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This is just a small sampling of Keith's published works. I have talked to people who say that Keith's best work is still under wraps, guarded under lock and key in secret vault underneath the monument in Forsyth Park, in downtown Savannah.

Absinthe Dreams

ABOVE: This painting is from the back of Gam's recent release, Smell My Robot. It's clearly a reference to Keith's ongoing infatuation with Absinthe. Like many Savannahians, the boys in GAM are addicted to Absinthe, a toxic beverage that is making a worlwide comeback as the millenium draws to a close. Their favorite brand of Absinthe is from the Czech Republic, they reportedly spend thousands of dollars each month on black market "green fog".

Demon Dancer #5

A detail from a GAM T-shirt design by Keith depicting one of the demonic entities the band makes daily ritual sacrifices to. Wearers of the T-shirt claim that it protects them from harm. People who don't wear the shirt claim it causes the wearers to harm them.

Gam's video shoot at the Velvet Elvis!

A detail from a GAM poster promoting the filming of their music video Brain Damage at the Velvet Elvis. Due to the bandwidth constraints of the internet, many of the fine details present in the original poster aren't visible on your computer screen. Hopefully you can make out the figures representing the band - portrayed here as puppets controlled by a hovering cloud with three eyes and seventeen teeth - note the "Drink Me!" - yet another reference to Absinthe, as well as Alice in Wonderland.


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