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Keith's Poetry was brilliant, witty, and deep

Cowboy Kozel spouts poetry


Dream a little dream
Dream of rain and high muse
a certain something special and cream
See a little steam
Prepare the old pancreas
Bobby is waiting his face so serene
Move on to the key of the riddle
In madness the old man has left us
with nothing


Open up your giant eye!

The room now smokey
The light a dim flame
The patrons are joking
of earachy pain
The vessels all broken
Rings glow in this sty


Open up your giant eye

Light and time
Stand still

Light and time
swallow the pill

Keith rants rhapsodically


The days were sharp
The nights were long
In my room with the headphones on,
and Jillian said
nothing could ever go wrong

They found his car
but he was gone
The legendary spaceman
on the White House lawn
He was laughing and smiling
and shaking hands with everyone

)Here it comes
and there it goes
Nothing will ever
be the same

Hit the news
the planet red
Six O'clock
your news is dead
Its such a shame
we had to blame anyone

poetry copyright 1999 by Keith Kozel

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