Katzina Prophecy Unfolding


The Katzinas are leaving
The Katzinas are leaving
The Katzinas are leaving for Fifth World's Gate;
No one's believing
No one's believing
No one's believing, and thus seal their Fate.

Hear the Wind
Katzinas leaving
Hear the Wind
- its Song of grieving...
Hear the Wind
brush clean the tracks -
Katzinas leaving...
Don't look back!

Dishonored by alcohol and drugs,
and fearful self-absorption...
Dishonored by anger-laced abuse,
and Power-words' contortion;
Dishonored by apathetic faith,
and hopeless victims' choices...
Katzinas walk through the Sipapu,
and only leave their Voices.

Katzinas are leaving from the Land
Their footprints vanishing in the Sand
The Wind erases all that They were,
and leaves their Kivas undisturbed.

Fifth World's Calling
Sipapu's Calling
Katzinas' Calling in the Wind...
Drum dance Drawing
Spirit's Drawing
Chants are Drawing me within;
Sky is singing
Moon is singing
Wind is singing with my Voice...
Sun is waiting
Earth is waiting
Kiva's waiting for my Choice.

The Ancients have returned as Guides
to help us to the Other Side;
Within the Kiva's sipapu,
we say the Words... and walk on through.

Katzinas are leaving-
Can you not discern?
The Signs are easy-
Their Lessons are not learned...
Katzinas are leaving-
Can you not perceive?
The Change is nearing-
It's Time for us to leave.

Katzinas' rattles, drums, and chants
Katzinas dancing Fifth-World's dance...
The Wind is stirred up in the Sands
til naught remains upon the Lands;
The Purification comes to be
with consequences none will see...
it offers, once, to take the Fear
but, if ignored, will disappear,
and leave the People lost in doubt,
hopeless children - within, without -
and yet, if chosen, each would gain
the Purification of the Rain.

Bamboo Prophecy