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 My Site Map

  This will be a short list of all the pertinent pages. (with links)  

  •   CBI vs. SBI Sites:  A fair list of some interesting sites, lots of links and
      good places to check out. (Theme: Chess games between boxes and
      the good, ole humans.)

  •   The Best Games:  The best chess games between humans and comps.

  •   More Stuff:  A lot more stuff. Games, downloads, all that junk.  

  •   Other Matches:  The big boys - like Kasparov and Kramnik - have occupied 
      the news with their matches. But quite a few other "Man-versus-Machine" 
      events have taken place ... this page will be the place to find those matches. 
      ( Page Two ... basically this is just a continuation of the above page. ) 

  •   Kramnik versus Deep Fritz:  Games, news stories, analysis, and more.
      (There are dozens of links, ALL the games, etc.) 

  •   Garry Kasparov versus Deep Junior:   Games, news stories, analysis, 
      and more.  (There are dozens of links, ALL the games, etc.) 

  •   Garry Kasparov versus Fritz_X3D:   Games, news stories, analysis, 
      and more.   (There are dozens of links, ALL the games, etc.) 

  •   GM Garry Kasparov versus DEEP BLUE:  Any games, or info I could
      find on this very important and historic set of matches.

  •   GM Garry Kasparov vs. "The Rest of the World."   Since information
      seems to be disappearing about this match and game, I thought I would
      cover it here. Eventually I will have the annotated game, and more!  

  •   My  "Downloads"  list/page for this site.  

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