shark Black Pearls” produced by Artimic/Toshiba EMI Japan HBO USA Little brother

Stunts and Extra : The Master Ninja TV series with Sho Kosugi and Lee Van Cleef Lee’s stunt double /the Grey Ninja/The Gargoyle/karate Student/Guard

Enter the ninja with Sho Kosugi Red Ninja/Victim in sho’s trailer

Never Say Never Again with Sean Connery First Bond Kill

Escape From NY Riot cop extra

9 Deaths of the Ninja Red sash, MP, Ninja

Revenge Of The Ninja Ninja Japan unit Silvermask Ninja

Ninja III The Domination Speed Double, Cop falling from Chopper

Prey for death with Sho Kosugi Grey Ninja

Master Class

Rage of Honor with Sho Kosugi Indian/stuntman

Action Ninja Theater with Sho Kosugi Student

Dance Party USA guest

Force 5 with Richard Norton Stuntman

Hong Kong Hitman with Angela Mao American Drug Dealer/stuntman

Firebirds with Tommy Lee Jones Black Bird extra /Stoler’s interrogator

Legend with Tom Cruise Deleted Goblin Tic

Taps with Tom Cruise Armory M-16 extra

Undersiege with Steven Seagal Cruise Missile Explosion

Tactical Assault with Rutger Hauer Hind Extra Interior

Predator with Arnold Schwarzenegger Sniper Nest Cuban

War Of The Worlds TV Series with Richard Chaves

The Meek Shall Inherit- Martial arts stunt Chorographer Truck Driver with Clipboard

The Raising Of Lazarus- Marine M. P.

Spacerangers simulator sniper extra

Federal Government War Game HBO Pictures Count Down To Looking Glass Boy enlisted waiter parking garage attn Ambulance medic Demonstrator DC newsroom extra teletype abc mic Folie

Federal Government War Game HBO Pictures the capitol has fallen 1984 Dual role Major Jack Splat (spade)/ Colonel (carp) Karpov

Federal Government War Game HBO Pictures Jack Splat in the A-Bomb wins Jack Splat

Special Bulletin Dr. Jack Splat and the A-bomb Explodes Jack Splat

The Park is Mine with Tommy Lee Jones Moving Backdrop NYC Extra NYPD Extra

By Dawn’s Early Light with Rebecca DeMornay B-52 Radar Image Extra USMC bodyguard to Mr. Landau

Robot Wars Full Moon Security Guard Cameo with Val Kilmer

Shadow Warriors Hind Extra Interior

Playboy Video Shoot Pamela Anderson Jeans.

King of Kickboxers with KeithCooke hung stuntman

No retreat no surrender 2 extra

TV Extra Adam 12 SWAT Hill Street Blues

Folie : Fort Apache The Bronx interior art and Riot teargas extra

Dog Day Afternoon crowd and cop extra

The Pirate Movie Bodyguard to Princess of Wales crowd extra

Time Bandits with Val Kilmer waiter Titanic.

Q Campus extra, wrist cab, cop interior tower.

Documentary John Holmes Cop

Cops Dramatization extra

Jenna Loves Roco off camera Bodyguard security Jenna Jameson

Documentary Century Of Warfare Desert Storm Marine HMS Tarawa

The Action Pac HBO Pictures:

The Patriot Pink Nominated for Cable’s ACE award west gate extra with Victoria Paris

Santee Jodi Nominated for Cable’s ACE award with Lee Van Cleef and Glen Ford

Fleshburn Val and I 2 shadows on a wall at Maud Adam’s

Hell on Wheels Bill grandstand extra race track with Tom and Val Band member

Scorpion Dr. Kill Patient

The Silencer fight tape spar partner blond

Deathmachine 3 section staff, staff

Low Blow student thug with Victoria Paris

Killpoint victim assassin sniper with Victoria Paris

Replacement Killers Chopper Sniper tactical police extra

Avenging Angel Sandwich moving painting I’m a Boogie man Clown Cop

Fiber optics Camera man for helicopter flyby MSG Janet Jackson Video Concert.

Warm up singer for Lita Ford Dangerous Curves Tour

DEA endorsed National Tobacco Don't sell To Minors Comercial Clerk

Playboy Video Shoot Pammala Anderson Jeans

Theater work:

Penny Bridge Players/ Sally Forbs reference “Robin” Tara Rubins

Lemonade Stand End of the bread crumb trail

Jim Sisco Productions :

Oklahoma Chorus/slim

On Your Toes Chorus

Godspell Chorus

A Final Night With The Illuminati or what to do before the world ends Willie

Barefoot in the Park Telephone repairman

A Day In Prison with Rebecca DeMornay NYU Little Brother

BAM/ Production of King Leir Understudy

Modeling Experience

Ice Berg clothing photo shoot with Pamala Anderson and Ninja Photo Shoot for the two Books Improvised Ninja smoke devices and Makeing Ninja Weapons

Published books: A Knight's Grotto By Sir Christopher Stewart and Rebecca By Sir Christopher Stewart available from Author House
Modeling Experience

Folie work with Stomp Out Loud

Orange Comunity Collage TV work shop Camra and Stwicher fadder

Amiega Imagine 3-D computer art

Beginning Acting University of Wyoming

Acting in Highschool Goshen Central High NY

Cast Party Waiter Starshiptroopers


Fencing, writing, Role playing, horesback riding

I do have a demo tape for those interested and I will train on an indavidual basis for thouse that Truly want to Learn

Photos on this page curtisy of Friends that I have Guarded

My Wife "Princess" of Dance Party USA