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By Charlotte Ann Zuzak. As a young bride, she'd had a plan. She was marrying the love of her life, and they were going to live happilly every after. Right? But when things go wrong and tumble out of control, will her plans even matter? What did it teach her daughter?

By Charlotte Ann Zuzak. David needed a change, so he'd come home. Things seemed to be moving along in the direction he wanted. But was he ready for what was about to walk through the door? It was supposed to be simple, wasn't it?

Even after his death, her father had one of the greatest reputations in the nation as a high school football coach. As his daughter, she'd been taught a love for the game by him, and a distrust because of what others wanted from him. Can the new coach in town reach her very resistant heart? Find out in The Warm Up (Parts I-III, complete). And when things get complicated, can she handle the change in play? Find out in the second story: Game Time. Part I up now. For all stories in this series, head to The Game Room.

Christmas Miracle
By Rev. Dan White. He'd lost everything. As he wonders through town, unable to avoid the Christmas season, he contemplates it as his last. When he's ready to give in ... what will he give in to?

The New Path
By Charlotte Ann Zuzak. For so long work had been enough ... but is she making the right decision so that she can start having time to herself ... having time to live again?
The Adam Moment
Adam had run away ... in a strange city, in the middle of the night.... Just a little ditty that I thought of when I was in a similar, though much less eventful, situation. Excitement of course, is what the imagination is for ...
Beauty in the Winter
By Yvonne Oshiobugie. Winter can be dark and cold. Unfriendly. And that's how Clarisse sees it. Her mother is asking her to see it differently, but how can she?
Cherished Connections
By Charlotte Ann Zuzak; Changed through tragedy, she wants to help ... but is she ready for her life to change again?
Message Delivered
First Place in 2007 Love Extravagant Short Story Contest
By Charlotte Ann Zuzak. His professional assessment? She was a piece of work ... his personal? He was interested. Ellen had taken a holiday from life, but maybe he could show her there was so much more ...
Freely You Have Received
Honorable Mention in 2007 Love Extravagant Short Story Contest
By Rachel Brown; Her grandparents had opened their home to Terri Hoffman, and she helped them out any way that she could. However, has learning to take care of herself, led her to miss the greatest gift of all?

Earnest Regret
By Joe Swope; For Zack Nonaduro, going to church sucked. His parents never missed a Sunday. He passes the time avoiding Earnest, looking for Sylvia ... and letting his imagination run wild ... but is that all there is to it?
A Single Word
She's not speaking to him. It's perverse, but he thinks its funny until he needs her to be his friend ... and maybe a little bit more. Added 10/6/07.
By Charlotte Ann Zuzak; She'd bought the house because the memories in the old one were too much ... but will the new one be more trouble than it was worth?
An Old Manored Love
By Sarah Baughman; Hired to work in a regency style house, Anne comes face to face with her dreams.
The Comeback
By Karen O'Leary; With the loss of his wife and daughter, Jared made the decision to move to a different, smaller town, but how much will it cost his son to have to fit in?
Rainbow's End
By Tammie Jackson; With the death of his mom, Brandon searches for his place. What will he find at the end of the Rainbow?
By Charlotte Ann Zuzak; Allie faces the biggest decision of her life. Can she find the door that is meant for her to open?
The Heritage
A new Trilogy! There's history in the house and a turbulant history between the three sisters. Can they resolve their differences or will more than one thing fall into disrepair?

Carrie has always had a deep love for the house ... but has that focused destroyed the relationships that matter most? Check out Part I, Part II and finally Part III of Faith That Weeps. Completed 6/29/06! Then read Part I, Part II and Part III of Hope That Blooms. Completed 8/3/06. Finally, Jayce deals with her Heritage in A Love that Hurts>. Read Part I, Part II and Part III, the conclusion of a Love That Hurts. Completed July 16, 2007!
On Common Ground
Completed through the IFRoom ... (written by several great authors) ... Bad Boy Boyd is back in town, which didn't matter to Anita until he ran into her. Now that he's got his eye on her, can Anita see passed their childhood to what he's offering in their future? Read On Common Ground Part 1, Part II, and the exciting conclusion in Part III. (Finished April 20, 2007)
About His Business
From the IF Room; They were once friends ... and it he'd lost her because of his own foolish mistakes. Plural. Can he make it up to her, or has he lost her forever. Read Part I, Part II and finally, the conclusion in Part III of About His Business... Completed November 10, 2006."
A Priceless Exchange
First Place
In the 2006 Love Extravagant Contest!
By Rachel Brown; The man that stares across the pub from her seems different ... and more than she could have imagined. It seems impossible that he could like her. Yet, is she prepared for what news he's brought with him? Read more from Rachel at her own website
A Time To Keep Silence
One of a Tie ... for Second Place
In the 2006 Love Extravagant Contest!
By Rachel Waspe; This is a Sequel to "A Time to Love" from the Holiday Pages. In the last story, Fiona stumbled into love with Jordon, but in this story all her twin Billy can do is fumble around the girl he loves ... will it all turn out as he expects, or is there a surprise around the corner?
Olivia's Smile
One of a Tie ... for Second Place
In the 2006 Love Extravagant Contest! By Jan Madden; Faced with a pregnancy after her husband's unexpected suicide, Cassie Duncan stands in the impass of endings and beginnings. Far away from her another couple seeks a child ... when she hears of it, can Cassie do what could be the impossible? Is it really what's best for her child?
The Way Back

