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Was Keith A Satan Worshipper?

Keith sets up an altar to Satan

Yes! GAM's on-stage satanic rituals are legendary, but what few people knew about were the secret behind-the-scenes satanic rituals, which are supposed to be much, much better, according to the few witnesses I have spoken to. I really would like some pictures of these if anybody out there has them!

Baby's on fire!

Spontaneous human combustion was not unheard of at GAM shows. While the band covered up all of the deaths and disfigurements to the audience members, Keith continued to burn without getting burnt, until that tragic night his space heater burst into flame as he lay sleeping, drunk, in an absinthe laden stupor. Legends say that rebel angels gave mankind the gift of fire, what we choose to with it is out of their direct control. But should we hold the band responsible for the demons they conjured, or hold the demons responsible for the gifts they gave to the band?

Pagan fertility ritual

Above: Keith performs a pagan fertility ritual on stage in the Velvet Elvis, as part of a scientific experiment to determine if he could materialize an orgone demon. Audience witnesses were split as to whether the experiment was a good idea or not, all agreed that it was an unqualified success.

Gam poses with the Snake-God

More proof that GAM worhipped Satan and other demonic entities. (L-R: Ronnie, Kevin, Keith, and Sean)

Keith was an ordained minister in the Church of The Subgenius - one of the most Satanic organizations out there!



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