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hey !!, i've made a little movie from "The Quest" (3rd season)...

You know... i searched internet a long time for the kiss scene... and i wasn't able to obtain a good video... i mean... a video in which only appear Gabby and Xena... and in which you only hear their voices... a video in which you'll only see what you'd like to see...
Oh, and you won't see the end (but you can hear it) 'cause i've cut it... since as u remember things went a little out of our dream at that point...

So i take that episode, remove sound from here, cut images from there, enhaced this other a little... and here it is, for your viewing pleasure! ;)

2005/2006: uhm... I was not fully satisfied with the video, so I made it again... and better!!!
this time it contains all and every interesting sequences of the scene, and it's not only in english, but in three more languages !!!: french, german and spanish (from Spain). (If you're not totally AmazEd, you have not blood in your veins).
The price I've paid for this incredible achievement is just siZe (after I was able to figure out how to make a damned AVI video... (well, technical details don't matter in the enD... hope))...
in fact, it doesn't fit in this web site... so here goes an eMul3 link for it:

xena&gabrielle.2x13.the_quest.kiss_scene.edited_by_joaenna.avi (9.7 MiB)

I previously released this very same video using not usual file containers: OGM (.ogm) or Matroska (.mkv) format... (you may not even know what the heLl am I talkin' 'bout...)    they did not also fit in this web site... so here go eMul3 links for them:

xena&gabrielle.2x13.the_quest.kiss_scene.edited_by_joaenna.mkv (9.7 MiB)
xena&gabrielle.2x13.the_quest.kiss_scene.edited_by_joaenna.ogm (9.7 MiB)

A video player like windows media player (or bsplayer, or others) will allow you to select your favorite sound channel ;) (with windows media player, go to "Play" / "audio tracks"...)
it may take some time to donwload, I don't think too many people have it... be patient... so... that's been my last contribution to the xenaverse... battle on!

well... in fact I've made also some contribution to the buffyverse scene... which you probably could find searchin' for 'joaenna' in your eMul3 client... :b

ok, ok, or just clicking here.


Tara Maclay and Willow Rosenberg, from 'Buffy, the Vampire Slayer' ... ('Buffy im Bann der Dämonen' in Germany ... 'Buffy Cazavampiros' in Spain      ;)
Tara lives forever!!!