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Michio Kaku's VISIONS OF THE FUTURE (2007) [BBC4]

PART 1: The Intelligence Revolution

Below are some links dealing with research into quantum supercomputers.

n state variables

An Investigation of Faradaic Admittance for Electrode Processes Involving n State Variables Besides Electrode Potential

State variable

Kramers-Kronig transforms

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The idea behind quantum computing is based on quantum mechanics, which allow an entity, such as an atom, to exist in multiple states simultaneously

Peter Zoller, theoretical physicist at the University of Innsbruck (Austria) and one of the pioneers of quantum computing, speaks about the current state of research in the run-up to the 16th international supercomputer conference in Heidelberg

Quantum Leap: Computer to 'Make Computer History' Canadian Firm Promises Computer Based on Quantum Physics, Many Times Faster Than World's Best

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Quantum superposition is the application of the superposition principle to quantum mechanics. The superposition principle is the addition of the amplitudes of waves from interference. In quantum mechanics it is the amplitudes of wavefunctions, or state vectors, that add. It occurs when an object simultaneously "possesses" two or more values for an observable quantity (e.g. the position or energy of a particle).

Quantum mechanics is a fundamental branch of physics with wide applications in both experimental and theoretical physics. The effects of quantum mechanics are typically not observable on macroscopic scales, but become evident at the atomic and subatomic level. Quantum theory generalizes all classical theories, including mechanics and electromagnetism, except general relativity, and provides accurate descriptions for many previously unexplained phenomena such as black body radiation and stable electron orbits.

Interference is the addition (superposition) of two or more waves that results in a new wave pattern. As most commonly used, the term interference usually refers to the interaction of waves which are correlated or coherent with each other, either because they come from the same source or because they have the same or nearly the same frequency.

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Road Show pictures Louisville Dec. 1, 2007

Wisp Theory

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