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Katzina Prophecy Unfolding


Knowing I would be traveling in the Domain of the Katzinas tomorrow, I asked for confirmation from the Katzinas themselves, ensuring that the invitation and journey were real, sanctioned, and appropriate. I received an "Invitation" for "Blue Corn Woman", referring to me. And I was given this "poem":

Blue Corn Woman is coming.
Blue Corn Woman is coming in.
Blue Corn Woman is coming and singing.
Blue Corn Woman is coming and singing in the Wind.


While driving to Second Mesa, I considered the Spirits, the Katzinas, of this Land. I felt like I was invited, but I do have issues of not being prepared for Enemies that may not want me there. I felt that there was one manifesting in the passenger seat. I reached out my invitation to Light or Not. I felt that he said, Not; and so I transformed him - not into the crystal rainbow sparkles of my spiritual culture - but amazingly into blue corn pollen dust.
Once I topped onto Second Mesa, it felt like home. The energy was incredible, right, and I was in harmony with it. Still, I felt somewhat uncentered and ungrounded that day.


Today, I realized that my feeling of being uncentered and ungrounded had come about because I was trying to be Hopi, in a way, shape-shifting at the wrong (inappropriate) time. So, today, I am myself, centered and grounded, and walking in a different sacred Land. It worked very, very well.


Wow! What a day this was! I was driving the road of solitude, route 2, through the Land, when I noticed a car stopped on the side of the road, with a young man waving me down. You have to know that there is no service of any sort for 10, maybe 30 miles in any direction out here. I felt right in stopping. I realized then that there were two young men: one Native American, one Anglo. Apparently, the Anglo had caught a ride with the other young man who was returning home. I asked where they were going. The young Native American said "Kykotsmovi", and I told him I was heading past there on my way to Hotevilla-Bacavi School. The other young man said that was where he was heading. They asked if there were room in the car for two and I said "yes". So the Anglo young'un got in back and the Hopi young'un(Hopi because of where he was going, I reckoned) got in the passenger seat. He proceeded to regale me with stories of his People and of his Group, who are known as the Snake Dancers, which are the future Warriors of the Hopi People when all the Chaos preceding the Fourth World starts occurring. He spoke to me, interspersing Hopi words with English ones, of how they are preparing for the Change to come, what they are planting, where they will hide in protection. He spoke to me of his Vision. He saw the Changes in Land coming to this area. He said it was similar to the maps that have been made prophetically (referring, I believe, to the "I Am America" map and the one by Gordon Michael Scallion). He said he believed that the reason there has been so little rain on the reservations and the mesas is because when the ocean comes over the Arizona landscape, the mesas will remain above water, because the land is so parched it will soak up all the water, at least enough to keep the mesas above it. He talked all the way to his home. He showed me a little one room house that was his father's, if I wanted to rent it. It needs much work, and I'm not certain at all if it has electricity, running water, or bathroom facilities, or even if the door locks… but it was an interesting coincidence, as I was looking for somewhere to live part-time, having to commute four days a week. After he left, I invited the Anglo young'un (they were both in their late 20s, I suspect) to sit up in the passenger seat. Then he told me an interesting tale concerning him. Apparently, a few years ago, he received a Vision to make a movie about Hotevilla, or book, or some combination of that, and had come up here to stay for a while and see for himself what the energy was like. He has studied in shamanic ways, and is attuned to the Land. He ended up visiting and staying with one of the main Hopi authors who has been published - a very important elder. However, the young man said that he hadn't learned how to survive without money and his city ways and returned to Flagstaff, after a while. He told me that he has seen that as a mistake, in the sense that he can see that that is not where his heart is nor his Path. So he was returning to complete the mission he felt called to do. After we exchanged names, and it came up that mine was Welsh, he said his was too, but that he wasn't much interested in Celtic ways. So, I told him about Wyrd and the book that I had read that illuminated me to my inner culture of that place, called "The Way of Wyrd". I dropped him off at the school, still arriving before 8 am.
As I was driving back to Flagstaff that afternoon, I noticed and "felt" that the car behind me had some negative energy. Just as suddenly, I realized there was a huge white horse pacing my car… huge, like in giant size, like standing about 8' tall and being about 10-12' in length, not including his tail. He was beautiful! He was just racing along with me, like a Companion, until I was safe on my way. Carole told me that Kachinas have Horses, because I was unaware of that. But that is her Vision with the Katsinas, and hers to tell. In any case, that's it for the amazing day.


In a shamanic Katzina Journey, I was given an Eagle feather.


Today was a windy day, very gusty. After I had entered onto the Hopi Reservation Land, I saw the white Katzina spirit-horse racing along side of me again. He seemed to be saying, "Come on! Hop on and let's run with the wind!" So I did. Mind you, this was only partial as I was driving at a good speed to work. And I have never considered myself a "horse" person. However, the rush and excitement of riding this beautiful Spirit-horse was indescribable. We raced the wind, jumped arroyos and fences, leaped across ledges and ditches. It was glorious feeling the wind rushing across my body, seeing myself in buckskin leggings and shirt, long hair streaming behind, bareback, holding the mane firmly but not tightly. Too cool! It was odd that we could not cross the tarmac of the road, however. We could go beneath it through dry riverbeds, though. And it is curious, reflecting on this, that the Horse seemed to appear always on my right. All day, in the wind, I could sense the Horse nearby, as well as the Eagle.