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Today there are a lot of reasons why one might wish for a dance name.

Mine was chosen just for fun, but if you are interested in finding a dance name for yourself or woulf just like information on dance names, I have found the following sites the most useful:

The Art of Middle Eastern Dance (by Shira) - Belly Dance : Do you need a stage name? ; this website includes numerous links as well as great ideas for dance names! My first choice.
Names for Dancers and Other Graceful Souls ; this is the best website if you want actual names. Has hundreds for both men and women, all alphabetized for your convenience.

I hope this helps! I will soon be adding my own dance name list to this site, so if you have any suggestions, e-mail me! ;)


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Know a dance name that isn't listed here?

Just E-mail me! me and get it posted here!


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Last Updated: 1/1/2002

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