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Theatrical Android early stage modeling.

Theatrical Android Nicki 2 (N2) finished.

Perhaps you need virtual customers?

Other Androids.

How a Beowulf "Global Supercomputer works.

Vision of the Future.

Artificial Life.

Bio-medical uses for robotics.

Quantum Supercomputer, the future Android Positronic Brain.

Build your robot lab, or science fiction set, buy one of our oscilloscopes.

Quantum Stuff.

A robot drives my spacecraft.

I ask my Android about the emotions relating to love.

Getting into a robotic view of the world.

Tactical Robots

Matrix Agents, Robots, Souled Humans and Organic Portals

Nano Technology

Autonomous Mobile Robots

Glossary Of Quality

Injection Moulding


Build a remote controled robot

Rock and Roll show staring 2 of our androids.

Exploring future operational concepts for unmanned areial systems.

Off grid living with renewal energy.

Advances in robot kinematics

Vision of the future.


beowulf cluster supercomputing


Concise Encyclopedia of Robotics

The Human Genome Experiment. Our story.

Robert Colee Resume is free an online datasheet source for electronic components and semiconductors.

Design Simulation and Device Models Linear Technology provides a variety of custom design simulation tools and device models to allow even novice designers to quickly and easily evaluate circuits using high performance switching regulators, amplifiers, data converters, filters and more.

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Robots of Today A Children's Introduction to Robotics By Ben Axelrod Description I made this 10 minute video to give kids a realistic notion of what robots can and cannot do. (The robots in the movies are mostly fantasy). I also wanted to show kids some of the exciting things going on in robotics today. This will hopefully encourage the budding scientists or engineers. Being interested in robotics for quite some time, I have gathered a lot of really neat robot videos from the web. I did my best to put some interesting and amazing things into this video. Being a children's video, I do make some gross oversimplifications. However, I also toss in a few big words for them. I think most people should learn a thing or two. ;-)

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