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Welcome to the books section of this site! You will find all of my favorite bellydance books listed here! ;) Each time I update I will add a new book to this list! If you have a suggestion, send it to me and I will add it as well! ;)

[ The Belly Dance Book : Rediscovering the Oldest Dance | Costuming From the Hip ]



The Belly Dance Book : Rediscovering the Oldest Dance

"The Belly Dance Book : Rediscovering the Oldest Dance" by Tazz Richards (Editor) and Kajira Djoumahna (Introduction).

The Belly Dance Book is a collection of articles by 17 top belly dance writers. This is the nuts and bolts of belly dance with articles on history, current events, costuming, make-up, spirit, music, product reviews and more. Great for dancers of every level, and anyone interested in dance, costuming, history or theater.

Cost: $18.50 US currency


Costuming From the Hip

Costuming From the Hip by Dawn Devine Brown and Barry Brown.

Costuming From the Hip is a great book for someone who is just getting into belly dance costuming and needs some ideas on where to start, but also requires that one be at least familiar with a sewing machine. There are many detailed patterns and pictures, and it even has ideas about making your own patterns!

Cost: $21.95 US currency




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