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Other Matches

Other ACM, or "Man vs. Machine" Matches

 GM  Evgeny Bareev  played  Hiarcs 8.0  in the Netherlands.  (Click here.)  
(From January 28th to Jan. 31st, 2003.);  (Click  here  to go to the website for this match.) 
(Sponsored by the Maastricht Foundation.)  Click  here   to read more. 



   Game # 1   Game # 2   Game # 3   Game # 4   



  The halfway point  

The first two games have both been drawn. Neither side has gone all out for the win. 
The contestants - at this point - seem VERY evenly matched. The idea that all four games 
could be drawn is not out of the question ... in fact it (now) seems very likely. 


January 29th, 2003: (Game # 2)  I saw the first few moves of this game, then I had to 
run to go out for a few minutes. When I got back, I was distracted by work and various 
other things, and did not remember the game until much later. By the time I signed back 
on to ICC, the game was almost to move 40 - and people were already predicting a 
draw. It was a very tough encounter, the players seemed nearly evenly matched. Thus 
far - as both games were drawn - the program HIARCS-X is playing at a 2800-ELO 
clip. Could this be a look into the future? Will computers get so strong that the best 
human players can only draw ... and then only if they play their very best chess? 


The match was eventually drawn. See the  ChessBase's  web  site  for more information. 

    Click  HERE  to go to the first page for this match.   

   GM E. Bareev DEEP in THOUGHT against the computer program, HIARCS(X).  (oth-match_pic1.jpg, 04 KB)

Man vs. machine but not Kasparov 
30.01.2003 While Garry Kasparov battles it out in New York against Deep Junior, back in Holland the world's number eight player, Evgeny Bareev, is playing a four-game match  against the English program Hiarcs. The first two games ended in a draw, the next will bring the decision. You can watch them live on the  server.  (From the  ChessBase  web site.) 

October, 2004:  Many "Man vs. Machine"  contests  have been held in the last year or two. Some have not been that big a deal ... some have not really involved top GM's or were poorly funded. (Others may have simply escaped my attention.) 

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