The Wayfarer System gives some tools and options to 
Game Masters who need to create an adventure on the Fly. 
Basically it is a series of Encounter Tables that allows the GM and 
Players to start playing with Minimal Preparation. 
It is intended that the GM roll secretly on these tables, and 
then have the players roleplay the results. 

Address the Following steps in order. 
1. Character Readiness
2. Determine Adventure Type
3. Determine Distance to Adventure Site

If the Characters do not have characters generate New ones. 
Or use already established experienced Characters. 
The GM may need to randomly determine their starting Point: 
1D6	Starting Location:
1	Wilderness
2	Village
3	Town 
4	City
5	Castle
6	Temple

1D10	Type:
1-2	Classic Dungeon
3-4	Major Foe
5-6	Other World
7-8	Quest
9-10	Geopolitical 
Or pick one. For lower level characters, new players, or a 
quicker start pick the Classic Dungeon Option. 

1D10	Distance
1	You're there already. How Convenient!
2	1 Wilderness Trek
3	2 Wilderness Treks
4	1 Sea Voyage then 1 Trek
5	1 Trek then 1 Portal
6	1 Trek 1 Portal 1 Trek
7	2 Treks 1 Portal 1 Trek
8	1 Trek 1 Sea Voyage 2 Treks 
9	1 Sea Voyage 1 Trek 1 Portal 1 Trek
10	3 Treks


Once you have navigated the wilderness Treks, Sea Voyages, and 
Portals, you can enter the Dungeon!
To complete the Dungeon will require 3D6 consecutive
encounters on the Basic Dungeon Encounter Table. 

Determine who the Major foe is at the beginning of the 
Adventure by rolling on the Major Foe Table. 
After completing the Treks and Dungeon you will meet, fight, 
and hopefully defeat the Foe. Like all encounters the GM will have 
to provide the details on the Major Foe.  
Major Foes are listed on a separate Page. 

You need magic or a Portal to get There. The GM picks or Roll on the 
Other Worlds Table to see where you are going. The GM will have to  
Make up encounter Tables suitable for these alien worlds.  
Other Worlds are listed on a separate Page. 

These are usually Provided to the Player Characters by a meddling 
Non-player Character. The GM will have to Flesh these out. 
Quests are listed on a separate Page. 

For Higher Level Characters with Holdings. Defend your Kingdom, 
Start Wars, Manage your resources, build your Empire. 


A portal could place you in a different Climate Zone, Planet, or 
even a different Dimension. Most Portals are hard to find, have 
guardians, and may be within dungeons. 
Roll 1D3 times on the Portal Difficulty Table:  

1D8	Difficulty: 
1	Portal in Dungeon
2	Portal Hidden
3	Must Solve Puzzle to Access Portal 
4	Portal Magically Sealed
5	Portal Broken (Must be Repaired) 
6	Portal Trapped
7	Portal Guarded on This Side
8	Portal Guarded on Other Side

1D10	Guardian:
1	Living Statues
2	Tentacle Monster
3	Slimes
4	Carnivorous Plants
5	Gargoyles
6	Golems
7	Elemental
8	Undead
9	Spirit
10	Demon


Several Wilderness Trek Tables are Available depending on the Terrain Type. 
Pick the desired or most Appropriate Table or roll on the Master Table. 
To complete a Trek will require 1D8 consecutive encounters.
The Tables themselves are located on their own separate page. 

1D12	Wilderness Type:
1	Temperate Forest
2	Jungle
3	Desert
4	Frozen
5	Sylvan Forest
6	Plains
7	Mountainous
8	Hills
9	Volcanic
10	Swamp
11	Savannah
12	Badlands
Note: A City by Itself is a source of much Adventure. 
The Cosmopolitan City Encounter Table could substitute for a Wilderness Trek. 


Adventures include Basic Dungeons, Major Foes, 
Other Worlds, and Quests. This Section details Quests. 
If you complete a Quest within a Certain Time Frame, you 
will gain an Double XP. There may be additional good and 
bad consequences to completing a Quest such as 
Friendships forged, Enemies made, and Treasures earned. 
Note: A Geas is a Magical Quest that the Character is 
compelled to complete. 
Pick a Quest from the Table or Roll Randomly. 
These are Rarely straight-forward affairs. 
Multiple Steps are often required including multiple  
Treks, Searches, Encounters, Interactions, and Battles.  

