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 GM V. Kramnik vs. Deep Fritz 

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This is game # 6. (Kramnik vs. Deep Fritz)

15.10.2002  Well, crud. The stupid box manages to win again. ChessBase has
not written its report, I am writing this less than an hour after the conclusion of the
game. (I had 2 Internet chess lessons this morning, and lost track of the time.)  By
the time I logged on to  to view the game, (they are relaying them, as
many servers are); it was practically over. The box was playing super-tactical chess -
just what the managers of the program wanted. Kramnik resigned shortly thereafter. 


From the   ChessBase   web site: ---> 
Deep Fritz wins game six to equalise

15.10.2002 The computer went for a Queen's Indian today, giving the opponent a 
clear advantage but keeping its pieces and especially its queen on the board. 
On move 19 the world champion could not resist a piece sacrifice which could have 
made this game "the most beautiful of my career" (Kramnik). But Fritz found a 
brilliant defence and took the point. Here's our full illustrated report.  (Read  more.) 


Now that I have had a chance to analyze the game a little, and read the reports; it 
is pretty simple what happened. The analysis indicates that White had a ferocious 
attack. Had Kramnik won, it would have been one of the most brilliant games ever 
played. This is why Kramnik could not resist the sacrifice on f7, which in the final 
analysis was unsound. But I think for Kramnik to play this way was a violation of 
his "rope-a-dope, take it to the end-game" strategy.  He might have been better 
off dragging the poor, stupid program into another unclear ending. As it was, the 
computer completely refuted the sacrifice. (Many humans would have folded!)
The game, which started out as a Queen's Indian Defense, may have actually 
been much better for White.  


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  (The last time I tried this, this link did not work.) 

  Click  HERE  to read a  "TIME-dot-com"  report on this game.    

GM Vladimir Kramnik (2807) - Deep Fritz 7 (2741) 
Man vs Machine;  
Manama, Bahrain (6), 15.10.2002

1.d4 Nf6;  2.c4 e6;  3.Nf3 b6;  4.g3 Ba6;  5.b3 Bb4+;  6.Bd2 Be7;  
7.Bg2 c6;  8.Bc3 d5;  9.Ne5 Nfd7;  10.Nxd7 Nxd7;  11.Nd2 0-0;  
12.0-0 Rc8;  13.a4 Bf6;  14.e4 c5;  15.exd5 cxd4;  16.Bb4 Re8; 
17.Ne4 exd5;  18.Nd6 dxc4;  19.Nxf7 Kxf7;  20.Bd5+ Kg6;  
21.Qg4+ Bg5;  22.Be4+ Rxe4;  23.Qxe4+ Kh6;  24.h4 Bf6;  
25.Bd2+ g5;  26.hxg5+ Bxg5;  27.Qh4+ Kg6;  28.Qe4+ Kg7;  
29.Bxg5 Qxg5;  30.Rfe1 cxb3;  31.Qxd4+ Nf6;  32.a5 Qd5;  
33.Qxd5 Nxd5;  34.axb6 axb6;   White resigns.  0 - 1


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Did Mig find a draw for Kramnik in game six?

18.10.2002  The free day after the monumentous game six of the match between 
Vladimir Kramnik and Deep Fritz was devoted to shopping and sight-seeing. 
One person, however, did not have his heart in the souks and malls in the capital 
Manama. Mig Greengard was pondering the final position of the sixth game in 
which Kramnik had resigned, after his vicious attack against Deep Fritz had failed. 
Did he find a draw?  More. 

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