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The Man...

Born in Kentucky coal mine, Keith led a life that has been compared to that of Forrest Gump. His birthday was on Feruary 29, 1968, which means he aged at 25% of the speed at which most of do.


The Myth...

He was like unto a Roman God walking among us mere mortals. The controversy persists as to whether or not he was fully human, some people think that he may be the result of an alien experiment, or that perhaps he was charmed by the faeries as a young lad. There is plenty of evidence to support either hypothesis. Keith himself claimed that he has no recollections of any of his on-stage performances. It is as if he were possesed, channeling foriegn intelligences from other dimension, or perhaps he was merely a puppet of our secret alien masters, controlled by long distance through the Phase 8 Spacephone by the mothership that landed on the far side of the moon.

The Legend! The Lunatic!

But even if you blame his creativity and genius on superior life-forms that exist at the borders of our perception, you must admit that there has to be some special reason that the creatures picked him as their terrestial mouthpiece. Why did they choose Keith Kozel to be our leader? Why did they take him from us? Was his magnetic charisma a byproduct of their alterations to his DNA, or the reason they chose to infest his mind? Perhaps it was his gullibility, his williningness to believe in things that science can't explain, that created the conduit.

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