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Note: This is my “master resume”, reflecting my life work, to date. Since it is not uncommon for me to have worked in several jobs at the same time, I realize that it may be difficult for your Human Resources branch to fit me into any narrow category. 


OBJECTIVE: A leadership position in a fast-paced technologically supported environment.


Technological generalist - Familiar with taking any product

                  through its life cycle including engineering, procurement of raw

                  materials,  manufacturing, testing, re-work, quality control,

                  scheduling and marketing.


                 Hands on experience from a managerial, engineering

                 and technicians viewpoint.






Alternate Energy - Familiar with: Solar Voltaic, Solar Thermal, P.E.M. Fuel Cell, Biomas, Zero Point Energy, Back Up Generators/Alternators, U.P.S., Closed Loop Systems.


Web Master: Created and maintained a number of corporate and other web sites.


Operations Manager: Responsible for a balanced ecology both company and client, crew leader, estimations, bids, hands on tree removal, planting, landscaping, erosion control, vehicle maintenance, logistics, electrical maintenance, QuickBooks, translation to Spanish, collections and any other duties in the realm of a company Operations Manager with hands on management style.


Senior Wireless Consultant: Responsible for customer support and sales,

Trade Show and Convention Executive


Chief Executive Officer: Implemented and oversaw complete environment including, but not limited to, purchasing, sales, advertising, inventory control, point of purchase, financing, shipping and receiving, accounting, computer integration, security, staffing and all other corporate management duties, at a variety of locations. Adept at generating sales, customer goodwill, and return business.


Managerial: Maintained corporate office positions at various times, with a number of companies, over the last 26 years. Responsible for hiring, recruiting, setting policies and procedures in industrial and retail locations. Directed and oversaw a number of successful projects, from conception to completion.


Telecommunications: Have been involved in radio, television, telephone, fax, cellular, computer integration, supercomputer and e-commerce. Well versed in sales, site survey, manufacture, systems integration and technical support.


Sales: Adept at Cold Call, Business to Business, Consumer, and Government sales, in Industrial, Retail and Wholesale. Has personally sold over $20M in lifetime.


Mechanical: Trained in repair and rebuilding of transportation systems, including aerospace, automotive, motor sports and marine craft.


Electro-mechanical: Excelled at numerous aspects of hydraulics, pneumatics, avionics, power generation, solar, reciprocating and gas/turbine engines, generators, alternators and A.G.E. air conditioning/ heating systems.


Aerospace: Mastered various facets of quality control, research and development, pilot skills, electrical, mechanical and avionics. Oversaw and directed projects such as: research and development of YF-22 aircraft HUD control box SMT manufacture procedures, various bids in conjunction with U.S.A.F. Warner Robins AFB Defense Logistics Command, brokerage of Russian air craft and space craft, defense conversion recommendations for the operation of Russian IL-76 aircraft to operate in U.S. and other International airspace. Support of avionics equipment for use in museum aircraft. Access to N.A.S.A. and D.O.D. data bases and technical support. Coordinated with many U.S. and foreign government agencies to allow use of Russian aircraft in U.S. civil airspace.


Construction: trim, painting, roofing, gutters, electrical, plumbing, repairs, landscaping, bobcat, chipper, solar power, retrofit, refurbish, floor, pressure wash, tree removal, tree planting, terraforming, repairs, decks, stairs, punch,  recycling.


Industrial: Initiated production and directed others in manufacturing and remanufacturing environments, building prototypes, production and lab fixtures, coordinated quality control, calibration, test, rework, and drafting of electronic, electrical and mechanical equipment including CATSCAN X-Ray and telecom.



Teaching: Instructed technology students and trained technical workers in various aspects of electronics, computers, robotics, telephony, manufacturing and component level circuit repair.


Personal and Creative: Conceptualized and created own telecommunications company which became a pioneer in re-manufacturing of Hitachi PABX telephone systems, EX-Soviet Union (Primarily Russia) trade relations, E-Commerce, and defense conversion. Global Communications Group Inc. has been successful for 10+ years.


Related Skills: Well versed in most areas of engineering relating to high technology, telecommunications and Precision Measurement Equipment Lab fixtures. Specializing in PABX telephone equipment, TVRO Space Satellite Communication and Two way Radio/Wireless Communications (i.e. AM, FM, SSB, CW, Satellite Telephone and Cellular). I was responsible for the creation and maintenance of more than 500 web sites. Familiar with Windows, DOS, Linux, ICQ, QuickBooks, HTML, Delrina, Word Perfect, Adobe, Norton, SPLH, CPM, RPG and most Microsoft products.