Also an entry in the 2006 Love Extravagant Contest!
By Karen O'Leary; Her life doesn't seem like much anymore. She'd thrown the best part of it away ... for what? A dream? A falacy? Can she find her way back, or the the best yet to come?
Rowen's Diner
Also an entry in the 2006 Love Extravagant Contest!
By Charlotte Ann Zuzak; A frustrated fiction writer, Morgan Haney had a fabulous marraige ... until her husband died three years ago. Will she ever love again, or will she live out the romance of her heart through the stories she's trying to publish?
Also an entry in the 2006 Love Extravagant Contest!
By Christina Klinesmith; The words had become her worst enemy ... and they came from the people who mattered most. Were they right, or was there more out there?
Lily and Jesse
By Charlotte Ann Zuzak; Lost in a world of hopelessness and lost dreams, Lily and Jesse found each other ... but can they, after all the rest, find something better? In three parts.
The Ostlands:
Stories of Love and Family Values

By Karen O'Leary; Drop in on the Ostland's ... a family dealing with life! First read Sharing Halloween ... and meet the children. Little Carrie Ostland knows what she wants most for Halloween ... but will a turn of events teach all the kids what's really important?
Then, in Choices,Kevin Osland's world is changing ... with a family to support and so much he held dear gone, what will he do? After all ... a choice isn't just a decision--as he's learned from his new boss, choices can change your world.
Also, check out Challenges... when fourteen year old Melanie Ostland comes up against a girl at school, will she turn against her own family, or turned toward something better? All part of the Ostland Family Series.
When First I Met You
By Marsha Smith; She looked up into his eyes and found herself remembering, into the past, into the days when love first bloomed.
Hymns and Motorcycles
By Charlotte Ann Zuzak; She needs the time to get her music ready ... he's trying to get the church read, both in time for the new minister's first Sunday ... will these two be in each other's way, or do they have more in common then they think?
Self Preservation
By Dr. Ley; Money's tight, and he's made a few mistakes ... but he has to provide for his little girls. Will their adventure to find a refrigerator come up with something worthwhile?
Old Porches and Homemade Bread
By Charlotte Ann Zuzak; She's raised her children ... and has long been settled ... but can a lingering deed in the past make a claim on her future?

Angel on the Interstate
By Charlotte Ann Zuzak; It's been a struggle since loosing her husband. She has a boy to raise and little experience needed for a job. She finally gets a job working for a road crew ... but can good things be found on the long and weary road?
Drama Queen
By CK Allen. There's a new Drama coach at school ... but where will the attraction between him and a certain fellow teacher lead?
The Run
Our second completed Interactive Short story straight from the IF Room!!!! Scott was fascinated by the cute exec that so easilly stole his heart ... but she's always on the run ... running from him! If he can ever get his hands on her, maybe he can convince her to stay around. Read The Run Part I or The Run Part II for the conclusion!
The List
Lucy wanted a little adventure in her life ... but she'd hoped she'd do it with both feet planted on the ground and not by bringing a stranger down with her!
The Raid
By Karen O'Leary ... Lieutenant Sheila Bachman faces shutting down a haven for criminals. However, she has not planned on finding a child that breaks through her professional shield and causes her to evaluate the career she has worked so hard to build.
The Drive Home
Josh had waited over a year to introduce De´┐Żna to his parents ... but was understanding enough to bridge the sudden gap between them?
Cupid's Boomerang
Across a cafe, she'd spotted him ... dimples and all, but is love really in the air this Valentine's Day ... or is it just her own wishful heart? From new guest writer Eliza Marie!
Going Home
He's loved her for so long ... but there's one place, not so far away, where they had found joy together ... A bitter sweet tale of love from new guest writer, Larry Powers.
Fault Line
When an earthquake brings Dave and Courtney back together, can they find a place to meet in the middle, or is it two late? Explore the thin division of blame in Fault Line, Part 1 and the conclusion in Fault Line, Part 2.
The Store of Love Trilogy
Haley's life changed so fast that last year of college and she lost her best friend. What will she do now that she has to be around him for one long week? Especially since he seems to hate her. Check out:Price of a Picture, Charge of Love, and The Cost of Diamonds.
(Completed Summer 2004)
The Lawton Springs Trilogy
In Lawton Springs Pastor Bryan's sermons are on Noah~his inspiration? The rain that keeps coming down. Joannie Finch sees it outside and feels it in her heart and she's afraid she will drown (When Comes the Sun). And when the rains end and Hawk rides out to get supplies, will he make it to Fort Letterow in time or has the storm only just begun(The Light of the Moon)? Finally, it wasn't only the river that seperated Ben and Cara--can they find each other now that the rain is gone? See Mists of Dawn.
(Added 2/13/04)
Valentine's Surprise
She'd never had a date on Valentine's Day--But Parker has a few ideas that may surprise his waiting lady!
(Added 2/13/04)
Operation Carter
If you've read Operation Noel (and make sure you've read it first) ... then check out this story and find out what happened to Noel after she left the house ... only avalible on Holiday pages during the Christmas season! Start looking for it around November!
Joy For Christmas
By Tianna Jacques; Added Christmas of 2005 ... Bethany and Amy lost their mother ... and now Bethany's in charge, alone, and she is desperate to give her sister a good Christmas ... but what gifts will she be able to provide when they get up on Christmas morn? Can only be found on the Holiday pages during the Christmas season! Start looking for it around November!
The Gift
It's our first completed story straight from the interactive stories room!!! How cool is that? John's lost one of his greatest gifts, but will there be something special waiting under the Christmas tree? Contributing authors Mrs. Brown, Rachel Waspe, and Elizabeth Delayne! (Completed 7/5/05: Can only be found on the Holiday pages during the Christmas season! Start looking for it around November)
The Shop Around Christmas
Tyler moved back into town to be there for his sister and her boys now that their mother's health is failing...but it might just take a miracle...or something special to help him celebrate Christmas!
Can only be found on the Holiday pages during the Christmas season! Start looking for it around November!
(Added 12/10/04)
Christmas Remembered
By Merle Morris
A story about the true meaning of Christmas. Non-romantic, but still heartwarming.
Can only be found on the Holiday pages during the Christmas season! Start looking for it around November!
(Added 12/10/04)

