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Crystal's Secret

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Her father had been called to deal out justice, and her mother had more than understood. She'd given Crystal a secret to hold onto ... but did her mother ask her to do the right thing? With things changing so quickly in Lenox, she begins to doubt...


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Jamie's grandmother's favorite show was the highly popular American reality show UnWheeled, but even though she goes on for her grandmother's sake ... is she prepared for the personal adventure that awaits?

Undertow: Sequel to Basin Springs

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Two years ago, Amy Carpenter Johnson had done more than survive, she'd learned more about who she was and who she wanted to become. Now married, and on that new path, the past has once again caught up with her. Will certain people in Basin Springs stop her dream before it comes true? As the past catches up to so many, can they learn to ride the waves ... or be pulled under by a very powerful undertow?

Make sure to read Basin Springs first.

The Ruby Ring

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STORY ON PROBATION. JUST A LITTLE WARNING THAT THIS STORY HAS NOT BEEN UPDATED AND PROBABLY WON'T FOR AWHILE. tHANKS! :P Justen was the second son of the king of Darbenton. Stephanie was the fourth daughter of the King of Fairingham. The balance of their world is crumbling as a kingdom seeks dominance.

Completed Novel(la)s:
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Contemporary Novel(la)s
Liz Watson's is looking for a man like the one who captures the heart of Elizabeth Bennett in Pride and Prejudice, her favorite book ... He'd been working this case a long time ... it ate at him ... and now she's gotten in the way ... or had she? Written by the wonderful minds in the IF (Interactive Fiction Room). Completed July 28, 2006! A lifetime before, Amy lost part of herself when her mother and brother died tragically in a car accident.  In his grief, her father turned away from her.  Feeling alone in the world, she'd made choices ... and on one dark night another car accident in the middle of a drag race took the lives of three teens.  They are Generation X--on the California coast they live life to the extreme. Extreme sports ... extreme faith ... and only one competition matters.  One chance.  One life.  Completed 7/14/05!!! She was more than a friend, and for awhile he'd believed she would be his forever ... but now Daniel has to say goodbye. Will the distance change everything ... Completed 10/26/2009.
More competitors than friends when they were in High School, suddenly Joanna and Rod are pulled back together ... but can the instant awareness lead to something better then what they left behind? And Chad ... Bethany was the light of everyone's life, especially to her high school friends. As the reunion approaches, can he deal with loosing her, or miss out on his own future? Completed January 21, 2008. Lexa feels God has called her to San Antonio~but with a boss with a temper and family so far away, does she really want to stay?  Complete! James R. Watkins watched as the squad car rounded the corner, sirens blaring, headed straight for his position. He knew instinctively that it was too late to turn back now. Completed December 29, 2006! During a late night vigil in the emergency room, Caleb Daines ran into the woman he would ask to be his bride.  Though their schedules were crazy, and their stress level high, they fell in love quickly, but when Anne's mother refuses to accept Caleb into the family, will their love survive?  Novella completed in 4 Parts!
Hook, Line and Sinker: by Diana Mylek; God has answered Lacey's prayer for practical advice on catching a man. He tells her to buy a bass boat, and she obeys. Next thing she knows, Lacey is in demand; it seems a woman with a bass boat is an irresistible combination for men.  Using the right lures nets two sisters love for life. Follow Lacey and Emily as they bait, hook and reel in their men.  Completed as of July 28, 2005!!! Lock, Stock and Barrel: By Diana Mylek; Business owner Leah gets more than she bargains for when she hires Spencer Merchant, consultant and former Marine. Charged with whipping her failing business into shape, Spencer finds that managing women is not as easy as barking out orders to platoon of hardened Marines. And that a woman’s touch can melt even the hardest heart. Completed June 10, 2008!!! Jane Nwobodo is a thirty two year old manager and is desperately hunting for a man. How far will her journey take her ... As for a flame, he was hot.  Or had been.  They were debate partners in high school, but he dumped her--their friendship, her brain and skill--for a prettier face.  More then 10 years later, she's over him.  Isn't she?
It's Beginning to look a lot like Christmas ... Noel was a bright spot in Carter's life, and nothing delighted him more than the fact that she was going to marry his older brother ... or was she ...?  Had his brother lost his mind ... or will they both get what they want this Christmas?  Completed 12/14/05!

Then come back after the first of November, when the Holiday pages are up for Operation Carter and find out what happens to Noel after she leaves the house!  Found only on the Christmas pages! Ever felt like you're the punch server, but never the bride? Ally felt that way at her brother's wedding, but when a stranger comes in and forces her to leave with him ... will she prefer the wedding ... or find something more in her adventure along the way? Written by the minds in the IF Room ... from all around the world!  Completed 7/25/06! Political consultant, Karen Cook's, star is rising in the political arena.  She's taken a step away from her comfort zone and it's paying off.  But will a late night encounter and a murder across town change her world forever?  Who will she depend on when she's used to taking care of number 1? Completed 8/17/06! Jason Rossi left home desperate to get out ... but before leaving, he promised his little sister that he would come back for her. Over a decade later the promise remains broken. Can they find common ground, or have things between them been permanently severed? Completed 8/20/2007.
Robert comes from a heritage of faith, but lives in a present of turmoil-both come from his family.  What does God have in store for him in the ~Some 7000 Sunrises~ to come?
Complete as of November 27, 2003
Sharon Harris is a single parent with a great career trying to make it on her own, but when new challenges begin to change her goals for the future, she becomes afraid and has to learn exactly what seeking God really is all about. He was Jonathon Burstin, the premier police-genre writer in the country. She was Erica Caine, her mother's protege, princess of an architectural empire. On their own, they would never capture the attention from the entertainment press, but together . . . neither of them wanted the connection launched out into the tabloids.

Then, before their relationship can start, secrets start tumbling out of the past and into the papers.  Can a new relationship survive, or will the past destroy the futures they are building ... and might want to build together?

After all, they both know that things can change Within Moments.  Completed! as of June 5, 2001
"Historical" Novel(la)s
The dark dragon struck once and took the lives of her parents.  Now another lady, a royal, a pair of knights and a servant find themselves in the center of his fire.  He lies in wait ... but he is weary of waiting.

Complete as of January 19, 2005! Her life in Charleston had changed, shifted beneath her feet to the point that she felt she needed to escape and rebuild. She'd gone west for adventure ... and to find a place to belong ... but will her time teach her the truth about looking for home? Completed 9/07/2009 by: Sara Keprensk
Annabeth Morris doesn't particularly want to join the band of Scottish warriors but it was definitely preferable to returning to the grips of Baron Fulford. But it would be so much more comfortable if Laird Robert MacAllen didn't make her feel things that she shouldn't while driving her crazy at the same time. 
completed 8/15/06 All Ellie wanted was a family ... a mother, a brother and a couple of sisters ... but has this one simple wish turned into a nightmare?

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