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a rare pictue of the Harmonychan in her natural habitat-lounging on a big stuffed dog.


Aliases:H-chan, Harmony-chan, Ninja Harmony, Kouji-chan



Family:Two evil sisters, one evil mother, one semi-eil father

Likes:Pocky, anime, Chichiri (well, no kidding!)reading, writing, wandering around, singing the "Dayo" song at the top of her lungs accompained by bongo

Dislikes:School (uuugh!) Algebra, Beth-chans car doors, not being allowed to spend alot of time online, her little sisters, preppiness in general, "cute" things, badly done self-insertion fiction, yaoi Chichiri fics

Fave Animes:Fushigi Yuugi, Ranma 1/2, Sailor Moon, Maison Ikkoku, Tenchi Muyo!, Rumic World Trilogy Fave bands:Weezer, Garbage, Shonen Knife, Bis, Lincoln, Sneaker Pimps, THTC ^_~

Subj: INTERVIEW in all it's glory!!!
The Harmony Project: an interview with a twisted otaku

Well, Im sure many of you have been asking youselfs "Well, theyre good fics, but whats the real story?" Well, even if you werent, K-chan was, so she grabbed a talkboy, sat me down asked me the questio on eveyones mind..."WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?" After I swatted her for her insolence, she moved o to a few others...(I should mention we were bebysitting Kristens 6-year-old neighbor at the time...)




Interview, Part 1:

Part one? There's gonna be more of this?

Well, part one as of this point.

Question #1:
What is your name?

Kristin, you should know my name by now.

Harmony, this is an interview.

Oh, um, Harmony; alises: H-chan, Angel, Kouji-chan and Ninja Harmony.

That's better. Okay ...
Question #2:
How did you get started writting "Ripples"?

Uh, stubborness. See, there are so many yaoi Chichiri fan-fics. He get's someone, there just not a girl. Chichiri needs a
girl because Chichiri's not -gay-. And, since, I'm the obvious choice, I started writing the fic. I actally did not mean for this to go beyond,um, maybe five chapters? I started writing the first chap as an idea throwaway, but I came back to it fter a few weeks, and It kinda grew and mutated into what it is today.

*K-chan giggles, car goes by*

Sorry if that got on the tape, that wa a car...sorry...

I hate you now.

I love you too. *giggle*

(A new voice on the tape. Lincoln, the child we are sitting, decides to contribute.)

Lincoln: I have a question! Where do you guys go so much?


I like Stauffs. They have good cookies.

Wait...quiet, Lincoln! Sorry about this...anywa...

Question 2: Why did you decide to call it "Ripples"?

At irst it came from the beggining, when H-chan fall in the water and splashes ad stuff? But its also because H-chan arival is like dropping a stone into ripples and changes the things, events and people around her.

I see. Intersting.

Thank you. *giggles*

Youre welcome *giggle-we do that alot*

Question Numbe 4: Why did you decide to make this an *ahem-blatantly obvious!) self insertion fic?

Yeah, that was subtle . thanks Kristen

Give me your tail!


Lincoln! Shhh!

Okay, Okay...

OKAY! Hello!!

Umm...well, I was going through the list of people in Fushigi Yuugi, trying to find someone who matched with Chichiri...and there really arent alot of choices. I mean, theres Soi...but Soi would kill Chichiri.

Good point. Soi loves Nakago ayway.

Yup. Miaka?!?

*Both burst into hysterical laughter*

Oh nonononono....

Thats just FUNNY!



Yui, um, well Chchiri has enough problems of his won nd I dotn think he needs to deal with Yui's. I love Yui, shes a cool chracter, but ot good for Chichiri.


Hey! he speaks Japanese!

Damo. Omigatou.

Well, kinda. He tried...Anyway, that leaves us with Nuriko ,who is not a girl but dresses like it, but that dosent work becasue CHICHIRI ISNT YAOI!!!

He's not yellow!

*giggles all around*

Okay...umm, anyway, that leaves us wih Taitsukun, who is really old and gross

Yeah, taht wouldnt work-

Domo Amigatou!

um, and The Nyan-Nyans...who are way too young.

Nyan-Nyan loves Tasuki anyway.

Yeah, thats tue
*more giggling*

Okay, Question Numer five, the last question of this part:Do you have any plans for another fic (small or long) after you finish Kimgure Stars-I mean Ripples?


