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The following is a no means complete list of Keith's appearances in experimental cinema.

Mr. Food - 1986
Keith portrays a hungry college student

The Shocking Truth - 1987
Keith is a reporter sent into the darkest depths of a college dormitory

Keith stars in White Rod

White Rod Vs. The Grave Robbers - 1989
Keith portays Joe Bob, an inbred redneck intent on desecrating the corpses of a Coastal Empire graveyard so that a local art college will have models for their "Life Drawing" classes.

Coffee - 1989
Keith stars as himself in this whimsical documentary about a dark warm drink made from beans.

Live Fast, Die Young- 1995
Keith has a cameo as a paramedic who must clean up after the sick perverted youth of Savannah.

Kung Fu Zombies - 1996
Keith stars as the evil, misshapen leader of the Kung-Fu Zombies, who are created after a strange meteor passes by planet Earth.

Scene from the White Rod Movie

White Rod: The Prometheus Project - soon to be released
Keith portrays Fraximus, a half man, half moth, half robot creature. Keith plays no less than four other roles in this full-length motion picture currently in post-production.

Skeezar and White Rod flee the castle

Keith as Skeezar the Insect Boy, kidnaps White Rod (J. McNicolas)

Keith has also hosted several episodes of NOTV, including the classic Shriners Parade Episode where he dressed up as a woman.

A Savannah College of Art And Design student is currently shooting a documentary about Keith. Check back at this site for more info as soon as we know more!

Keith starred in the City Lights Theater Production of William Mastrosimone's Sunshine -Yes it's true- Keith returned to his humble stage origins, shortly before his untimely death.


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