8/22/02: Hiya minna-chan. Unfortunately no, this isn't Harmony-chan. Sadly Harmony has left this wonderful peeji fall into disrepair, and knowing just how many loyal fans she still has, I, Mari-chan, have decided to take over her page for awhile. Don't ask how I got access to her webpage ^-^ Anyway, I intend to keep this place at least looking used and somewhat updated. I can't do any work on her fics though because well, they're hers, not mine (and as some know I have my own stories to work on ;) Until the time when Harmony can be tracked down and forced to finish her epic, I welcome everyone to come read her stories, and submit their own to be added into this growing collection.

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Im Harmony-chan, and this is my tiny lil' vault of Fushigi Yuugi Fanfiction. You can eaither check out the epic, Chichiri centered fanfic Mizu Tameru Ni (im a HUGE Chichiri fan, incase you didnt notice^_~) or you can look at my other, non epic fics, and some guest fanfiction I've posted on my page. Please look around, and if you like what you see, tell me!(authors live for feedback...)

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Yes, minna, its true...only 4 chapters to go untill the End of Ripples. The finale draws nigh...I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your great support. I have thus far recived 100 fan letters, 5 awards, and numerous gifts of wirting and art from fans of this series. Im sad its coming to a close, but Im happy that all of you took the time to support the little epicfic that could.

I want to hear from you! If youre a fan artist, draw me a cool pic! Good writer or filker? Send! Send! I want to put up a gallery of peoples stuff to accompany the finale, but I can only do that with your cooperation. so dig out that stuff and help me out! ^_^

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6/4/00:OVA24 is up, and I reformatted the Mizu page so its a little easier to shift through...also, I updated the links a little.

5/7/99:Okay, okay, ive been a bad author and I know it. ::sigh:: as atonement, Ive updated with 2 chaps of Ripples, OVA21 and OVA22. Check it out!

3/4/00:Put up chapters 1 and 2 of brand new fic Shoujo Yori Shonen! Check it out in the links!

2/21/00:Added OVA20 of Ripples, and started the first ever contest!

12/18/99:Added a new section-Mizumusic, the place where all riplles songs will now reside. Added a new song TO Mizumusic called "Miko!" and also (finnaly) put up Chap.3 of Ikari ni Ai!


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