Big Brother house details

   Although the new Big Brother location is the same as the old one it does boast some improvements.   Expanded living space within the house stretches to 2400 square feet now instead of 1800 which includes the new private Head of Household bedroom, a new storage room and a more roomy diary room (used to be called the red room).   There was a interior design makeover throughout the house which incorporated plusher overstuffed sofas and chairs, paint, carpet and more contemporary tables and accent pieces.   The old dormitory style single beds were replaced with an assortment of double beds, single beds and a cot.   Most of the house guests gave the nod of approval as they entered the house for the first time and Shannon even commented on day one that the Big Brother house was much more plush than some million dollar homes she has visited.

   The new Head of Household private bedroom comes complete with lockable door, mini fridge stocked with treats, closet, dresser, easy chair, butler statue and a monogrammed "HH" terry cloth robe and slippers for the weekly "HOH" along with a very comfortable double bed.   The two regular bedrooms are separated by a see through plexiglass wall for little or no privacy between the rooms.   Outside there is a 10 person hot tub spa, two person hammock, outdoor shower, new flagstone patio with upgraded furniture and a basketball court erected where the chickens used to scratch.   The famous "red room" that was featured last year for private interview sessions (where chicken George did his best work) was replaced by the navy blue diary room now for viewing those private in your face comments from each of the guests.   The guests are pulled into this room daily one by one to give the cameras thoughts on everything and anything from nominations to housework or how they feel about another particular house guest (this is the room where Big Brother instigates and stirs up the mud so to speak in an attempt to pull better ratings).   Even though the rooms and the facility have expanded it is still not private by any means.   There are not a whole lot of places to go in the house to conduct a private conversation with another guest.   Actually Bunky and Monica were caught secretly conversing in a storage room by Mike (HOH at time) who was occupying the private bedroom right next door.   He could hear every word spoken by Bunky and Monica as they were discussing Bunky's alternative lifestyle secret.  

   This year there are many more cameras trained on every square foot of the house (inside and out).   No escape for privacy here, Big Brother is definitely watching every move for editable content.   Plenty of surveillance equipment with 38 roving cameras and 62 microphones wired with over five miles of cable and of course the infra-red night vision cameras picking up the action in the lights-out bedrooms where the guests sometime "forget" about the cameras in the dark.

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