The Mystical City of Ja'rohn

On the plains of Ja'rohn
on the sacred Stone
of a mesa: third one of three,
'neath a springtime sun
stood an Ancient one,
who wished to commune with me.
"See, in the shadows,
the fissures and hollows,
the footprints of Those from before?
See, in your Knowing,
the Path is still glowing,
and leads to an ancient Door.
Time is not real
to Those with the feel
of Spirit and Spirit's design -
the Gift of the Weave
is that Those who believe
can walk upon spiritual Lines."

And through the Light Myst,
I traversed an abyss
that held a strange world in its hands...
and as I looked down,
I suddenly found
myself in its sparkling Lands...

What glorious sights
of crystalline heights
that imperceptibly flowed
as if, though transparent,
its soul was inherent
and caused all around me to glow.
The flames incandescent
lit Paths iridescent,
as I walked in perpetual light...
but nothing seemed real,
no life could I feel,
no movement was crossing my sight.
Then the Ancient one said,
"All who lived are as dead,
in suspension and waiting to see,
if the one prophesied
will one day be the Guide
that unlocks the Ja'rohnian Key.
Could be you", and she winked.
And, in the second I blinked,
she was gone, and I stood all alone,
on the road to the Inn
where all Journeys begin,
and lead unerringly Home.