1D100	Quest: 
1	Major Quest
2	Slay a Monster
3	Rescue a Child
4	Protect a Village
5	Retrieve a Holy Relic
6	Rescue a Fair Maiden
7	Escort Pilgrims
8	Escort a Merchant
9	Deliver a Message
10	Rescue a Hero from Prison
11	Deliver an Item
12	End a Curse
13	Fight an Enemy
14	Travel through a Portal
15	Enter into a Tournament
16	Capture a Beast
17	Catch a Thief
18	Vanquish Rebels
19	Save a Character from Himself
20	Avenge a Noble
21	Defeat Brigands
22	Cure Lepers
23	Visit Faerie Forest
24	Retrieve Rare Herbs
25	Pilgrimage to an Island
26	Betray Someone
27	Stop a Ceremony
28	Aid in a Ceremony
29	Destroy a Portal
30	Break an Enchantment
31	Partake in a Battle
32	Scout an Enemy Army
33	Recruit a Great Hero
34	Sabotage an Enemy
35	Steal an Item
36	Partake in a Hunt
37	Visit an Oracle
38	Travel to the Spirit World
39	Evacuate a Village
40	Defend an Outpost
41	Engage in Intrigue at a Palace
42	Join a Crusade
43	Aid Traveling Refugees
44	Aid a Migrating Tribe
45	Aid Survivors of a Natural Disaster
46	Escort a Diplomat
47	Rescue Shipwreck Survivors
48	Defeat Pirates
49	Aid a Castle Siege
50	Spy at the Royal Court
51	Engage in a Duel
52	Find a Runaway
53	Pay a Debt
54	Retrieve a Mages Spell Book
55	Negotiate a Peace
56	Make a Request of a King
57	Aid in an Escape
58	Aid in a Heist
59	Aid a Faction
60	Trick a Noble
61	Defeat a Highwayman
62	Cure a Knight of a Poisoned Wound
63	Get Rare Ingredients for a Spell
64	Settle a Matter of Honor
65	Settle a Matter of Chivalry
66	Solve a Crime
67	Investigate a Mystery
68	Investigate a Legend
69	Capture a rare Animal for a Bestiary
70	Capture a rare Bird for an Aviary
71	Take this Child as your Ward
72	Help Fulfill a Prophesy
73	Marry this Widow
74	Assassinate an Official
75	Infiltrate a Secret Society
76	Aid Rebels
77	Take Role of Champion
78	End an Injustice
79	Recover a Body
80	Assist a Guild
81	Retrieve a Hero from Hell
82	Rescue a Goddess
83	End the Torment of a God
84	Patrol the Badlands for a Time
85	Lead a Tribute Caravan
86	Lead Settlers to a New Land 
87	Champion a Cause
88	Enter into the Service of a Noble
89	Win the Hand of a Princess
90	Return a Treasure to its Rightful Owner
91	Settle a Theological Debate
92	Solve a Great Puzzle
93	Explore an Unknown Territory
94	Escort a Monk to his Destination 
95	Defeat a Demon Horde
96	Help Break a Devil’s Contract
97	End a Hex
98	Fight in the Arena
99	Find Philosophers Stone
00	Reunite two Lovers

These are multi-step, complicated affairs. 
The Character(s) must first find and then free, ally with, or reunite
1D6 +2 Pieces (Objects or Beings) of Great Power (Importance). This is 
usually followed by a Showdown with an Epic Foe. 
Objects can include: Relic Fragments, Crystal Shards, Weapons, 
Forces, Essences, Seeds, Pearls, etc. 
Beings might include: Spirits, Wizards, Oracles, Giants, Sages,  
Goddesses, Dragons, Djinn, Sphinx, Angels, etc. 
Each object will of course be located in a different, far-away Dungeon. 
The Epic Foe will be Awesomely Tough, even after reuniting all the 
Pieces. If Major Foe would be for example an Adult Dragon, an Epic 
Foe would be an Elder Dragon or something even tougher.  


several Premade Scenarios (Modules) are available to get the GM started:

Temple of the Demon Cult     Temple of the Demon Cult

The Ruined Castle     The Ruined Castle

Curse of the Kobold     Curse of the Kobold

A Dwarven Defense     A Dwarven Defense

Fortress of the Bandit Lord     Fortress of the Bandit Lord

Zealots of Dargon     Zealots of Dargon

Tower of the Missing Mage     Tower of the Missing Mage


A sample List of Big Bads and where to find them. 