Lincoln....shut up!

Stop! I told you Im working on it, you harpie!

yeah, sure...

(Side note: This is a inside joke about a Sailor Moon fic I started about 6 months ago...and am still unable to finish.)

Damo Omigatou!

Quiet you! And you too, Kristen!

I will be quiet-when you FINISH IT!

(I think this is either "Au revoir "or unintelligible Lincoln-speak)

Anyway...Im still working on some songfics/video clips. Ive gotten a few ideas from Weezer (cause they rock) and my new REM CD...

Damo. Omi-ga-to!

LINCOLN, SHUT UP! (purple cause its both of us)


Miaka should be drug out in the street and shot in the kneecaps.


Mee-yako! Mee-yah-ko! Mee-yah-ko!

LINCOLN! Anyway, Im working for ideas on another fic right now about Tauki, which would take place after the 2nd OVA series...see, the idea is there is a companion to the tessen called the Soraai. The owner of the Sorai, a young girl, would have to give up the Soraisai to her bethrothed husband if they married (according to family rules) so she seeks out the owner of the tessen for asylum...once she finds out that he hates women, she tries to dress up as a boy, but it dosent work and she ends up a hostage from her wealthy falls for Gen-chan in the interim. It will be called "Shonen yori Shoujo" or Boy instea of girl-


Why, thank you.

Youre welcome.

I just wanted to do a fic abut Tasuki, cause hes one of my favorite of course there will be gratuituos Chichiri cameos and elements of self-insertion.


Of course! I mean, what the heck? I dont get tauki in this one. Actually, as you all probaly know, K-chan-

What? What did I do?!?

*ahem* Is a charcter in "Ripples" too and gets Tamahome. Beth bugged me about it enough, so im gona let her get Tasuki.

I see...

Whos K-chan?!?

By the way, Arigtou!

You owe me forever.


(End part 1- TURN TAPE OVER!)

This is a great interview...

Part 2-I told you thered be more! Questions from the readers...theese are the top three questions my dear friend H-chan ha recived in fan mail-

I love you all, minna! Keep writing me letters-I love it! Though why you all like the fic STILL mystifies me...

Question number 1:Why isn't Miaka ever mentioned in your fics?

Well...cause I dont like her. Honestly, youll probaly never see me writ a fic that consists soley of Mika, or even ha her as a less than cameo range character...If I do, it will be to bash her or make fun of her annoying shoujo-ness. Cause I just dont like her...sorry to all Miaka fans out there, but you gott admit, shes really frikken annoying!

Ye-ah, thats true.

Next question?

Question number 2: why did you choose Chichiri to be the main character?

Cuase hes cute! *giggles* Um, no, really cause hes one of the most interesting characters IN Fushigi Yuugi...I mean, Tamahome, hes your favorite

*K-chan giggles, H-chan gives a Tomo cackle*

You laughed like Tomo! You are EVIL!!

You are QUICK!!!

Oh, uresi.

Well, anyway, hes your favorite, but he really dosent have a very interesting character to write about I mean, Chichiri's got this whole tragic past he hs to work through. With Tamahome, its sad about his family and all but-DONT LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT! Im jut useing him as an example! I mean, Tamahomes kind of an archetype hero, but Chichiri's thisn totally unique character-

And is there anything WRONG with hero archetypes! (side note. Theese are the characters my ni-cha usually goes for, like Tuxedo Kamen from Sailor Moon. I usually go for the weirder charcters, like Mousse or Ryoga from Ranma 1/2)


You answered wisely.

Chichiri is a really interesting chracter thats fun to write and he has two sides (a serious and a fun side) so he works in lot of diverse situations. Not to mention, hes REALLY shonen.

Well. okay. Ill give you that, although not as shonen as TAMAHOME!

Yeah, whatever!

Oh, you wanna go?!?! I'll take you -down- fool!

We should finish this up first...

Fine. Question number three, the question that has been recived the most in the mail and the last question of the iterview:

WHY DONT YOU UPDATE YOUR PAGE MORE?!? hehe...this interview is over! GET AWAY FROM ME! GET-*tape cuts to static*

(push the button, Frank...this suckers done!)

sick of this? I would be too...