Halloween Midi Jukebox

Welcome to the Halloween Midi Jukebox. Just click a link to listen to the Halloween midis. If you have a good Halloween midi you would like to add, please email me. Unfortunately, I'm running out of server space for new additions, but I will try and fit yours in if you have a good one. To turn off the music that's playing right now, just click the stop button on the midi player at the bottom of this page. Enjoy your scary tunes! Page Links will be updated Seasonally, but all other files should be current and working.

Adams Family Theme Psycho Twilight Zone

Twilight Zone (Golden Earring) Werewolves of London

Don't Fear The Reaper Helter Skelter Halloween

Tales From the Crypt Anything For Love (Meatloaf)

Bad Moon Rising Devil (Very Dark Music) Exorcist

MonsterMash The Munsters Ghostbusters

The Incredible Hulk Theme The Lost Boys Space 1999

Beetlejuice Bach Hitchcock Thriller DanseMacabre Sierra's Phantasmagoria From The TV Show Millennium Dracula Phantom of the Opera From King's Needful Things

BladeRunner Flying Purple People Eater Who Made Who (AC/DC--From Maximum Overdrive) The Star Wars Cantina

Realms Of The Haunting

Edward ScissorHands (Thanks to Kelly)

Nightmare Before Christmas (Thanks to Vince)

The following are from the game 7th Guest (Thanks to Loy Clements for his contributions to this site):

The Dollroom The Doorbell The Foyer The Puzzles Second Floor

BlueMoon (From American Werewolf in London)

Ozzy's Bark At The Moon (Thanks to Jim Cieslak!)

Empty Garden (From the very first Friday The 13th Movie)

Timewarp (Rocky Horror) Purple People Eater (Wav format)

Disney's Haunted House Theme

Paradise By The Dashboard Light (Meatloaf--Very Hard to Find!!, But I got it!)

Do you like Halloween games? How about tilematching games like mahjongg? I've created a whole Halloween tileset and theme for a game called Kyodai Mahjongg. To download a copy of the game version 10.21, go to:

Kyodai's Homepage

To download my Halloween tileset and theme for the game, click here:

Halloween Mahjongg Tileset and Theme

The theme includes some of my spookiest tunes from this site and a really cool background pic. Here's a pic of the tileset:

(Click to enlarge)

More Recommended Games to Play for Halloween

If you have a Playstation, here are some good horror games:

Resident Evil (all the games in the series)

Silent Hill

Dino Crisis (one and two)

Parasite Eve (one and two)

Alone in the Dark 4 and One Eye'd Jack's Revenge

Muppet Monster Adventure

Duke Nukem Time to Kill (Fun time-travel shooter with lots of costumes)

Doom (old, but still good)

If you'd like to read reviews and see cool screenshots of any of these games try and if you want to buy the games cheap, go to

Games to Play on your PC:

I'm still very fond of some of the older pc games, so here are my favorites:

The Sims. Did you know you can have horror and goth sims? Well, you can. Check out my new game site:

Carrigon's Horror and Gothic Sims

Harvester (still the absolute best! Try my Harvester site to see why Carrigon's Harvester Guide )

Realms of the Haunting (try my site, Carrigon's Realms of the Haunting Guide )

Shivers (both one and two, try my Shivers 2 site, Carrigon's Shivers2 Guide)

Phantasmagoria (interactive horror movie)

Amber: Journeys Beyond

7th Guest and 11th Hour

Laura Bow Mysteries (found on the Roberta Williams Anthology)

Gabriel Knight Mystery Series

Blood (horror shooter)

Doom (still fun after all these years)

The best places to find these older games are Ebay and For reivews and screenshots of these games, try or

Recommended B Horror Movies

Here's a list of really good B Horror movies that are alot of fun to watch on Halloween or anytime you want a good older Horror movie. You can read all about these movies at: The Internet Movie Database

You can buy a copy of many of these movies at:

Over 700 Rare Films to Rent or Buy!!! or

Trash Palace


Residencia, La (1969)
...aka Boarding School, The (1969)
...aka Finishing School, The (1969) (USA)
...aka House That Screamed, The (1969) (USA)
(This is a MUST see. La Residencia was Dario Argento's inspiration for Suspiria. This movie is way too good to even be called a B film. Try for the UNCUT version.)

Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things (1972)

(My absolute favorite old zombie film. Better than Night of the Living Dead. This one has real atmosphere. It's got a creepy old island at night with fog and spooky music. There's plenty of campy fun with some funky clothing from the early 70's that will have you howling with laughter. You've got to see those striped bellbottoms! They just don't make movies this good anymore.)

The Bermuda Depths (1978)
(A tale that will stay with you for a long time. If you like tales of sea monsters, legends of the Bermuda Triangle, this one is for you.)

Satan's Cheerleaders (1977)
(Cheesey old flick. Lots of laughs with this one.)

The Devil's Rain (1975)
(It's got Shatner and Travolta! This one is good. It's weird, creepy, funny, and even has a good ending.)

Who Slew Auntie Roo? (1971)
(My favorite Christmas Horror tale. If you like older British horror, this one is good.)

Don't Be Afraid of the Dark (1973)
(The best tv horror movie ever made. Practically everyone who's seen it remembers it years later. You will remember the little monsters and the ending for years to come.)

Bad Ronald (1974)
(Sort of a Carrie movie, but without the psychic powers. This one is dated, cheesey fun. You will get some laughs out of it.)

Tourist Trap (1979)
(This is a good one. Nice and creepy with creative death scenes. It's dated and cheesey, too.)

Burnt Offerings (1976)
(I call this one "quiet horror". Alot of people actually thought it boring, but not if you really look at what's going on in the film. It creeps up on you a piece at a time. The house is actually the star of the film and I love the ending of the pictures of it's victims. I always wanted a sequel.)

See No Evil (1971) aka Blind Terror

(I love this one. Old British horror with Mia Farrow. About a blind girl who's family is murdered, but she doesn't know the bodies and the killer are in the house with her. Very good.)

The Hills Have Eyes (1978)

(Only get this one if you can get the UNCUT version. This movie is great. It's about a family who get's lost in the desert and finds a family of cannibals out to get them. Lots of fun here.)

Deadly Blessing (1981)

(You have to see this one. It's the film Sharon Stone and Lisa Hartman want to bury forever. It's cheesey, it's weird. It's got a shocker in it you won't forget.)

For reviews of these movies and other fun, cheesey horror, try these links:

Bad Cinema Diary

bad Movies!

The Bad Movie Review Website


The Internet Movie Database

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