Research and Development: I participated in research & development for a telecommunications project, in Chelyabinsk, Russia. Some of my research is in a paper I wrote and delivered to interested parties, in Harvard University. Much of my research and development was done in conjunction with Northern Telecom, Bell South Corporation, AT&T, R.C.A., Magnavox/Hughes, and many other Telephone Interconnect companies. Feedback from the interconnect companies, the United States Government and the Government of the Russian Federation were used in President Clintons "Information Super Highway" speech. This led to the "Telecommunications Act" of 1996.





President/C.E.O., Global Communications Group., D.B.A., "Global Supercomputer", Global Properties, Global Marine, Global Robotics, Global Energy 2001-Present

Operations Manager, Perkins Tree & Landscape Mgt./North Atlanta Tree Services 2002

Construction, Global Projects, D.B.A. "Handymen" 2002-Present

Construction, Metro Painting, 2002-Present

Real Estate Pre-Appraisal, Home Providers Inc. 2001-2002

Senior Wireless Communications Consultant, WorldCom, Atlanta Georgia. U.S.A. 2001

C.F.O.; Chandler Telecom, Inc. 1998 - 2001

C.F.O., Chandler Motorcycles Inc. 1998-2001

Director of Research and Development, Global Telecom Inc. 1998-1999

President; Global Communications Group, Inc. 1990 - 2002

Engineer, PMEL; Healthdyne Industries 1990

Electronics Instructor; Interactive Learning Systems 1990-91

Electronics Instructor; Total Technical Institute 1988-89

Plant Engineer; Hitachi America Ltd. 1984-90

Partner, Mark Krell Properties 1983-1990

Sales, Installation Engineer; Earth Station Satellite Systems 1983-84

Sales, Installation Engineer; Home Microwave Receiver 1982-83


Supervisor Electronic Sub-assemblies; Synergetics 1980-82

Marine Technician, Bills Sunrise Marina 1979-1980

Real Estate Investor, Robert Colee Enterprises 1978-Present

Construction Worker, Barron Construction 1977

Rock and Roll Producer, "White Light Magic Show" Rock Opera 1977-Present

Amusement Worker, Degglar Magic Midway 1977-1979

Solar Power, The Farm Commune 1976

President; Systems Marketing Corporation 1976-93

Secretary Treasurer, Superbikes, Inc. 1971-75

Account Executive, Wheels and Deals Magazine Inc. 1975-1976

President, Motorcycles and Things 1971-1975

Technician, Streits Honda 1971

Aerospace Ground Support of Aircraft on Nuclear Alert Duty; U.S.A.F. 1966 - 1970

Technician, Hudson Pulp and Paper/Georgia Pacific 1966


EDUCATION (Formal and Continuing):


2004 Exopolitics Institute  Washington - D.C. - US

National Association of Home Inspectors Certification

12/2004 Real Estate Training Academy Certification Atlanta - GA - US

Harvard University - Russia: A Crash Course and Orientation

Federal Emergency Management Agency - Radiological Monitoring

Civil Air Patrol (U.S.A.F.A.) - Air Search and Rescue School, Corporate Learning Course, Radiological Monitoring and Radio Operators Course.

Skill path Seminars - First things First

Interactive Learning Systems Instructor Certification

Total Technical Institute Instructor Certification

2/1988 Hitachi, America HD200 PABX Telephone Norcross - Ga. - US

Hitachi, America - Line and Trunk Card Repair DX, and HD-200 PABX

Brenau University - Information Technology

1976 Knight Foundation -Theology D.D.

Santa Fe Community College-Para-Psychology

University of Florida - Advertising and Marketing

University of Florida - Electrical engineering

St. John's Community College - AA Engineering

USAF Air University Aerospace Ground Support

1967-1968 Air University Aerospace Ground Support TechnologyMD3 Ground Power Generator, Chanute A.F.B. Ground Power, U.S.A.F. AFSC 42153 42153 Torrejon, A.B. - Torrejon - Spain

1969-1970 Air University Certification Kinchloe, A.F.B. Michigan - U.S.A.

1966 USAF AIR UNIVERSITY Aerospace Ground Equipment Support Chanute A.F.B. - IL.

University of Maryland Spanish Washington - D.C.

Capitol Radio Engineering Institute 75% College Course work Completed towards A.S. Degree Communication Engineering Technology Washington - D.C.





           - Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association


           - American Air Museum of Britian


           - American Radio Relay League


           - Atlanta Amateur Radio Society


           - Atlanta Systems Operator Society


           - Civil Air Patrol


           - Ham Radio Operator K4NKD  1960-1997


           - Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers


           - International Who's Who of Professionals


           - National Space Society   


           - Over 40 years of electronic experience


           - Planetary Society


           - Secret Clearance from U.S.A.F.


           - Who’s Who in U.S. Executives