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Surely youre like me, always searching for a good page for fics, or maybe just a good here are some great fic pages and rings to surf (that Im a part of, incidentally...^_^) If you have any links you want up here, or have a cool page of your own (tho I would prefer fic related, if its cool enough it goes)let me know!

I know its been awhile...but I have two new links! First off, go check out CCTCC's Fan Art Contest! Enter! Im a judge, and Ill youll win if you say you like my fics!(juuuust kidding. ^_~)

Secondly, here's my NEW sister site, Fan(g)irl's Ultimate Anime Linkslot! Be sure to check out her great fanfiction (I admit, I helped...)Its a great collection of links, information, and just plain weirdness from my dear friend Sora-hime.

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