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ok, the Long tomb raider 4 level by level on its own .zip... (or almost). search carefully for the level u want... here, theyre orDErED by its name
(or at least, what a un*x system would understand as a list ordered by name...)

all levels about 10-20KB aprox.
2 first levels
Burial Chambers
Catacombs (2)
Chambers of Tulun
Citadel (2) & The Sphinx Complex
Citadel City
City of Dead (2)
City of Dead
Cleopatra's Palaces
Coastal Ruins & Catacombs
Desert Railroad (2) & Alexandria & Coastal Ruins
Guardian Of Semerkhet (2) & Desert Railroad
Guardian Of Semerkhet
Hall of Demetrius & Pharos, Temple Of Isis
Inside Menkaure's Pyramid
Inside The Great Pyramid
Khufu's Queens Pyramids
Menkaure's Pyramid
Pharos, Temple Of Isis (2) & Cleopatra's Palaces
Sacred Lake 2 & Tomb of Semerkhet
Street Bazaar
Temple of Horus (2) - end
Temple of Horus
Temple of Karnak
Temple of Poseidon
Temple of poseidon (2)
The Great Hypostyle Hall 2
The Great Hypostyle Hall 3
The Great Hypostyle Hall
The Great Pyramid
The Lost Library (2)
The Lost Library (3)
The Lost Library
The Mastabas (2)
The Mastabas
The Sacred Lake
The Sphinx Compalex (2) & Underneath the Sphinx
The Tomb Of Seth
Tomb of Semerkhet (2)
Tomb of Semerkhet (3)
Tomb of Semerkhet (4 (torch secret))
Tomb of Semerkhet (4)
Trenches (2)
Trenches, Street Bazaar, Citadel Gate
Underneath the Sphinx (2)
Underneath the Sphinx (3)
Valley of the kings