Other Fushigi Yuugi fiction

"Hey, im in theese ones too no da!"

Here are my other FY fics. enjoy!

Oh, and Ive been told to add this to my pages. Logical, when I think about it...
Chichiri-sama does not belong to me (damnit!), nor does anyone in Fushigi Yuugi. All charaters (with the excpetions of Murray, the secretary,and any other originals) were made by the brilliant Watase-sama and not me. Owned by Shogakukan, Bandai, TX, Movic, Studio Peirrot, and Viz Video. So dont sue, Im so poor I can barely afford my ISP anyway.(And you wouldnt want my nifty fics to go away, now would you? ^_^)

Fic summarys:

The fics!

Fushigi Yuugi sells out!
Chichiris gift
Chibi Giesi
When worlds collide, its messy (AKA There, its finsihed Beth)

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