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the fantastic "flying" effect 4 your Tomb Raider 5 game.

Many people throu these years have asked me about this "flying effect".
Original effect is not mine, but i reproduce the hack here for your pleazure, as it appears nowhere else in the web nowadays (the file u'll download contains names of actual authors):

I think this hack had two parts: one for intro images of the demo, and another for the game per se. I just can't remember the hack for the game... sorry. If u've got a hint, email me (, and I'll add it here.

So, for the intro part, you need the TR5 demo (u can download it clickin' here... it's the official demo, don't mistaKe).

Then, download this file:,
and carefully read the instructions. You'll need to modify names, move files... so, be ready to some work...

And now, the images I've reunite in order to demonstrate its effects:

ok, let's start with Lara iNSIDe the places u see at the begining of the game. Here, you'll se her outside and inside the cHurch... iNSIDe the places u see at the begining of the game:
Lara's house! again, inside and outside... this time the door of her mansion won't open! (neither of them will)

iNSIDe the places u see at the begining of the game:
it's time for a little sand inside our sport shoes... here is the (great) pyrAmid... and ITs surpriseS


rigth before the game... let's see the level of the demo... from another point of view... ·  ´

yes, here it is, the first level of TR5 observed from places you thougth u could never reAch. the levels with tEenAger lara were beautiful... some interesting snaps?
and, what about the Old miLL level? it was amaZinG, wasn't it?... take a close lOOk to some interesting zones the red alert was a difficult and exhausting level... some day i'll telL u about my experiences about it... till them, some
Perspective relateD images
note: these images have been recollected. Aren't they?

please, more Tomb Raider images?: here they are:

some interesting shots