-Dark Lord: High Level Evil Wizard (Dark Tower)
-Black Knight: High Level Knight (Blocking Bridge)
-Chaos Lord: High Level Chaos Warrior (Bastion of Bedlam)
-Amazon Queen: High Level Amazon (Island Palace)
-Barbarian Warlord: High Level Barbarian (Mountain Villages)
-Viking Chieftain: High Level Viking (Northern Castle)
-Beast Lord: High Level Beast Master (Jungle)
-Warlord: High Level Commander (Army Camp)
-Obsessed Hunter: High Level Hunter (Dark Forest)
-Vengeful Pit Fighter: High Level Gladiator (Burned City)
-Dishonorable Sword Master: High Level (Secluded Island)
-Sky Pirates: High Level Aeronauts (Flying High)
-Pirates: High Level Pirate (Raiding the Coast)
-Mastermind Spymaster: High Level Agent (Secret Island)
-Legendary Assassin: High Level Assassin (City Rooftops)
-Bandit Lord: High Level Bandit (Broken Hills)
-Sultan Raider: High Level Nomad (Desert Encampment)
-Terrible Technomancer: With Powerful Weapon (Town)
-Mob Boss: High Level Thug. (City Streets)
-Mad Inventor: High Level Tinkerer (Workshop)
-King of Thieves: High Level Thief steals Parties Relic (City)
-Chaos Cult Leader: High Level (Corrupted Cathedral)
-Evil High Priest: High Level (Ziggurat)
-Evil Witchdoctor: High Level (Primitive Tribe)
-Master Fighting Monk: High Level (Imposing Dojo)
-Overeager Inquisitor: (Town under Suspicion)  
-Afterlife Invoker: High Level (Leading Crusade)
-Pagan Priest of Death: High Level (Temple)
-Demented Alchemist: High Level (Dangerous Laboratory)
-Obsessed Artificer: High Level (Malfunctioning Factory)
-Crazy Chronomancer: High Level (The Future or Past)
-Chaotic Conjurer: High Level (Captured Town)
-Death Knight: High Level Undead Knight (Stronghold)
-Power Hungry Summoner: High Level (Tower)
-Cruel Vizier: High Level Desert Mage (Palace)
-Bestial Elementalist: High Level (Rocky Wasteland) 
-Evil Enchanter: High Level (Lost Isle)
-Alien Mage: High Level Force Mage (Alternate Dimension)
-Ice Queen: High Level Ice Mage (Ice Palace)
-Psychotic Mentalist: High Level (Poor Section of City)
-Nefarious Necromancer: High Level (Necropolis)
-Zombie Lord: High Level Necromancer (Graveyard)
-Powerful Pyromancer: High Level (Burned out Settlement)
-Sea King: High Level Seamancer (Underwater Temple)
-Shadow Mage: High Level (Hunting PC’s)
-Sinister Sorceress: High Level (Ruined Castle)
-Storm Lord: High Level Storm Mage (Causing Havoc on the Coast)
-Witch: High Level (Swamp Coven) 
-Overlord: High Level Commander (Stronghold)
-Puppet Master: High Level Illusionist (Mad House) 
-Dungeon Keeper: High Level Demon (Monster Filled Dungeon)
-Dragon Master: High Level Mage able to Control Dragons (Crags) 
-Demonologist: High Level Mage able to Control Demons (Fire Pits)
-Ogre Magi: High Level Ogre Mage (Army of Ogres)
-Troll King: High Level (Slave Filled Mines under the Mountain)
-Lich Lord: High Level Undead Mage (Trap Filled Tomb)
-Mummy Pharaoh: High Level Undead Priest (Ancient Pyramid)
-Hexer: High Level Warlock with Great Curse (Inspecting his Handiwork)
-Skeleton King: High Level Undead Noble (Skull Castle) 
-Goblin King: High Level (Mountain Warrens)
-Kobold Emperor (Narrow Caverns)
-Alien Warlock (Dimension Traveling Citadel)
-Colossus (Ruined Acropolis by the Sea)
-Brooding Sorcerer (Twisted Tower)
-Rampaging Behemoth (City Ruins)
-Leviathan (Subterranean Sea)
-Ghoul King (Underground Throne)
-Demon Lord (Hot Halls)
-Devil General (Fiery Pits)
-Hydra (Jagged Cliffs)
-Orc Warlord (Torch Lit Camp)
-Vampire Lord (Vast Fastness)
-Cultists (Secret Altar)
-Cosmic Horror (Forgotten Gateway)
-Dark Elf Queen (Shadowy Demesne)
-Medusa (Sculpture Garden)
-Skeleton Lord (Catacombs)
-Beast Men (Jungle Refuge)
-Spider Horde (Dense Mist Filled Forest)
-Wish Granting Djinn (Hidden Oasis)
-Mysterious Sphinx (Temple Complex)
-Snake Men in their Underground Complex)
-Troglodyte King (Damp Tunnels)
-King of the Crab Men (Seaside Caves)
-Barbarian Chieftain (Trophy Lined Hall)
-Death Lord (Ruined Keep)
-Cabal (Guarded Fort) 
-Slime Outbreak (Oozing up from Below)
-Golden Golem (Golem Factory)
-Mad Shaman (Hillside Grottos)
-Ghost Regent (Mausoleum)
-Werewolf Clan (Den Network)
-Fey Enchantress (Sylvan Palace)
-Illusionist (Magnificent Maze)
-Biomancer (Labs and Bestiary)
-Fire Giants (Volcanic Caves)
-Frost Giants (Ice Caves)
-Stone Giants (Rocky Ravines)
-Hill Giants (Giant's Playground)
-Bored Cloud Giant (Cloud Castle)
-Dragon Men (Gilded Fortress)
-Snow Dragon (Icy Peaks)
-Forest Dragon (Wild Woods)
-Swamp Dragon (Fetid Marsh)
-Mountain Dragon (Peaks)
-Volcanic Dragon (Lair)
-Naga Queen (Pillared Alcazar)
-Pit Fiend (Guarding a Portal)
-Greater Abomination (befouling Church Lands)
-Dinosaurs (Lost Jungle Island)
-Fungus Lord (Mushroom Forest)
-Wraith Lord (Mounds by the Moor)
-Skeletal Dragon (upon an Ancient Battlefield)
-Macabre (Creepy Manor House)
-Faerie King (under the Black Hill)
-War Machine Relics (waiting in their Armory) 
-Wraith Lord (Barrow Downs)
-Voodoo Priest (Borderland Hideaway)
-Giant Psychic Brain (Spacious Safehold) 
-Evil Warrior Monks (Monastery)
-Pagan Cult in their Sanctuary)
-Merchant Lord (Fortified Port)
-Nymph Sorority (Frolicking in the Woods)
-Minotaur in his Labyrinth)
-Lizard Man King (Crags)
-Evil Eye Beholder (Under the Ground)
-Rat King (Sewer Kingdom)
-Morlocks (Abandoned Mines)
-Mantis Men (Great Hive)
-Winged Apes (the Hollow Earth)
-Mind Flayer in his Underworld Realm)
-Aberrations (Deep Dark Prison)
-Horrible Horde (Locked beneath the Earth)


