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the joaenna's designers teaM (me and myself) proudly present theIr Collection of images, 4 youR viewing pleasure.

please, more images?: here they are:
ive played almost all games of Lara Croft... and it was just amazing to recently discover that there was a movement i have never seen before: the incredible Ctrl+Up+Shift go up!! oh, my goddesses!, my computer's grapHics card became maD this time!... but wait... it's a great effect, somewhat like TombRaider + Matrix vision :)))

the infamous "matrix vision" mistake again...

(are u capable of telling me to what levels these images belong? ;)

I don't know what did occurred here with the damn "matrix" error... have u played TR2? do u remember the cellar under her mansion? here is she... and an egyptian catty cat. Do u remember the TR2 training area? You are guessing how have i achieve to get there, aren't u?

note: these images have been recollected. Aren't they?

please, more images?: here they are:

the fantastic "flying" effect 4 your Tomb Raider 5 game