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if you've never heard about them...
they are Xena and Gabrielle. the former is a mighty warrior, with a dark past of blood and destruction, who is trying to find her way apart from evil... Gabby is a girl that she met at Poteidaia, a small village of Greek, in the days when Xena was starting her tortuous journey... Gab's enthusiasm, youth and innocence, helped Xena not to return to her old ways. they both together have lived intense moments of joy, suffer, life and death...

we all xenites, in fact, have lived all these moments with them. i'd got bLood in my hands, and i was wouNded by a poisoNed arroW. yes, ive been mOther. yes, ive been father. every drop of sweat She perspired was drained also from me. and every SMiLe she drew, was also in my face.

cause i live only in their worlD,
cause ive got a sWoRd in my hand,
cause ive talked with greek GoDs,
because of their tEArs,
are my EyEs full.