Once Sighted
It had hit her like a ton of bricks ... but he never noticed her ... what will happen when she's been sighted?
Believing in Bess
Added 3/03
For Bailey Freeman, life circled in a fast pace of life and energy ... but when she wants to run away, can she find the strength run back to the place where love waits.
Added 3/03
Sarah's getting married ... but is she ... is he ... ready for forever
Dorie's Story
|Abide With Echoes| |Looking for the Present| |One Step At A Time|
Added 10/13/00, part II 1/20/02 ... completed 8/27/05
The continuing saga of Dorie as she faces the future. Dorie returns home weary, needing not only the Winter break, but a steady friendship in Abide with Echoes. Then in Looking for the Present signals warn Dorie that she might be leaning to much toward the past. And finally, in One Step At A Time, will the past only repeat itself, or is this time different?
Added 9/12/02
His heart ablazed with love for her ... and following his instinct, he tried to put the fire out. But can this veteren firefighter learn to follow his heart?
On Thanksgiving Morning
Added 11/9/02:
What are your traditions on Thanksgiving? For Kara Sandborn it's traditions that make Thanksgiving for her, and maybe, just maybe, she's found someone who understands.
Can only be found on the Holiday pages during the Christmas season! Start looking for it around November!
On Thanksgiving Evening
Added 11/8/03:
What has Jacob been up to? Check out what happens to Jacob and Kara that evening!
Can only be found on the Holiday pages during the Christmas season! Start looking for it around November!
Christmas Is A Time To Love
By Rachel Waspe
Added 11/8/03:
Watching her with the children made him fall in love with her ... listening to her sing took his breath away. How can Jordan resist this quiet beauty ... and convince her that she has a gift worth sharing?
Can only be found on the Holiday pages during the Christmas season! Start looking for it around November!

His and Hers
Added 10/13/00
Two stories about the same charactors in different parts of their relationship. First, you read about his story is His, then you read about her struggle in Hers. Stop in the His and Hers Room by clicking on the link above!
614 Extension
Added ADDED 6/13/2000:I wrote this story after aquiring a Gameboy and thinking about the possibilities the extension features offers adults. Ha Ha. Enjoy
A Touch of Mustard
This is a short story about an advertizing exec who's gotten so caught up in his business that it takes finding and loosing love to figure out what he really wants. Enjoy!
A Mountain to Stand On
Even though Amanda Mason grew up climbing mountains with her dad, she is ill-prepared for the experience with confident-outdoorsman, Zach. Or is she?
Hannah's Christmas Wish
I have decided to make Hannah's Christmas Wish avalible in the months surrounding Christmas~to keep it special. It's a story that is important to me~as I tried to capture the joy of what it would have been like to fall in love and have a mentally handicapped sister who is in your care who you love so dearly, back when people equated different with Evil. It's a Christmas Story, it's romance.
Can only be found on the Holiday pages during the Christmas season! Start looking for it around November!

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