Hopi Ceremony

The Earth is humming, too,
chanting with the Crow Mother -
a deeper humming that resonates in my bones;
The day is awakening, too,
rising anew, in the Changing -
a purer harmony that sings among the stones.

Sing the sun to rising!
Sing the day to come!
Katsinas are revising
the Way the Weave is spun...
Sing the moon to setting!
Sing her lullaby!
The Change is now abetting
the Shifting of the Sky.

Crow speaks of chaos in the Change:
of Stars that move and re-arrange -
of Sea and Sand that trade their Homes -
of Lightning Shifts of Fire and Stone.

Stones whisper
Third Mesa sighs
Lizards watch
Crow Mother cries;
Children run
Coyote spins
Lightning flashes
The Change begins.

Here, in these footprints,
do you see your own?
...ancient engravings
...echoes in stone;
Here, in these weavings,
do you see your rhyme?
...sentient tapestry
...ripple in time.

Call not in fear, but listen well
within the stories that they tell,
for knowledge and Knowing come from the same Source,
and all dreams are One Dream within that Force.

Too long, the thirsting of the Land;
Too deep, the shifting of the Sand;
Too soft, the Flute's insistent Call;
Too late, the rains have come to fall.

Taste the Song upon the Air
- Feel it, touch it, breathe it;
Hear the Coming of the Heir
- Can you dare believe it?

A breath of Spirit
calls me near,
calls me to enter
a Door of woven threads;
A whisper of Earth
calls me here,
calls me to center
where my Path has led.