Hopi Poems

You’re not initiated
And you’re not
You need to take your lying
Just quit trying
No one’s buying…

You mess with my tradition
And you dis
My sacred vision…
You need to take your tricks
Your politics
Your techno- sickness…

I’m proud to be a Singer,
Proud to carve
Hopi Katsinas…
You’re only here for profit
Need to stop it
Just get off it…

You dump your trash on our land
Steal our water
Change what you can…
Go back to what you own
Don’t break our homes
Leave us alone…

Don’t want your bootlegged beer
Don’t want your drugs
Get out of here…
You try to mess our thinking
Keep us drinking
Keep us sinking…

Don’t want your gambling money
Don’t think twice
Man, it’s not funny…
No matter what you’re saying
I’m not paying
I’m not playing…

(keep repeating…)

Created one
Related one
In the Sun;
Hopi heart
Hopi art
Hopi people
Split apart;
Lost to clan
Power, money,
In his hand;
New world comes
Crow Mother hums
Katsinas dancing
With the Drums;
Spirit light
Spirit bright
Can you hear it
In the Night?
Comes the sun,
We have won –
Hopi people
Stand as One.

With the song, I am singing
Tree is singing
Stone is singing
With the song, I am chanting
Bee is chanting
Deer is chanting
With the song, I am flying
Crow is flying
Hawk is flying
With the song, I am dancing
Rain is dancing
Cloud is dancing

With the song, I am changing
Sun is changing
Grass is changing
With the song, I am growing
Squash is growing
Bean is growing
With the song, I am living
Sea is living
Sky is living
With the song, I am flowing
Stream is flowing
Wind is flowing

With the song, I am breathing
Rock is breathing
Moon is breathing
With the song, I am resting
Dog is resting
Cat is resting
With the song, I am calling
Earth is calling
Corn is calling
With the song, I am blessing
Sagebrush blessing
Sweetgrass blessing.