These are reached by Portals or Void Ships. 
Some Sample Encounter Tables are included below. 

1D60	World:		Description:
1	Gafunk		Fungus World
2	Udixar		Giants Dominate lesser Species
3	Enorma		Gas Giant: All Creatures are Flyers
4	Slod		Overrun by Undead
5	Lqode		Water World
6	Diathi		Vampires Rule
7	Icicrel		Frozen World
8	Niophorn	Chaos Corrupted
9	Feogol		Desperate, Dying World
10	Gurona		Eden World: Newly Created
11	Golyn		Fracton Ordered
12	Strum		Witches and Witch Hunters
13	Udada		Jungle World. Beast World
14	Exath		Dragon Masters and Rebels
15	Ukananay	Many Moons. Moon Collector
16	Detora		Feudal World. Knights
17	Cresath		Desert World. Sphinx and Djinn
18	Ezo		Fragmented Shard World
19	Okaran		Largest Bazaar in the Universe
20	Gythano 	Giant Skull of a Dead God
21	Slion		Technomancer Intrigue
22	Igg		Insect Colony World
23	Zarial		Angels vs Devils
24	Feydon		Fey Magic Predominates
25	Tyriot		Savage Sword & Sorcery
26	Ageon		Grecos vs Gyptos vs Nord
27	Equon		Horse World
28	Icho		Other Worldly Ninja and Samurai
29	Zian		Island World. Pirates!
30	Grok		Dark Elves Reign Supreme
31	Findar		Land of Great Wizards
32	Ingus		Fire World
33	Domax		Five Schools of Magic
34	Mentus		Psychic Magic Common
35	Yurg		Player Character Starting World
36	Riza		World of Fire and Ice
37	Sqwim		Mind Flayer Slave World
38	Drask		Mutant Kingdoms
39	Xanthor 	Everyone born with a Single Spell
40	Antoon		Max Fifth Level Spells
41	Nilus		Babel, Gyptos, and Sphinx
42	Quotal		Cree, Xoltos, and Incata
43	Krokus		Primordial Patrons hold Sway
44	Priseem 	Beings of Light, Energy, and Spirit
45	Mawg		Leviathans, Giants, and Titans
46	Xoxx		Claimed by Lords of Law
47	Tictoc		Clockwork World
48	Carnum		Twisted Carnival World
49	Mephet  	Surreal Magic Level
50	Ganash		Storm World
51	Zardo		Dinosaur World
52	Kish		Gyptos Pantheon
53	Fytis		Elder and Outer God Cultists
54	The Maze	Goblin World
55	Aldamanse	Fantasy Napoleonics
56	Brix		Steam Punk
57	Skol		Horror World: Pure Evil
58	Anx		Fairy Tale World
59	Giess		Dream World
60	Themos  	Cherubic Pleasure World

