Circle of Life

Cloud is weeping
Sand is weeping
Earth is weeping in her heart –
Grass is weeping
Corn is weeping
Night is weeping in the dark…

Hawk remembers
Rain remembers
Bean remembers in the chants –
Mouse remembers
Wolf remembers
Drum remembers in the dance…

One, the Weaving
Done, the Weaving
Spun, the Weaving never dies –
Near the Weaving
Hear the Weaving
Spirit’s Weaving in our lives…

Tree is singing
Stone is singing
Wind is singing to the sky –
Crow is singing
Sun is singing
Moon is singing; so am I.

Dev Young


Because Creation holds us all
within the same Embrace,
so I can deeply mourn your loss
with tears that I can taste;

and I can comfort in the Peace
of knowing we are One,
and give you solace for the Way
the Spirit’s Web is spun;

Because Creation holds us all
within Its Light-filled hands,
so I can hear the Drums and Singing
in the Spirit Lands;

I can hear the Dance’s Song
in Corn and Wind and Stone –
I can hear the Dance’s Song
call softly: “Welcome Home.”

Dev Young