Crow Mother Katsina

Full Moon softly lights the Sky,
preparing for the Dance;
Morning Sun will soon arise,
responding to the Chants;
Crow Mother gently walks the Trail,
holding her basket near -
Her sacred Beans, just like the Grail,
renew the Land each year.

I stand and listen to the sound
that brushes and rushes along the ground,
calling to every sacred Clan:
the Time of Crow Mother comes as planned!
Come bless the Way, and what She holds;
Receive the Beans whose Life unfolds
to Those who plant them, right and strong,
in Harmony with the Earth's own Song.

She allowed me to come,
to approach where She stood;
She allowed me to take
the Beans that I could;
She allowed me to feel
such Power in Her Song;
She allowed me to share,
and so, to belong.

Strong and gentle, like a summer Stream,
She drew me into a sacred Dream,
and down a Path into a Place
that held a mystic sun-lit space,
where Women - humming ancient Chants -
prepared a Rite for me to dance:
"The Time has come", They said to me,
"to purify your Energy.
Let go your Roots and thought-filled mind;
Become a mute - both deaf and blind;
Drink from the Grail within your Soul;
Dance til the Fire makes you whole.
No matter, here, what hue your skin -
the Truth is singing from within;
So trust the Dream and trust the Trail -
Trust yourself-- you will not fail."
And then I woke to find that I
still stood beneath a dawning sky,
with moon and sun in full array -
while She walked, chanting, on Her Way.

(Bean Dance Ceremony - Hotevilla - 2/7/2004)