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The Oscilloscope
What is an oscilloscope, what can you do with it, and how does it work? This section answers these fundamental questions.

AN/USM-117B Oscilloscope
NSN 6625007870305
with MX2996B/USM117 High Gain Plug In Preamplifier. Inputs a or b, .1 Second-.1 Micro Second, .01-20 volts. With 2 probes 10x, 10M ohm ~7pF.
Military issue, Supply 115 Volts 50-400 Hertz
$500.00 plus shipping U.S. only

AN/USM-339 Oscilloscope
stock no.6625-115-2406
Hewlet Packard Contract no. f41608-71-7322
Inputs a, b, a+b, chop,alt .1 Second-.1 Micro Second, .01-20 volts.
Military issue, Supply 115-230 Volts 48-440 Hertz or 11.5-36 Volts D.C.
$900.00 plus shipping U.S. only

Tektronix Type 555 Dual-Beam Oscilloscope with Type 21A Time Base Unit & Type 22 Time Base Unit,
comes with 2 each Type CA Plug in Units, one each Type 1A7 Plug in unit and one each type Z Plug in unit, type 555 Power Supply on a oscilloscope dolly s/n 6665-608-3538
Gad-Jets Inc. Dayton Ohio, model no. g-610, contract no. AFF33(604)33382
Military Apollo Moon Shot Vintage$300.00 Customer pick up only too heavy and delicate to ship!

Leader Electronics Oscilloscope
single trace, .2sec-1 microsecond, .02-10 volts/cm

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