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iNSIDe the places u see at the begining of the game:
the (not so great) pyrAmid

here she goes...

ups... the pyramid is a little truncated (top and rigth parts)

she's getting closer...

but wait a minute... THEY ARE SMALL liliput people!

yes, they're really small!

a closer look...

on your left u can see that beside Lara (doing the idiot with the sand on her knees), there's a small man in front of a chalk board... Does anybody know what is he writing there?

they're small, small, small...

but work hard!

upsss, nothing on this side

a deep canyon... but nothing down (it'd be funny to find a golden roSe here!).

<< previous group: Lara's house!

please, more images?: here they are:

some interesting shots