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CBI vs. SBI Sites

 C.B.I. = Carbon-based intelligence. (Humans!) 
 S.B.I. = Silicon-based intelligence. (Computers.) 

  The best sites on the net.  

   (with the theme of humans vs. computers)  

  Click  here  to go to by big Geo-Cities web site.  

  Click  here   to go to my  "DownLoads" Site.  Many games ... and downloads too!  

 Click  here  to go to my big Angel-Fire site. (# 1.) 
(This is where you will find the game I annotated that was mentioned in Larry Evan's column in  'Chess Life' magazine.)

Click  here  to go to my little ENDGAME School. (+ a section on Morphy.)


  Click  here   to go to my friend's chess site. Buy all your chess supplies ...   
    chess books, chess sets, and buy my software as well.   

I need your help. Click  here  to find out how you can keep this
a web site that everyone can enjoy.

          (Stay tuned as I add more sites. Virtually all will be about the chess
            that is played between humans and computers.)   

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