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Kaspy vs. D.B.

  GM Garry Kasparov vs. Deep Blue  

On this page, I will dedicate myself to all the topics and games that occurred in this epic match. Eventually I plan on having all the games, (downloadable in PGN format); perhaps a few of the better games annotated. As I have a history of over 25 years with computers - and even have served as a consultant to companies that make chess programs and computers - I want to offer my insight to this match as well. An analysis of this situation.

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 The First Match.  (#1) 

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 The Second Match.  (#2) 

  •   Does anyone remember Garry crushed Deep Blue the first time around? 
      (Most people do not recall that Deep Blue LOST the first match!) 

  •   What was "Deep Thought," and what was its relation to D.B?

  •   Which major computer was the first to play at the GM level?

  •   Did Garry really lose the World Championship to a computer?
       (The answer is no - - - see the comments just below.)   

  •   What mistake did Garry make in playing the Caro-Kann Defense, 
      (a standard  chess opening); in the last game? (Of the 2nd match.) 

Did Kasparov Lose The Chess World Championship
To A Computer?

No!  Of course not. The simple answer is that Kasparov was playing basically an exhibition match. It was NEVER stipulated that this match was for the Chess World Championship. This was simply a match that Garry could make money from.

If you research the subject, you will see that World Championship Matches are always at least 24 games long. This is why - in one way - Garry's Match of 16 games vs. GM Vladimir Kramnik could not be considered a real match for the World Championship.

Kasparov stomped Deep Blue in the first match.

Yes, it is true. In the first match of only six games, ---> despite the fact that he dropped game #1, Garry blasted DB the first time around. The fact that he could drop the first one and win clearly demonstrated the "big box" was not quite ready for prime time. But all this was soon to change! 

DEEP THOUGHT was the predecessor to Deep Blue.

The brain-child of Carnegie-Mellon's Feng Hsu, Deep Thought was a monster. It was also the predecessor to Deep Blue. After Hsu earned his Doctorate, IBM hired him. Their mission? To be the first to defeat the reigning World Champion in a game with traditional time limits. They succeeded pretty well, doing this in the very first game. 

Deep Thought was probably the first machine/program 
to play at the GM level. 

It was the first to consistently beat masters. 

This program was light-years ahead of anything else. It took large strides on an almost yearly basis. I remember when it played in the AL State Championships. It won. Very impressive. 

Almost monthly, you would read in 'Chess Life' that Deep Thought had done something else. While all the other machines were making almost no progress, Deep Thought continued to improve and get better and better. 

If Garry had used some form of an off-beat Sicilian, 
(Kalishnikov); I maintain he would have defeated Deep Blue. 

Unless Garry was having a VERY bad day, he would have won easily. Even Deep Blue II was not up to Garry's standard. He basically fell into an opening trap and lost. Practically any other opening would have won. Deep Blue II was a monster at tactics, but had almost ZERO positional understanding. In this regard, the programs they sell off-the-shelf are much superior to Deep Blue, at least in this one particular aspect. 

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