1D20	Encounter:
1	Toadstools: Mycology
2	Giant Caterpillar: Monster
3	Giant Spiders: Monster
4	Mushrooms: Mycology
5	Yellow Spore Cloud: All Disease
6	Red Spore Cloud: All Weak Poison
7	Green Slime: Monster
8	Giant Crab: Monster
9	Mushroom Men: Humanoids
10	Pod People Village: Resupply
11	Edible Mushrooms: Forage
12	Fungus Among Us: All Disease
13	Goblin Fungus Collectors: Humanoids
14	Fungisaur: Monster
15	Rot Shambler: Monster
16	Mold Monster: Monster 
17	Deathcap: Someone is Poisoned
18	Mushroom Stools: Nothing
19	Rotting Zombie: Undead
20	Mushroom Plots: Forage

1D30	Encounter:	
1	Five Hill Giants leading 3D6 Chained Goblins
2	Bluffs: Delay
3	Sleeping Mountain Giant
4	Crags: See Roc Overhead
5	Hill Giant Compound
6	Forested Hills
7	Giants Playground
8	Boulder Field
9	Three Stone Giants playing Catch
10	Two Giants Making a Stew out of Orcs
11	Hidden Human Village
12	Dwarven Tunnel System
13	Hill Giant Chasing a Human
14	Light Woods
15	Mountain Giant Digging a Hole
16	Cages of Elf Captives
17	Giant Footprints
18	Two Headed Giant having an Argument
19	Band of Dwarven Giant Slayers fleeing a Dragon
20	Fire Giant Castle
21	Cavern: Four Red Skinned Ogres playing Poker
22	Ruins with a Bottomless Pit containing 10 Banshees
23	Cave Entrance: Minotaur and Wearbear playing Chess
24	Hobgoblin Marauders: 2D6 Mixed Weapons
25	Lair: Dragon and Demon playing Snooker
26	Goblin Scavengers: 2D6 Poorly Armed
27	Ambush: Giant Cyclops with a Slingshot
28	Two Trolls fighting Three Wereboars with Torches
29	River: Delay
30	Demon Selling Dwarf Burgers to a crowd of Goblins
Notes: Giant Gold in Use: Each Coin is worth 1000 gold. 

1D20	Encounter:	
1	Mutated Human Bandits
2	Strange Plant life
3	Beast Men
4	Slime Pits: Delayed
5	Naga
6	Giant Mushrooms
7	Mutated Plants
8	Cave System
9	Minor Abomination
10	Valley
11	Lesser Abomination
12	Jagged Rocks: Accident
13	Major Abomination
14	Settlement
15	Mutated Animal
16	Temple
17	Mutated Beast
18	Forest
19	Desert Hills
20	Stronghold

1D30	Encounter:
1	Toll Road: Pay or Fight or Delay
2	Burning Village
3	Bridge: Troll Underneath
4	Storm: Delay
5	Witch Hunter: Hostile
6	Village with Witch being Burned Alive
8	Refugees on the Road
9	Hovel of Evil Woodsman: Axe
10	Inquisitor: Hostile
11	Ruins
12	Creepy Forest
13	Monastery
14	Pilgrims
15	Hermit with Lantern
16	Roadside Inn
17	Mysterious Castle
18	Village plagued by a Hex
19	Church Bells Ringing
20	Witches House
21	Marshland
22	Man looking for Missing Children
23	Ghouls in the middle of a Meal
24	Wolves Howling
25	Moonless Night
26	Witch riding a Broom
27	Dead Body in the Road
28	Highwayman
29	Abandoned Wagon
30	Witch Coven in a Ceremony

1D20	Encounter:	
1	Woodland Shard
2	Roiling Storm: Delay
3	Tumbling Shard
4	Soaring Dragon
5	Flying Merchant Ship
6	Strange Gravity: Delay
7	Hunting Hawkmen
8	Farming Shard
9	Flying Pirate Ship
10	Flight of Birds
11	Trading Post
12	Waterfall between Shards
13	Castle Shard
14	Gliding Roc
15	Floating River
16	Thin Air: All take 1D6 Damage
17	Village in the Sky
18	Freefall: Save or Disappear
19	Shard Archipelago 
20	Sky City

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