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I've made some contributions to the buffyverse scene... which you probably could find searchin' for 'joaenna' in your eMul3 client... :b
and here they are:

Both videos aren't enough small to fit in this site, so u must download them with your 3mule client.

Each one contains sound in 4 different languages: english, german, french and spanish... !!! So now you don't have any excuse to begin right now your preferred language course!

6x18_things fall apart (willow & tara) (english, german, spanish, french) (cut by joaenna).avi (16.5 MiB)

...if... if u can fit in each others life... original video is 640x352

the next one is about that so much "brilliant" moment: the Epiphany that Buffy suffered in "5x22 the gift"... (the pda appendix is just cause it's a small size in order to be easy viewable in a pocket device).

5x22_buffy_the gift (english, german, french, spanish) (cut by joaenna).(pda).avi (40.3 MiB)
le sang est ton cadeau... le sang... est ton cadeau original video size (320x176)

.:: Remember your epiphanies on green oval leaves, deeply deep, copies to be sent if you died to all the great libraries of the world, including Alejandría? Alguien habría de leerlas allí pasados unos few thousand years, un mahamanvantara. ::.